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  • Exotic animals should be pets

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  • Exotic animals should be pets

    Exotic animals should be pets because they serve as a backup if that species goes extinct. Theyre also used for commercial use. Who would guard the house who would be the family pet. Thats my view on exotic animals should be legal to own as pets. EXOTIC ANIMALS ARE PETS.

  • Why Not Own?

    While exotic animals do kill, only 3.25 people are harmed per year. Guess what? 125 people are hurt in traffic accidents DAILY!!! Owning exotic animals is something that, with correct licenses and enviroments, it really should be legal. There is nothing wrong with it. The officials in Ohio overreacted, there was no use in murdering the innocent animals on the highway.

  • Yes it should

    It should because people have a freedom to keep animals they want. If people can own cars ( which kill over 50 people a day). Should we be able to own cars if they kill so many? This proves my point, it should be legal to own exotic animal because of there little death rate.

  • People Should be Allowed to own Exotic Animals

    If animal welfare is taken care of an certain licenses are owned, then, yes, it should be legal. In Zanesville, the culprit was insane. That is not something we can change. Overall, I personally believe that private ownership of wild or exotic animals should be legal. Thank you for your support.

  • Yes, if the animal can survive in any climate

    If an animal is not endangered and it can survive in any climate, it should be legal for people to own them as pets. The process of acquiring exotic pets should be strictly controlled, though, to make sure the animals are kept safe throughout transit between different countries and owners.

  • Yes, exotic pet ownership is dangerous for humans and for rare species.

    Some exotic pets are dangerous animals who attack people who come in contact with them. The government should step in to protect people who could be injured as a result of owning these pets. Even if exotic pet owners are confident they can handle the risks, their pets pose a danger to others in their communities in case they escape. In addition, rare species are poached and decimated when people capture them to keep them as pets. The law must prohibit exotic pet ownership to protect biodiversity.

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  • No, Owners should not be allowed to keep exotic pets without permission from superiors (Government)

    More than 50% of adopted exotic pets are dropped of at shelters animal control etc because they hurt the owner or they require high amounts of food to live. Because many owners cannot support these needs, the exotic pet ends up in shelters, animal control and often even the street where they die

  • No they shouldn't!

    NO the reason I say this is would you like to be held in a cell well now you know how they feel. Do you want to be taken from your mom and be put in a tank full of pebbles that aren't your real habbitat! So please support exotic creatures

  • No people shouldent

    People are getting to a great risk of getting exotic pets because the exotic pets are very dangerous! Some people are getting killed by these exotic pets that they are getting . Some people dont even know how to take care of the exotic pets like lions or bearded dragons.

  • No exotic animals shouldnt be allowed to be owned


  • Exotic animals are dangerous

    Exotic animals are dangerous. For example, Terry Thompson let loose a horde of exotic animals. This is very dangerous many people could've died are we just supposed to continue with letting this happen. Its sad that people still want to have exotic animals when we see on tv and the news the lives it ruins.

  • Owning exotic pets should not be legal.

    Exotic pets pose several risks. First, because they are unusual, proper care of them is challenging. It may be difficult to find food for them or even to build a proper enclosure or to find a veterinarian who is trained in treating such animals should they fall ill. Second, exotic pets sometimes carry diseases that pose threats to humans. By introducing these types of pets into civilization, humans are put at risk. Third, many exotic pets are also poisonous or predatory. If not cared for, handled and secured properly, they can cause injury or even death.

  • No, owning exotic pets only leads to cruelty toward animals.

    Most people who adopt exotic pets do not consider the time, effort and cost that goes into keeping and caring for exotic creatures. Many owners end up abusing their animals or even setting them free when they realize how much work it is to take care of them, resulting in both cruelty towards animals as well as humans put in danger.

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