Should parents be able to choose the sex of their children?

  • Give me a reason why it is wrong

    IF you can choose the gender of your child then
    You will be happier as parents
    Safer for parents that have/ carry genetic disorders
    Child will be more loved
    If the child is the gender that the parents want then overall there will be a lot less abortions because parents are content with their baby's gender
    being a parent is a big deal, if you know what gender your baby is going to be, then you as a parent are going to be more prepared for when the baby arrives.
    While it may be a few moments of pain to set up the baby's gender see link (read:https://www.Babycenter.Com/0_choosing-your-babys-sex-what-the-scientists-say_2915.Bc)
    A. It is nothing compared to the pain of labor, or of a man going 288 days without college football
    B. While it may be expensive you are going to spend a lot on your kids in the future (about $245,00 from birth to age 18) and thats if you buy them some standard stuff. Obviously the more money you have the more you will be willing to spend on the child. That $245,000 is WITHOUT college so your spending a lot more money than you think


  • Yes we should

    Everyone has a right to have a child or not, so why not a chose which gender? As for people using "God has a reason" would it not be better for people to chose the gender then abort it? Technological advancement not has enabled us to find which gender the baby is and some will not be happy, abort it, and try again. So wouldn't it be better for the person to chose instead of aborting it until they get the right one.

    Also the child suffered. People sometimes do not get the gender and end up taking it out on the child. Like "I would like you if you were a boy" or vice Versa. Yes some of us would take care of it no matter what gender but others wouldn't.

  • Of course we should

    It's my baby and It's my right. I think I'm the one who should decide on this. If I had sex to make a baby then I should choose my baby's gender. In fact that would be perfect. Every couples should have the right to comment on their baby. It's requirement.

  • Pick baby gender

    Because i said so because i said so because i said so because i said so because i said so because i said because said so because i said so because i said so because i said so because i said so.... Oh did i mention because i said so

  • Yes I think parents should be allowed to choose the sex of their kids

    If it can be done in a way that won't damage the integrity of the pregnancy process, I see nothing wrong with choosing the child's sex. I don't think of course a parent should be allowed to terminate a pregnancy because they are having a sex they don't want, but if they can choose ahead of time I am ok with them doing so.

  • Yes, if wanted

    I say yes because they can plan ahead and have a choice. Also they can prepare for the baby ahead of time. To me it can make the parents love and care more for the child. This makes it more advisable for parents with genetic disorder problems. Thats my opininon on choosing a baby gender

  • Parents have the right to make decisions for their child in all other instances, why not now?

    Unless they are harming their child (for example if they are abusing them), parents generally have the right to make all decisions for their child. They are the people who are best placed to make decisions for their children as they know the environment they will grow up in and how it may affect them. In this instance, parents are not harming their child. In fact, given they care enough to plan out their pregnancy and the gender of their child, they are likely to care for their child and want to make the right decision for them. Some parents may have genuine reasons why they want to have a particular gender, for example if they had all boys and wanted a girl or if there was a disease in the family that affected only girls and they wanted a boy so that their child wouldn't be affected. Therefore, they should be able to choose the gender of their child. As for the argument of gender balance, it is unlikely that all couples would choose the same gender. There would probably be a 50/50 split as to which gender couples choose, so ultimately the ratio of boys to girls would not be affected too much.

  • Technology is always used to our advantage

    Though there's always the principles which always clash in these sorts of problems, I'd think it's right to say yes. It can endanger the child (abortion,being bullied), plus you don't ACTUALLY need to pay to choose your gender, there's a natural way of doing it, called the Shettles Method. Also, an example to use this technology to our advantage, is when gender inequality is present, we can use this to equalize the number of males and females in one country, or the world itself actually, though you guys worry more about the feelings, just remember that the "picky" parents come from them, which means there's always a chance of the baby having the same strategic way of thinking of the parents, meaning that they made the right choice, as it isn't abusing the Principle of Autonomy, and the Principle of Beneficence is being used to prove my point too.

  • I do not support it but arguments anyway

    The arguments on this side are pretty weak so allow me to help

    Studies by BMC Public Health show that child abuse mainly comes from parents who are mentally unstable often due to abuse when they were children and that daughters are mostlt abused by their mothers and that sons are mainly abused by there fathers. There are exceptions of course but letting parents decide their children's sex could protect the future children from abuse. E.g. If a mother knows that she will hate having a daughter (so she chooses to have a son) it prevents her from having a daughter that she does not care for and either abuses or neglects.

