• Yes, Pakistan supports terrorism as an instrument of state policy

    Calling a spade a spade. Evidence has been mounting for over a decade that Pakistan's state machinery, and not just "non-state actors", has been used to support and drive terrorist groups, in support of Pakistani state objectives. Examples are rife, but the most egregious one, of course was when Bin Laden, whose presence in Pakistan various high-level government functionaries as well as military officers strenuously denied for so many years, was found to have been hiding in Pakistan all along, and that too in a military garrison town less than 2 miles from a military academy.

  • Yes, Pakistan is a Sponsor of Terrorism

    Pakistan should be named as a state sponsor of terrorism. Their military and intelligence support and harbor members of both Al Qaeda and the Taliban. They are also an extremist state and regularly threaten others to get their way. This is clearly terrorism. Pakistan also supports the Haqqani network, which is also a terrorism group.

  • Pakistan does support terrorism.

    Pakistan should be considered a state sponsor of terrorism. Pakistan failed to secure its border with Afghanistan, allowing the Taliban and al Qaeda to operate relatively openly in border areas. Pakistan's president once admitted to creating and funding terrorist organizations. Pakistan's military and intelligence operations are also closely allied with terrorist groups.

  • Pakistan should be named as a state sponsor of terrorism

    If the shoe fits, then call it what it is. Pakistan should be named as a state sponsor of terrorism because the evidence clearly and unequivocally points to it as being such a sponsor. It's time to call a spade a spade and recognize and call out Pakistan for what it is.

  • Pakistan is known for other things

    Pakistan, while some members of their government may support terrorism, are also a nation of individual people. By naming Pakistan as a state sponsor, you remove opportunities for international sport, travel, collaboration and much more. Surely, this will allow the terrorists to take even more control as outside influence stops.

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