• Support those who NEED a hand up not those who WANT a hand out.

    Its an eyesore. Not to mention they wouldn't be homeless unless they had some serious issues. I drive a truck for a living and deliver food to restaurants locally. In my experiences most homeless people panhandle during the day and then get so bent at night they don't know what planet they are on. They aee killing themselves with the toxic bs they inject snort smoke or eat anyway. I say take the sympathy and money from them and let God sort them out. Why not donate your money to something that actually makes a differance like ST JUDES, OR THE SHRINERS... ETC... Atleast that way it goes to those who are in need but sincerely need just a hand up not a hand out?

  • Give to shelters instead

    There are plenty of shelters out there to help people who really do need the help. Why waste your good charity money on a person who is just to lazy to get a real job. So donate and volunteer for the shelters, food kitchens, and organizations to put your money to good use.

  • Panhandling should be prohibited.

    Yes, panhandling should be prohibited. There are many individuals who panhandle close to my home and though I feel sorry for their situation, I find it dangerous that many choose to stand on the median strips of busy roads. I worry for their safety and mine. I wish there was an easier way to disseminate information regarding where they can go for help. Perhaps billboards with directions on where to reach the closest homeless shelter.

  • Yes it should.

    While I do sympathize with people who are poor, homeless, or some combination thereof, I do not condone the act of panhandling. It is a bother and is not something that anyone really wants to deal with. It is already illegal in many places already, and should be banned everywhere.

  • Panhandlers don't want to help themselves. That's why they do it.

    There are TONS of services out there for people who need money. Panhandlers purposely panhandle so that they can get money for BOOZE and DRUGS. They don't want the help of the services. They don't want to not be homeless. They just want a steady flow of cash without working so they can continue their addictions. People who truly need help like my bf did when he is homeless will seek it instead of planting their lazy asses on the side of the road and act like their entitled to other peoples' hard earned cash.

    I'm all for helping the homeless, please donate all you can to shelters and other services.


    There is literally no reason but laziness and entitlement to sit on the side of the road and ask other people for money. Go to temp agencies. Fill out applications. Go door to fucking door if you have to and ask people if they need work done. THERE IS LITERALLY NO EXCUSE TO STAND ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD AND ASK PEOPLE FOR THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY FOR NOTHING.

  • Panhandling brings unwanted "visitors"

    I live in a medium sized town, but since it has grown I have seen a growing number of panhandlers, not only does it make the town look bad, if people continue giving these people money, more and more outsiders come thinking the town has profits for them. These people aren't locals, they are getting rides here from bigger surrounding cities. In our state capital these people ask for money and some won't take no for an answer, I had to kick a man out with both my feet out of my driver side doorway, because he saw some pennies stuck to my cup holder by dried Pepsi "invasive" these people can be. Growing towns/cities shouldn't have to deal with this. Especially when these towns take care of their own homeless and have a very low homeless statistics. As smaller towns and cities grow they face these challenges of these outsiders.

  • Majority of Homeless people don't stand with signs and beg.

    I understand poor, I know lots of poor people and I feel bad for their situations. However, we have homeless people in our town but they don't stand on the corners and beg or hold signs at the intersections. Panhandlers in our town actually have a boss and they have been caught behind the buildings doing drugs. They have been seen driving off in really nice cars. It takes a lot of energy and stamina to stand out there all day long every day, just imagine if they put that effort in a meaningful job.

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  • Panhandling should not be allowed.

    I feel panhandling so not be allowed because they can make a lot of money in one day. There are also panhandlers on disability and food stamps but they have shelters and churches that offer food. If you are offered free food and housing and you still try not to get a job or help for yourself and just live off the kindness of others, why should it be okay to take money from people.

  • Panhandling should be prohibited

    According to my predictions, panhandling should very well be prohibited in all fifty states coast to coast because if anyone is caught panhandling, will very well be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and that is what I said and I am not even fooling around one bit

  • It can't be illegal but it shouldn't be done

    We can't make it illegal to ask for money. We can't say it is illegal to ask someone for money, what time it is or for directions to a certain place.
    It's silly to say that it should be illegal to ask someone a certain question.
    But on the other hand, no one should ever need to beg for money on a daily basis. There are so many organizations that will help with these situations. There are also churches on almost every corner that are biblically obligated to help.
    2 Thessalonians 3:10 says "If a man does not work, he shall not eat". If you are capable of standing on a street corner asking for money every day then you are capable of doing some type of productive work.

  • Panhandling should be legal it's not even a question.

    Asking for money in any form is soliciting alms. A protected first amendment right. It is legal and should stay that way. If you feel uncomfortable seeing someone destitute and in need. Help them! Even if you just help one person get on their feet you are changing the world.

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  • Its your decision

    If you walk past a panhandler in public you dont HAVE to give them anything so why does it matter? (plus to all the people that think they spend all the money on drugs or anything like that recent studies prove that 93% of all panhandlers spend it on the food they need)

  • Ignorance in America

    This country is so quick to claim "I'm a born again Christian " the bible says never turn your back on those in need. Not everyone is a drug addict or alcoholic . Not everyone can just go out and get a job. Some are disabled and unable to work. These charities they don't always help. They dont give meat or milk eggs etc. You live on beans and rice and water if you can get water. Americans judge without knowledge of thr situation. They throw everyone in a certain group into the same boat and help it sink. Sad thing is i remain clean one way or another and ckean clothes. I NEVER ask for money. I just set a dish next to me if they choose to help thats great if not thats fine. But people still go into the store an complain and i did nothing to hurt them or disturb them.That's what amazes me. And how is it panhandling if you dont have a sign and you dont ask anyone for money? I pray it doesn't happen to anyone. Even the haters spewing ignorance jugements and hate. Think. One day it could be you. That quick.

  • It shouldn't even be debated

    It's all a matter of freedom of speech!
    I am one of the disabled homeless in Coeur d Alene ID.
    The cities just want the homeless to go away. As a analogy
    its like a dirty uncle. The family knows of him, but he is not
    wanted or invited to family functions.
    Cities like CDA assume they are progressive & cater to the wealthy
    and rich that come to our lakes from other states. They don't want
    the dirty homeless to be wandering the city or certainly not holding
    up a sign asking for a sign of human kindness in the way of money!
    I have hurt my back 20 years ago ( 58 years old ) and then again 2
    years ago and because of that I lost my job and every thing I owned.
    I even lost custody of my son!
    I have tried every governmental agency local and federal ( SS disability) but have got no help!
    This country should be ashamed of the way it treats it most at risk
    and venerable citizens!
    Why does Washington DC send millions to Syrian refugee's for tents,
    sleeping bags, cloths food and transportation and we homeless citizens get the BIG F ____ YOU? Why ????
    They just don't care is WHY!

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