    Secondly people often want to carry on their family name and in patriarchal societies this can only be done through a male. If a family is desperate for a son but already has say 5 daughters (as is often the case in Royal families) if they could have chosen to have a son sooner it would have prevented over population which we know is bad because it leads to all sorts of social problems like the depletion of resources, bad living conditions, and the Standard of Living therefore leads to overall unhappiness and economic problems.

  • Not all Transgender

    Just because a parents chooses the gender of their child, dent mean that the offspring will automatically be trans. They have the same chance of being transgender as anyone else. Changing their gender before truly developed won't increase that probability. So you aren't putting you child in an uncomfortable position. And if they do end up being transgender, then you support them like I said earlier, they aren't trans because you chose their gender.

  • Of course not!

    Why would a parent get to chose? To make the child suffer from being in the wrong body? It's THEIR body and mind, NOT yours! Yes, you made the child, but why would you want to ruin their life by saying that you cannot be who you really are? You're basically making them live a lie!
    I don't think it's right to chose what your child does.
    You should love your child no matter what.

  • Children are a gift

    People shouldn't be able to because the balance between girl and boy could go off balance. Being a child of god I believe every child is a gift and we should treasure that and every child. I agree with a lot of people on here. How would you even do that as a matter of fact?

  • Technology Should Not Rule Every Aspect of Life

    We should appreciate what we have and having a healthy baby is a gift. We should give up our sense of entitlement on at least something as precious as this. Just because we are able to do something technologically speaking, doesn't mean we should do it. Let's think this out a bit.

  • Balance of Gender

    Parents that choose the gender of their children do not take into consideration the population as a whole. As it is the ratio of males to females is roughly 1:1 and that is due to nature choosing the gender for us. If people were to choose the gender of their children it would throw out this balance. If people were to choose, there could be a massive effect on the gender balance in the population. If too many males were birthed, the population would dramatically decrease with an excess of males to females, who can only birth about one child per year. The same would happen if too many females were birthed (Provided the men didn't cheat, unlikely I say. If men did cheat population would decrease dramatically, if they did it would increase dramatically.) . To throw out the balance of genders in the population it would affect the population itself, which is already on an increase. I say leave the gender to nature's choosing, it is why we don't have buttons on our arms that can change the fate of our lives.

  • They shouldn't be able to choose

    Of course parents shouldn't be able to choose the gender of their baby because if they got a boy, he is still going to do something amazing and impact the world, and if it's a girl, she would do the same thing. The gender of a baby is what makes up their personalities.

  • God chose the gender for a purpose

    God blessed the mother to have a child and he is creating that child in his image. He has a purpose for that child and it would have to be the right gender. It is also not natural. Things could go wrong and that child could go with complication all his life which can be a great expense.

  • 222 g h

    8Most fertility clinics that provide PGD don't allow it to be used solely for sex selection. You must have a medical reason, such as a family history of genetic diseases or repeat miscarriages, or be over a certain age (usually about 38) to be a good candidate for the procedure.

  • Parents should not be able to choose!

    I may only be 16 years old. But I still believe its wrong for people to want to choose the sex of there child. So what you got a boy?! Hes still gonna be just as amazing. Or so what? You had a girl?! Shes still gonna be just as beautiful. Your child is gonna take after you, why would you want to choose their sex? If your ablle to have a kid, then all i gotta say is just be lucky you can have one. There are millions of women out there who have tried and tried to have a baby and your over here being selfish because you didnt get the sex you wanted? Disrespectful, childish, rude and unbelieveable. I shake my head to those who say they should be able to. And as others wrote, it does cost a lot. Who has money like that just lying around? No one. So just be glad you can have a kid. And grow up, and dont live your life through your own child. Let them live a little.

  • IT is wrong to choose

    God has created this baby for you and you have no right to choose the sex of your baby. Most people would KILL to be pregnant who can't get pregnant and would love any baby they had and then the fact that you are changing life is just wrong.... I think it should be banned to do this!!!!

  • Who are you to choose the gender of you child.

    Sure, you and your partner may have created this beautiful little life, yet that doesn't mean that you get to play God and choose what or who your child shall be. Would you have wanted your parents to have chosen your sex? Quite honestly, I see it as selfish to do such a thing. Have you taken into consideration that your child might feel like the opposite sex of that which you chose to make him/her. There are huge psychological and physical scarring that comes with this and it will only hurt your child. If they choose or feel to be something other than what they were born as, so be it! Support them, but don't take that choice from THEM. All that matters is that your child is healthy and happy, full of love from their parents.

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