Should parental consent be required for underage pregnant women to have abortions?

  • No headline needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NO ONE SHOULD EVER BE ABORTED. The pregnant teen didn't ask to be here and neither did the unborn child. POINT. BLANK. PERIOD. As a matter of fact NO ONE asked to be here. Everyone should have a chance of living life. The child was grown enough to go out and do the do now its time for the child be grown enough to take care of the child. If any, adoption is always a wonderful option. There are so many people who want to have children but they can't. That's just me....



  • Anything that involves the life and death of a child should never be done without a parent's consent.

    Abortion is a dangerous procedure that is potentially life threatening, and should not be performed on an underage minor, without the consent of a parent. Other factors that should be considered in this argument also are the fact that parents have the right to know if their children are looking to obtain an abortion, because it allows them to be aware of what is going on in their child's life. Abortion is not something to be taken lightly, and an underage minor is hardly emotionally mature enough to make a decision like that, without parental involvement!

    Posted by: MariaR
  • No, because this personal decision should be up to the pregnant girl. Most of them will seek parental advice and support anyway.

    Pregnant girls, who do not consult with their parents in the face of a physically and emotionally complicated situation like becoming pregnant, probably have an urgent and legitimate reason to avoid doing so. Even among parents who would not be abusive in the face of this news and the girl's contemplation of abortion, would be simply guided by their own convictions or emotions more than by their daughter's well-being. This possibility only underscores the fact that the decision will affect her more than her parents, and is properly hers to make. Of course, one generally hopes such a decision will be collaborative and supportive. But the state cannot magically legislate such conditions into being.

    Posted by: M4I4cFeIine
  • Yes, because this is a serious medical procedure.

    Parents need to know if their children are having an abortion because of potential medical complications. The procedure could be relevant to any subsequent hospitalization. If the girl is in a condition where she is unable to communicate with the hospital staff, no one will be able to inform them that the abortion techniques or medications may interact with prescribed treatments. Parents are still responsible for any other medical treatment at this age. If they aren't informed of the abortion they can't make an informed decision about any other medical care that the child may require.

    Posted by: RanseYouhave
  • I'm all for anything that might stop Abortion.

    An underage, pregnant female might be making a hasty, selfish decision that isn't well thought out. If they have to speak to their parents about their circumstances this decreases the amount of instances where abortions are sought so that mom and dad don't find out that their baby messed up. And, the wonderful likelihood that mom and/or dad could step in and save the baby's life - even if they have to take on the parental responsibility - also increases. I'm all for anything that will stop the many abortions that occur everyday. But, there also has to be resources available for those who fear harm if they tell their parents, or for those who might harm the baby if they don't get consent.

    Posted by: MohaI0v35
  • I absolutely think that parental consent should be required for an underage girl to have an abortion

    My kids can't take an aspirin at school without my consent. My son can not ride home with us from a track meet unless I give permission, but my daughter can go and have an abortion without my consent. That doesn't even make sense. I'm mean that's such a no brainer I can't believe that the question would have to be asked. It just clearly portrays where the liberal movement is taking our country. Liberalism is causing our society to shelve it's good sense in favor of individual rights and privacy and in certain circumstances I think that is absurd.

    Posted by: TasticBran
  • This is a major decision and should not be made alone.

    Parents should always be a part of the decision making process in cases like this. The only exceptions should be when incest or rape by a stepfather is involved. A young girl needs the support and advice of her parents and good parents would want to be there for their daughter. Their love and support is critical.

    Posted by: BLeonard
  • Yes, parental consent should be required for underage abortions.

    A fate of a potential life is not a solitary issue--a child is not conceived without two people being involved. By extension, the fate of the fetus should be known by the parents of both the young father and the young mother. Abortion is not the only option--adoption is another--and in the face of a woman who wants more children (the potential grandmother, for example) a new child would be seen as welcome and wanted--and not someone whose life should be aborted and forgotten.

    Posted by: ElwBoardin
  • Underage pregnant women should have to consult their parents before seeking an abortion because a minor child is not mature enough to make that life altering decision alone.

    A woman must be 21 before she can drink alcohol, so I believe that a teenager is not mature enough or responsible enough to sort out the facts and make a good choice about her reproductive health. Abortion is a surge3ry, after all, and it carries significant risks, including death. A parent has the right to know if his child may be in danger because ultimately it is the parent who will pay the price--financially and emotionally--should something go terribly wrong.

