• Here's a little chian reaction

    We keep the Orca whales alive in captivity, considering that they're survival rate is increased in captivity. People at seaworld are caring animal lovers, at least the ones taking care of the Orca, and in return, they get paid, which puts food on the table for these caregivers, which keeps them alive.

    So by keeping them in captivity, we're keeping them alive which is keeping us alive.

    Furthermore, has a whale ever expressed a human idea like independance and freedom? Have they ever expressed that they didn't want to be in a cage? Or is it just that everyone saw free willy and thought that's how whales felt.

  • They never learn survival tactics in a tank:

    Since these orcas have lived in these tanks their whole lives it is unlikely they will be able to survive in the wild. While we all love animals being free you can't just throw an orca in the ocean and say "Be free, buddy. Go. Play with the rest of the world"

    Not only will they not be able to survive, but since they grew up in the zoo that is where they need to stay. It is their home.

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  • Orcas should not be captive.

    Orcas cannot live in the conditions presented in places like Seaworld. Orcas in the wild do not have much interaction with orcas outside of their group, meaning there is plenty of space for them. However, in Seaworld, orcas are forced together into small spaces, meaning there is increased risk of injury and "raking" (one orca running their teeth against the skin of another to cause injury). Also, orcas aren't treated well in captivity. They are forced to do tricks in order to get their food, are separated from their young, are inbred, and numerous other ethical concerns. Human entertainment should not take precedence over the comfortable lives of these animals.

    Posted by: Luma
  • Orcas Deserve Freedom

    Us humans have freedom and rights. Why don't orcas? We are all animals, and because we have rights, all animals should have rights. Also would you like it if you were stuck in a cage? What will the orcas think ? The orcas will feel bad and will not like it of course, so to help and support their rights, we should not keep them in cages.

  • Orcas deserve freedom

    As Optimus Prime said, "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings". These majestic creatures don't belong in metal bathtubs where they are have to perform tricks like circus animals, they belong in their natural habitat with plenty of swimming space and their families. What SeaWorld is doing here is essentially slavery.

  • Listen up, people.

    Sorry, but some of these statements are ignorant.

    There are amazing things called SEA PENS being invented, how wonderful! They release the whales into these pens, and those whales will (over time) become used to the sea, and can be let go! Besides, even if they died- it's better than dying in a small pool.

    Also, orcas have been proven to have much more developed feelings than human beings. This makes them more intelligent in that field.

    Thirdly, they have different languages and all as well. Not every whale understands each other and bonds into a family in five seconds.

    And, if they really DO care for them when they're injured, they shouldn't be performing shows!

    They even get extremely stressed in their tiny little pond. I could give examples if you like.

    No, I don't "believe" Blackfish, because I haven't even watched it! I don't need documentaries to see abuse.

    SeaWorld is wrong.

    The people working there can find a new job. Besides, humans only do this for money. How greedy can we get?

    Open your eyes. SeaWorld isn't right.

    It's only suffering we cannot afford.

    Hate if you want, but I will not change my mind. I stand my ground!

  • Orcas have their own life. They are special and useful to the environment.

    If you keep these beautiful and rare orca whales captive, they will only learn how to do little things. If they are in the wild from the start, it would help the environment. According to studies, orcas only live up to 13 years when they are held captive in Seaworld. This is bad.

  • Keeping killer whales in captivity is completely inhumane.

    Killer whales become mentally insane when in enclosed spaces. They could easily become aggravated, and provoke a human. (The case of Tilikum killing Dawn Brancheau). Also, their dorsal fins slowly collapse, usually causing a lethal condition. Finally, they are wild animals that are usually torn away from their families when captured for Sea world attractions.

  • Just look at seaworld

    Anybody know about when one of the orcas pulled one of the instructors down under by hair tragically drowning her. They are used to swimming great lengths in the ocean. At places like seaworld they have no space what so ever. #orcashaverights. This is unfair and must be changes, absolutely.

  • They belong in the ocean

    It is simply impossible to provide them with a large enough tank, especially as they need to live with a pod of orcas. They have evolved to a great size to fit the ocean, and nothing smaller than the ocean is ideal for these majestic creatures. And they are abused in zoos/parks.

  • Orcas shouldn't be in captivity

    No animal deserves to be held in a tank for our amusement. They deserve to be able to swim with their pod in the ocean, to be able to hunt, not in a shallow tank where they are forced to do tricks for food. SeaWorld is doing is enslaving these animals in tanks that are not adequate for a 20 foot animal.

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