Should opiates be banned because they're so addictive?

Asked by: GDawg
  • Opiates are killing and corrupting our country

    Opiates must be banned. While doing so would not eliminate related issue I am positive that it would reduce future addiction. Opiates are highly addictive more so than any other drug and rip the soul from a person. I have seen this first hand. Many addicts begin their struggle with opiate addiction by first being prescribed or discovering medical opiates. When they can no longer get these they turn to heroin. There is a pandemic of opioid addiction ravaging the United States leaving a wave of disease, death, and corruption in its wake. The first step is to prevent opiates from being prescribed, next we must decriminalize addiction as the addict is a victim of the true crime of ignoring the massive opiate overtake. Addicts require rehabilitation and treatment, not imprisonment. Those who manufacture and distribute opiates are the true criminals. They are not helping people they are destroying lives and getting away with murder. Veterans are killing themselves, high school students are overdosing, and families are crumbling watching their loved ones become souless and eventually whither away.

  • People with chronic pain need them

    If people have uncureable diseases then if opiates help them they should be able to take them. It is their bodies. If woman can abort and kill babies because it is their bodies then people with chronic pain should be allowed to take opiates. It is their bodies and if it helps their quality of life then they should get to take them. Alcohol kills just as many people and cigarettes do to and these substances are legal. So I am against banning opiate pain medication.

  • Patient Not A Addict

    I have A Chronic Illness with no cure. In the 13 years of trying to control my pain I have tried many medications, PT, non evasive treatments, non narcotic treatments and also Hyberbaric Oxygen Chamber Treatments so that I have some quality of Life.
    The only medication that helps me is Oxycodone and without it I would be bed ridden, with no quality of Life. I have RSD/CRPS.

  • No, opiates should not be banned.

    Banning opiates based on their addictive factor would not help any of the related issues at all. The reason for this is that because of their addictive factor people will still find ways to get opiates illegally if a ban was placed on them. This creates more crime and doesn't help the addicted either.

  • There's medical uses.

    I've been given morphine before when I was in the army. The reasons something could be addictive, are the very reasons why they're needed. Sometimes someone legitimately needs powerful painkillers...

    As much as I don't like morphine. My strong dislike of how it felt, caused me to have it listed as an allergy (not a red dog-tag warning level, just a precaution in-case I'm ever in the hospital).

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