• Yes they should

    They should have the right right away because someone could be dying and have to be at the hospital as soon as possible it is the paramedics job to take care of people and to make sure that their clients survive and don't die before they get to the hospital

  • Life comes first.

    Yes, of course paramedics should be given the right of way on highways. In a crisis situation, seconds can be the difference between life or death. If it was your loved one waiting for help, I'm sure you would want the paramedics to get there as quickly as possible no matter who else was on the road.

  • Paramedics are involved in critical situations and should be allowed right of way on highways.

    Any sort of emergency on roads should prompt regular drivers to avoid any actors involved. Paramedics are involved in such situations quite frequently, and therefore drivers must always give them ample space. Sometimes split-second turns must be made by paramedics, so getting out of their way will prevent accidents on roads as well.

  • Yes, paramedics need to get to emergencies quickly and should always have the right of way.

    Yes, paramedics should always have the right of way. They have a limited amount of time to get to an emergency, and waiting to let someone else have the right of way could be life or death for the victim. Not giving the right of way to paramedics significantly slows down emergency response time, which no one wants when they are waiting for a paramedic.

  • Yes, paramedics deserve to reach their destination as quickly as possible to assist those in need.

    Yes, paramedics should be granted the right of way on highways. Regardless of where the paramedic is located, they have an extremely important and time-sensitive duty that requires cooperation from all drivers. A paramedic is needed in cases of distress and if they do not have the right of way, they may not be able to reach their destination in time to assist anyone in need or, in some cases, save lives.

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