• Yes it should

    Im in 6th grade and pe is one of the highlites of my day . It get me some exercise and my football season is over and basketball is not started. It should be required in school. It is vry fun and i love exercise and i whaigh 145 punds! And i love it its really fun!

  • No, it shouldn't.

    No, P.E. Should not be required in high schools. In every P.E. Class, there are athletic students, non-athletic students, people that will try, and people that will not try. The non-athletic students and people that don't try, people that are forced onto a team, often ruin the game for the people that actually want to play. Many times I have been on a team and there were kids that didn't want to play, so we lost. The students that do not want to play in gym class often break equipment too, because they are bored or just want to leave. Nobody should be forced to have physical activity, it is their choice.

  • yes

    Physical education classes should be mandatory in every school. Children and teenagers need necessary physical activity to be healthy and just all around not lazy as people. Being physically active is just as important to someone's development as being mentally active. It would be a sad day if schools removed physical education from the curriculum.

  • It can help

    Statistics show that exercise in the morning clears the brain and can help you think. Kids also need to stay healthy and active. You don't want your child to end up being a lazy couch potato. I know it doesn't teach you much but sports can help kids bond. If you don't exercise enough when your young you could get health issues when your older. P.E. Can benefit you in the long run.

  • Helps Prevent Serious Disease

    Healthy exercise in P.E helps prevent many horrible diseases and illnesses. Some of these are heart disease, many forms of cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis. Also, P.E is a chance for a child to make some new friends. They may find things in common with peers that they wouldn't normally talk to.

  • Yes for sure!

    I think it should be required for all students grades k-12. The hardest part of getting to a workout is starting, right? So why not make it mandatory for kids to walk for 60 minutes at the very least. Working out is then no longer finding time and it helps kids think clearer and has been proven to help focus. I don't see how anyone could ever disagree..

  • Should PE be required in school?

    Yes it should. Whether you think you need it, many of the people who do need it wont be willing to do it. PE is a great class that helps students in the long run. It is helpful to all students of all different athletic abilities. So yes, it should be required.

  • Should P.E. be required in school?

    I think that P.E. Should be a required course in school, because it helps you with your physical education. If we didn't have P.E. in schools there would probably be a lot more overweight teenagers walking around. Teenagers wouldn't really be that active if we didn't have P.E. in school. That's why I think P.E. should be a required course in school.

  • I think it depends

    My opinion before reading the article is yes it should be required. Now my opinion after reading the article, I think it should be a choice of each person. It is just what people want to do I think they should be allowed to chose what classes they want to take. I don't think you should be FORCED to take the class. But personally I would chose to take it because I don't want to stay fat and be lazy for the rest of my life. Being physically active should be a choice for people I would say to do it but I also think it your choice to be healthy or unhealthy.

  • Yes I think that kids should have P.E.

    I do think that P.E. should be required. I think that it gives kids a good opportunity to release some of their energy. It also helps keep kids calmer in other classes because they have released their energy. Also, studies have proven the physical activity helps kids concentrate more after the class. So if that is true, kids may perform better on tests and quizzes after P.E. So that is why I think P.E. should be required.

  • Gym Class Is A Waste Of Time, Money, And Energy.

    When I think of school, I think of education. When I think of education, I think of knowledge. When I think of knowledge, I think of mathematics and science and literature and music and art. Never do the ideas of running, sweating, weight lifting, football, tiredness, dizziness, or humiliation come to mind when thinking about education. But those last words certainly do come to my mind when I think of gym class. Unfortunately, those last words apparently do come to the minds to many Americans when they think of education. (Not really a surprise)

    We have some epidemics in America. Obesity? Maybe. But I wouldn't blame that on lack of activity. I would blame that on super sized sodas and family sized bags of chips and fast food restaurants on every corner. The only epidemic that in my opinion is one that majorly effects all of us is education. Lets face it, America is full of stupid people. Just look at Alabama. Schools there are the worst, yet football is the best.

    Yes, I blame football.

    Now, before you start calling me names, lets just stop and think about it for a second.

    America is definitely a sports loving place. Sports loving, that is, to a point that crosses a line. We live in a country where we have schools that are failing academically, yet are excelling in football.

    I go to one of the best high schools in the country; Solon High School. Solon High School is a very affluent high school that this year was honored as the #87 best high school in the country.

    I'm a freshman at Solon High School. I'm a very good student, I like to come to school, I enjoy learning, I get good grades, I understand all of the material, and I very much overall enjoy the important fundamentals of school. Mathematics, Science, Literature and Instrumental Music are the parts of school that I excel at. However, I am burdened with one requirement that my school puts forth onto every student at Solon High School; Physical Education.

    At Solon High School, all students are required to take at least 2 semesters of Physical Education during their high school career. Otherwise, you cannot graduate.

    What a load of bull! The fact that in order to graduate high school, a place where students come learn, everybody has to go through the agony of running, sweating, and if you're not a dumb jock humiliation, is completely unethical!

    Now, I myself am decently athletic. I don't have a 6 pack or muscles on top of my muscles, but I'm not out of shape or anything. I run with a good time, lift an above average weight, and I have a good build. But I know that physical education does not belong in a school. I can handle the "obesity crisis" on my own time. Thank you.

