• Yes, it's bullying by a parent.

    You get bullied at school or by your brother or sister, BUT NOT BY YOUR PARENTS. That is a very bad choice. The poor child may have consquences, but not abusing. Especially children who are under the age of 6 SHOULD not even get spanked. I hope in about 10 years, Spanking will not be allowed in the world.

  • Yes, Its Bullying on a large scale.

    If you think about it those kids can't defend themselves. What do you expect there kids, would you beat a dog? In some situations the children need to be spoken to like adults, but never lay a hand on a child. Speaking from experience I no longer speak to my mother that abused me. It is abuse and we need to stop our kids are our future.

  • Parental Spanking should be a crime.

    Parental spanking should be a crime because it effects how your kids react to real life decisions and it will not teach the child to be respectful if you’re not showing them what respect is. It can also severely harm your child and it can cause psychological harm, and improper social values and can affect the child’s personality
    Firstly, Respect,, respect is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. So if you spank your child does this show your child that you feel deep admiration for them from something they did? And how can you expect respect from a child whom you do not respect?
    Secondly, it increases the risk of accidental death or severe injury, yes it seems a little over the top to say “death” but in 2008 a study showed that more than 1,700 children died as a result of abuse or neglect, when an adult is in rage mode they do not tend to notice the force they are applying to the child, and don’t think about how fragile the child is.

    On the other hand… REBUTTLE

    Thirdly, it can cause psychological harm to the child, children look at their parents as a source of love, and spanking can make a child feel unwanted and unloved. Even when the parent makes up for it the damage has been done because the trust has been broken. Spanking also teaches kids improper social skills because spanking means your treating a child like and object, not a human being. This can have a number of negative side effects such as, children might come to equal terms with pain and punishment or assume that loving relationships are built on physical corrections.
    Fourthly, spanking can damage a child’s personality, in a 2012 study spanking was associated with an increased the risk of mental disorders in adulthood, so if someone is spanked as a child they are more likely to grow up struggling with alcohol and substance abuse, anxiety or mood disorders. Spanking is not a solution to childhood misbehaviour. There are other ways of correcting a child that do not have negative consequences, a trusting relationship between a parent and a child will allow both parent and child to engage in a meaningful discussion. Parenting is about having a bond with your child, and spanking can ruin that bond beyond repair.

    To conclude my argument I would like to state that parental spanking should be a crime because it doesn’t teach respect, it can cause damage to the child in severe outcomes, it could cause psychological harm to the child and most importantly their personality.
    Thank You

  • Yes it should

    I think it should because parents should see the consequenses of hurting a child. Parents should see the bad influence they teach there children. Kids should enjoy there life not get spanked every time they are bad. Kids should not be spanked thats what i think so that it could also cause the death of a child think about what u do.

  • Spanking is necessary

    Light smacking is very necessary

    Especially a light tap at the tricky age of 1 where they start "testing" their limits and you can neither get a message that something is bad across to a young infant by talking/shouting or using other methods of punishment as they're simply too young to understand. When they start getting older

  • Light smacking is very necessary

    Especially a light tap at the tricky age of 1 where they start "testing" their limits and you can neither get a message that something is bad across to a young infant by talking/shouting or using other methods of punishment as they're simply too young to understand.

    Most animals do it, in fact, so it's completely natural. They never cause harm to their offspring, because parents are instinctively disinclined towards causing their children real harm (yes, child abuse cases are exceptions, but we can't stop what's normal and good and restrict parental responsibilities and freedoms because of such rare exceptions) and it's necessary to teach them that certain actions will have such consequences. Otherwise they risk causing themselves or others more harm than what a responsible parent would do by a light smacking. It's more of a psychological thing than a physical one, in fact.

    Obviously as humans parents should practise self-control (which again, they do naturally by having parental instincts) and only use physical punishment in dire cases. Usually if the child is at risk of doing something that will cause themselves or others harm, because children should learn that such actions will have those sorts of consequences. If there's a failure in making the mental association between hurting someone else and getting hurt themselves, it may only cause them much more pain later in life when they hurt someone who isn't their parent and *they* hurt them back.

  • Everyone discipline kids differently

    No, spanking should be at the discretion of the parent and the extent of the law. Some confuse spanking with beating; there is a difference. Some instance may warrant a quick pop on the bottom to get a point across that some is wrong and should not be done again. As long as the spanking does not cross the abuse line, it should not be an issue.

  • No parental spanking should not be a crime.

    Parental spanking should not be a crime as it teaches kids to respect the rules and authority. It will help them learn the consequences of their actions and learn to make better judgments and decisions later on life based of each decisions good and negative consequences. I would like to state that there is a difference between spanking and abuse, and that line should never be crossed.

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