Should parents be able to fully spy on their children? Meaning phones and social media?

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  • To a point

    Yes i believe parents should be able to but you only to a degree kids need there space sometimes and spying on them takes away there privacy. If you are suspicious then do it but they need a little space to make mistakes or else they will not grow thanks.

  • Parents are responsible for their children

    Just what it says in the tin. Parents are fully responsible for their children. The parent can only know so much of what their child is doing unless they actively watch their childrens actions. A parent cannot teach a child life lessons if they don't know the childs situations, who the child associates with, and what they childs true interests are unless they try. Not taking interest in your childs phones and social media makes it harder to truely keep track of their child and to keep them safe.

  • Yes because big problems can happen

    Like bullying and hurting feeling's and pictures can be sent out fast and rumors can spread faster and people can get embarrassed and not go to school and drop out of college and other stuff and just give up and not to anything and don't tell their parent and it turns it to a big problem.

  • I don't agree with this

    I can't agree with the people who think that parents should know what his/her child is doing, looking at every second. I'm a teenager myself, and if my parents started spying on me through computer, I'd be upset. In real life, they practically control my life. The only escaping way is computer - where I can talk to some people, ask for help and have fun in the first time of my life. Well, this is just my personal opinion.
    Spying on someone takes away their privacy. Not to mention, you won't be able to freely do something with knowing that someone is watching your each step.

  • Invasion of Privacy

    Kids are humans too and deserve human privacy. There should be correct child training in the home that helps them become the type of trustworthy humans that don't need to be monitored in such a shady way. However, while parents shouldn't "spy" on their children, they should have access if requested, and kids should be taught to respect parental requests.

  • Everyone has a right to privacy.

    It's fine for parents to monitor their teen's social media with their OWN account (without having passwords to their child's accounts) because it's on a public forum and literally anyone else can see what's on there. Same as if parents want to know where their kids are going and what they'll be doing there. That's thoughtful parenting. But the line is drawn at trying to listen in on private conversations, messages, and searching through phones. Until a reason for distrust is given, a parent should have enough faith in their own child to allow them some privacy.

    In terms of teens needing advice, by the teenage years, parents should have given their child the necessary skills to handle problems on their own and taught them when to ask for advice.

    Teens should be given the room to explore the world on their own and learn from mistakes. Parents can try instilling all the wisdom in the world, but until teenagers gain their own experience, it's only words. It is important to let a teenager begin to live their own life, because mom and dad aren't going to be around forever. One day that child will need to know how to make their own judgement calls for themselves, and then eventually for their own children.

    If you can't trust your child enough to let them have their own conversations, online or otherwise, the failure is on you as a parent, not on the teen.

  • It Shows They Don't Trust Us

    They raise us to be good people and then they don't trust us enough to not see everything we do. I don't get it. Parents raise us to be trustworthy, honest, respectable people and spying on us proves they do not trust their own teachings. If they raised us so well, they shouldn't need to spy on us.

  • Not if there's no reason for it.

    I'm 17, I'm a full honors and AP student in high school. I'm ranked 8th in a class of 700 students. And have a weighted GPA of 4.5. I have never gotten a B in my entire life, while still taking the most challenging classes available. And have never had any run-ins with drugs, alcohol, or dangerous substances. Yet, for some reason my parents have become taking my phone from me the moment I come home from school, and not returning or allowing me to use it for the rest of the night. This is somewhat of a new development, and honestly has no reason for happening other than they heard other parents were doing it. My dad heard about a tracking APP which is now installed on mine and all my siblings phones (all of which who are similar in school and achievements as I), which tracks our locations 24/7. A few weeks after this began, they began taking my phone everyday after school. They claim its so that they can make sure I'm doing all of my homework, which I always have and have never missed or failed to do an assignment all school year. This, plus the fact I'm ranked in the 99th percentile in the nation in standardized tests, leaves me extremely angry with my parents when they feel the need to punish me by taking my phone away for balancing school work, and my social life, something I've always struggled with, and been more of an outcast. Now, some teens have problems with independence, and make mistakes, others, such as myself, don't. And if they show they don't have problems which endanger themselves, or others, or don't prove they can be independent they should be monitored. However, in my opinion by punishing those who do well and prove they are independent and trust worthy, you are actually encouraging bad behavior and leaving them with less motivation to do well in school or to trust worthy. Trust works BOTH ways people, if you can't prove to your children that they can trust you, you can be sure as heck that they won't let you trust them.

  • Parents SHOULD NOT be able to fully spy on children.

    This question has been morphed over the years to fit the way of children's privacy rights (such as reading diaries or snooping online), but the bottom line is: Children need privacy! If a child is being responsible, such as always being where they said they would be, keeping promises, etc, they should be granted privacy! What is being said when a child is granted no privacy is "Even though you have done nothing wrong, I still don't trust you." This though would be a different argument if you have found your child doing drugs, taking unprescribed medication, or inscribing in risky behavior. That would require monitorization. But really, if your child isn't doing anything bad, then why monitor? Just cross your fingers, and hope for the best, like thousands of parents have done before us.

  • Not on spying but should have access agreement.

    Spying is wrong. However parents should discuss with their (minor) children prior to giving them access to computer, cell phones etc. Discuss the rules, expectation and consequences. That is, there should be open communication between the parents and the children. The level of access by the parents can be reduced when they feel their children are acting responsibly.

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Unitomic says2014-12-06T04:59:36.613
It seems to me that most peoples issues is that they misunderstand why their parents watch them. They assume that their parents just don't trust them. In reality this isn't so much a matter of trust so much as it is a matter of simply being concerned. After all they just spent 13-18 years building you, they are naturally going to be really scared of you getting broken by say... All those many threats you don't have the experience to spot. Such as which guy will knock you up then ditch out. Yes, I have implied you are inexperianced and that you require a guardian to help you. Don't like hearing that? Tough. Just because it hurts your little feelings doesn't make it any less true. It just makes your a little baby. If you didn't get your heart broken by that statement, good for you, you're a little more mature for that.

But there is a matter of the Parent not having trust. But it's not you they don't trust, it's those around you that they don't see. The ones you think are good friends (with your inexperience) that they don't know about. It's them that your parents don't trust.