  • Just goodbye 😐

    Gym is a waste of I me and making poeple like me feel useless because all of the popular people make fun of me even tho I'm really good and really healthy but whatever .... I could be using 90 minutes of gym to do other classes that could help me in my future

  • Gym Class Should be Optional

    I believe that gym class should be optional in schools because many kids think of gym class as torture, healthy shouldn't need to go to gym, and because students have to miss learning and do extra exercise.

    As I stated in the last paragraph, students think of gym class as torture. It is mostly hard for less unhealthy kids to do things healthy kids can easily do. Also, students might think of it as torture because they are always behind the stronger kids in everything. In fact, some students may feel embarrassed because they are the only kids who finish last. Students might trip and fall and be laughed at, this may get they’re spirits down because they might think that they cannot do it.

    Another reason I believe that gym class should be optional is, because students who happen to not like gym have to go to it. Some people may think that gym class is fun so, that’s why I am saying gym class should be optional not permanently out! Students may have other important things to do as in projects or homework in the time that is wasted doing exercise that they do at home. In fact, why does the school need to worry so much about a student’s health, that is their parent's job.

    My last reason why gym class should be optional is because students have to take time out of their education to do Gym. The students should be able to take care of their own health at home. When most people hear “School” they think of learning, NOT anything physical. Doing physical activity is not learning, is students need a moment to refresh, wait until recess.

    In conclusion, gym class should be optional, and for your information some of the above sentences were from my point of view.

  • Waste Of Time

    I'm a guy in 9th grade, and I hate gym. I come to school to learn, which I very much enjoy. I can't enjoy learning if I'm tired and sweaty. Gym teaches absolutely nothing, and is just a waste of time and money. Our school, which this year was named as the #87 high school in the country, spends WAY too much money on athletics. We should be focusing on funding REAL education. Why aren't these millions of dollars per school being put into legitimate education? Mathematics, Literature, Music, Art, Science, are these not important things? Oh sure, but running laps and throwing a ball is VERY important....

  • A Waste of Time

    As a student myself, I believe gym class should not be required. It's your choice if you want to be physically fit. Some kids are already fit enough and some aren't, but forcing kids who aren't fit and don't want to do it will make them not try at all and most likely won't change their exercising habits. My friends and I are always talking about this, and we all have the same opinion on it. Sometimes we feel as if the adults in school don't take the students' opinions into account. Most kids who come in a certain weight at the beginning don't change by the end of the school year, anyway.
    Being in gym class also has a lot of pressure for the kids who aren't fit (and it doesn't really matter about your weight, I'm skinny and I'm still not fit). My teacher for health class, who is also my gym teacher, was talking about how when we ran the mile some of us could bearly do it. "Come on, you guys are teenagers!" "You should be able to do it!" Of course, since I'm not physically active as much as I should be (I admit it), I had trouble with the mile run, although a couple of kids did worse than me. The things the teacher said made me feel bad because I knew I was one of those kids who was struggling with the mile. It puts some kids down.
    It's also a waste of time that should be used teaching kids valuable lessons to help their future carrer, not how to play basketball (of course, if that is your carrer, go for it, but mine is more art based and I really need to work on that). We have to focus on our future carrer, especially in middle school and high school. Kids in elementary already get recess and the other kids in middle and high school should have the responsibility to be active. Middle and high school is when classes start to become serious, and we can't have classes like gym getting in the way of our important learning time.
    The school board (or whoever purchases the equipment for classes) is wasting money on P.E. When they could be using that money to purchase books and new technology. I find it important that kids are learning with the most updated technology to enhance their learning.

  • Obesity is bad

    More and more children that don't do PE are larger that others. Most to all kids that do PE in their schools are in shape and better off as an adult than kids that don't do PE. In fact, I bet over 60% of people that are for the no side didn't have PE as a kid and are fat now!!!!!!!!

  • It can be stupide

    Most people dont want to be in PE. The teachers think kids need the exorsis we can at home not at school. We should only have computers not PE kids may be fat but if they work out at home they can loose fat. Kids will be happyir without PE.

  • Gym and P.E must be erased from schools

    The reason why it should be erased is because schools when it comes to GYM or PE they wanted to make a record or something. That's why in my school the person who can do about 50 sit ups or more gets a 100 percent score. I think P.E is a subject that should be fun and entertaining for us in the middle school not making children stressed about overexcersing and hoping their grades would get better. It just doesn't change. In order to be able to improve in your P.E tests you need a month or a year not a week

  • It's Our Problem

    Look, I get that health is important and all, but a forced class is going to make many unathletic people unhappy. They're most likely going to be dreading every minute of it since it's basically self-humiliation; an example id being last to be picked on the team, or when you don't catch the ball and everyone will hate you for it. Why make P.E. A required class for some people who just aren't physically talented? What if they're artistic? Musically talented? Their skills are going to go to waste because they have to be in P.E. For an irrelevant graduation requirement. Let athletic people do what they want, and let others pick the electives they want; it's their own future, and they can't gain it with a redundant class in their way. Ever heard of freedom?

  • I'm scared of P.E. Every time we play dodge ball and I get hit it stings like crazy. Sometimes the activities are super useless.

    When we have P.E. We sometimes do useless activities. Sometimes it's badminton, sometimes it's basketball, one time it was ballet. Gym is sometimes awesome. Like when we play Yoshi or Capture the flag. Then it is fun, but it is super boring most of the time. Health is even better.

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