Should our country have a universal health care program?

  • Universal healthcare is ideal if attainable

    As long as it is a realizable goal, universal health care should be the gold standard for our government. There is no reason that anyone should go broke for their health care needs. We all should have access to health care as long as it is doable for our government. There is no reason for any one to be denied health care or go broke for it.

  • Time to join the rest of the modern world

    Most other first world countries provide universal health care to their citizens. The percentage of bankruptcies from medical bills is disturbingly high. It also gives employers one less thing to worry about, by eliminating their need to go out, find, and purchase health plans for their employees. A healthy society is a happy society!

  • No it is too expensive

    No, I think that a universal healthcare system is too expensive but we should find a way to cover everyone. In theory, a universal healthcare system seems like a good idea but it is too expensive to maintain and puts too many taxes on those who do not even need healthcare.

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