    Posted by: N3vinFace
  • What if their parents disapprove of it?

    Should the poor child then be expected to go through 9 months of hell because her parents are pro life. That is extremely sad. Do people not realize this. It should actually be considered child abuse to make a minor suffer through pain of birth. Do people even realize the pain of birth.

  • Minors should not have to have parental consent to get an abortion.

    Sure SOME parents will be there for their little girl for the next few years helping her raise the baby but once she turns 18 reality will hit and she will be taking care of a child that she never wanted in the first place and that's only if she grows to love and be responsible for the child. Worst case scenario her parents will end up raising the child because the mother won't do the job that she never wanted in the first place but it was forced on her by her now angry parents because they have a new child to raise.

  • Last I checked, she owned her body...

    Why would you force a child to be born if it is just going to have an awful life? If someone doesn't want a child, they most likely have a reason. If you won't be able to care for a child, why would you be forced to keep the child because your mother decide so. Is it better for a child to die without knowing it, or live in poverty and potentially starve to death because a woman's parents don't believe in abortion?

  • Last I checked, she was a free human being...

    We might as well live in North Korea or Communist China if someone isn't allowed to reclaim their life. Would you rather a baby dies before it is truly a human being, or a slow and painful death of starvation or such because they have a parent who wasn't fit for the job and couldn't have an abortion because THEIR MOM decided what was right for THEM.

  • Let your child make her own decisions

    If she thinks she is responsible enough to have a child don't stand in the way. Down the road if she needs support you should give her support. But if she decides its not her turn to be a parent let her get an abortion not force her to get one.

  • It's Her Life, Her Body, And She Should Be Able To Choose!

    I understand where everyone's perspective as well as their perception of why a teen woman should not be able to have an abortion without parental consent; however, it is her that has to live with and take care of that baby for the rest of her life. Statists say that about 40% of all teen moms never graduate high school yet alone college. How will she support this child if her parent(s) were to die and not be able to help her care for her child? It is her body, she should be able to decide if having a child is the right thing for her, not her parents! What is the teen was sexually abused, raped, or molested by a family member or her dad, then what? YOU people expect this child to get parental consent from her abuser or the mom that allowed the abuse. From experience, I was raped and had the baby because I thought it was wrong but now I regret ever having that child because he now acts like the person who raped me. Why? OH WHY? Would you make a woman do something that she may or may not regret but let her choose! Do Not force your teen daughters to keep a child that will be unwanted, unloved, or uncared for!! Your teen daughters are supposed to be loved from their parents at all times and be able to discuss everything but if you force them than I promise they will HATE you for it, maybe forever!!

  • Who's body is it?

    At the end of the day it is HER body! To be honest no one should have the right to consent to what others want to do, especially when the consequence is long term. Even if the child was given up for adoption, more often than not they are simply sent to live foster home to foster home. And in many cases young mothers aren't financially or mentally prepared to take care of a child. Why chance that?

  • Making a Choice

    If a girl or woman believes that they are not ready to have a baby, they are, in one way or another, unable to raise that baby healthily. She has either correctly drawn the conclusion that she is somehow unable to raise the baby. If she later regrets her decision to have aborted the pregnancy, it is safe to assume that she might have made other uninformed, or poorly thought-through decisions in the child's upbringing.
    In short, if a girl supposedly CAN'T be responsible for her own body and life, how can we force her to take responsibility for a dependant life?

  • Consider what you are really proposing here...

    You are giving parents the authority to make a emphatically life-impacting decision for their child, despite the fact that their authority is only temporary. Also, you are effectively basing the right to this procedure on the personal beliefs one's parents happen to hold -- a factor, that is fixated, and yet substantially different for everyone. However, this fundamentally infringes upon the notion of equality before the law, which holds that everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, or anything beyond the person's control, should be held to similar standards.

  • Consider what you are really proposing here...

    It is absurd to place such a life-impacting decision in the hands parents, whose authority over their children is only temporary. Also, you are effectively basing a girl's right to this procedure on the set of beliefs their parents happen to hold -- a factor that is simultaneously fixated, and yet substantially different for everyone. However, this would fundamentally infringe upon the notion equality before the law, which by definition, extends to everyone regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, etc..

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