Should paparazzi have more (yes) or less (no) freedom to photograph celebrities?

  • Restrictions are un-American.

    I am not in favor of bills that give special rights to celebrities. That's essentially what laws created to restrict paparazzi do. They are saying these people are somehow better than the average citizen and deserve special rights. You don't have the right to be shielded from having your picture taken in public. Period.

  • Less Freedom To Operate

    I believe the paparazzi should have less freedom to photograph celebrities. The paparazzi effectively stalks these people and makes their lives more difficult. I believe society could help this situation by avoiding publications and on-line sources that utilize these photographs. This problem could be fixed if more people were socially responsible.

  • Paparazzi are like stalkers.

    Paparazzi take things too far and are like stalkers. Journalism is fine and if someone is in public it is only natural journalists will try to get pictures, but they shouldn't be able to stalk people. Taking pictures inside of cars, going to homes, and surrounding people and making it difficult for them to even walk are some of the things Paparazzi do that cross the line.

  • They should have less freedom.

    I think that the paparazzi should have much less freedom than they do right now. I don't know why it is okay for anyone to have the right to be intrusive on another person's life to that extent. It's absolutely ridiculous, and they should be jailed for their ridiculous actions.

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