Should Oscar Pistorius get special consideration because of his disability?

  • Pistorius walked on stumps in court to ask the judge for leniency

    Pistorius removed his prosthetics in court in an effort to avoid a heavy jail term. Pistorius was demonstrating that he is virtually a defenseless man. Pistorius has argued that he used gunfire as a means to protect himself from an intruder, unknowingly (so he says), that the person intruding was his fiancee. Thus, the argument would have to be defense against a trespasser. In the court, Pistorius appeared weak and walked in a wobbly manner. Surely, people in the court sympathize with him. His disability is a consideration. Pistorius makes valid points. Based on evidence, the court will have to decide if Pistorius could be telling the truth, that he didn't know the intruder was his fiancee. If the intruder were a stranger, the only way for Pistorius to protect himself would have been with the gun in question.

  • No Special Treatment for Pistorius

    Oscar Pistorius killed Reeva Steenkamp in cold blood. The former Para-Olympian should not be given an special considerations for his crime just because he is a double amputee. He was responsible and coherent enough to not only purchase but to use the gun that killed Steenkamp. This shows that he is responsible and coherent enough to face the consequences of his actions. A woman died due to his jealousy and his obsession nature. The fact that he wears prosthetics should not be given any special consideration.

  • No absolutely not

    He is a stone-cold killer which does not change just because he has a disability. He still had the ability to kill. That is a rotten position for him to take, trying to hide behind a disability because he could not control his temper and ended murdering somebody close to him.

  • Oscar Pistorius shouldn't get special treatment

    The runner Oscar Pistorius has two modified legs that allow him to run even faster. One competitor described it as "being chased by a giant pair of scissors." These modified legs give Pistorius an advantage and therefore he shouldn't get any special favors in the races that he chooses to enter.

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