Should paper and plastic bags be banned????

Asked by: ZOEEE
  • They should because people always litter and throw them on the side of the road!!!!!!!!

    I think they should be banned because people never recycle them. They should be banned because some people when they throw them out they might make it to the ocean. They are not good for the ocean animals because the animals might swallow the bags and they might get stuck in their digestive system.

  • Nature,I'm on your side.

    Paper bags can lose a lot of trees.Then the dump will get large and pollution fills the earth.Then the trees will wither away and all the other plants.Then the earth will be a dirty and nasty place.Everybody on earth will be unhappy and then earth might die and be forgotten forever.

  • Mother Earth, I got your back.

    Ab. So. Lutely. I cannot convey the countless number of times I've forgotten my reusable bags at home, then realized I forgot them once I was at the grocery store. The reason for this is because there is no reason TO bring your reusable bags, because there is no sort of enforcement or reminder. With the ban of at least plastic bags (and slowly eliminate paper bags, making sure that it is enforced that they be recycled), we would be forced to bring our reusable bags. It will come to this eventually, as our oil reserves are running out. It would be much more efficient & economically-friendly to reduce the use of oil on things like plastic bags and instead use it primarily for fuel, etc. On top of that, all of the plastic bags that we use do not biodegrade and get trapped in our landfills and the oceans....

  • Yes we should.

    Yes, we should ban plastic bags, paper are fine as long as they are required to be recycled. We need to focus more on the environment. We cannot throw everything we use away without recycling it. If we follow the same pattern, we will eventually be seeking to throw Earth away because of the trash that has accumulated. To a realistic point, we really need to be focused on being sustainable. Banning plastic bags and substituting bags made of recyclable materials is really important for preserving the environment. The world is beautiful, why are people opposed to keeping it that way?

  • Plastic not paper

    In my opinion, I think banning plastic is a good idea, cuz we have other stuff like jute bags and all. But I don't really agree with the idea of banning paper. I know that paper uses up lots of trees, but we can't just chuck it! Kids need it in schools and colleges! Adults use it in office! Duh!

  • Why even ask?

    Yes, we should ban something that is used by millions of people a day, but for their own protection! Just like we should ban cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, and guns, right? Because people don't know what is best for themselves, why allow them the freedom to use the products they want to, behave in the way that they'd like to, and spend their free time how they like to?

    Seriously though, questions like this make me sick to my stomach.

  • Stop taxing paper bags

    I understand why they want to ban plastic bags, but why force people to pay a tax to use paper instead? It's a lot more sanitary than the cloth bags, and it's good for the environment! The tax makes no sense, the whole thing is therefore probably a giant fraud.

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