Should parents be allowed to educate their children at home?

  • Parents should teach their children, not teachers.

    I think parents should teach their children instead of school because most parents want children to follow them in their way but school does not do this. Instead, school teaches children useless facts that they will eventually forget overtime. However, parents can spend more time with their children and children can learn more about caring for the surroundings and how to have good manners.

  • 11 and in 7th Grade

    I'm 11 years old and Homeschooled my mom teaches me and because she teaches me I'm in 7th grade already. In the world today they are teaching kids about drugs and stuff if a parent teaches their child they can raise their own child the way they want them to be.

  • I think all parents should be able to home school their children

    Sometimes public schools constant homework can be overwhelming. Also, it is your kid, so teach them how you think is best. While home schooling the children could get a lot more work done because they wouldn't mind asking their parents multiple questions, but mind asking a school teacher many questions. I think all parents should be allowed to home school their kids.

  • Should parents be allowed to educate their children at home?

    I think yes, because children who want to stay home and learn can do that. But its up to the parents. Kids will probably do better working at home and learning at home. Children won't want to go to school because they either don't like being around people or they can be bullied at home or doesn't feel comfortable.

  • Should parents be allowed to educate their children at home?

    I think yes, because children who want to stay home and learn can do that. But its up to the parents. Kids will probably do better working at home and learning at home. Children won't want to go to school because they either don't like being around people or they can be bullied at home or doesn't feel comfortable.

  • Who cares more about my child's development and well being than I do?

    I feel like it is our most important responsibility and right to be able to raise our children the best we can. I know most people will say they feel the same way but I also feel that how they are educated is an important part of that. I know not all parents want to or have time to teach their children the things they need to know and I feel that its good that public education exists for people like this but I feel it should be a choice for the parent.

    To people that say it is bad for their social health or that a parent could not provide an adequate education. There are many things I can get my child in where she will be able to socialize and learn things she could not at school. Being homeschooled in no way means they have to be socially isolated there are tons of options. There is more than the k-12 curriculum online for free so it would be easy for me to prepare my own plan that covers or surpasses the curriculum that's expected of kids in the education system.
    I want to teach my child to love learning and that it empowers her and I was never once told that from 4k through 12th grade. I don't want my daughter to waste as much time on them as I did.
    She's so smart we will probably be learning together before long.

  • Who cares more about my child's success and well being than I do?

    I don't believe that the school system or the teachers working for them have my child's best interests in mind. Even if they do they could not possibly have the personal investment I do in my own child's success and well being. The only thing they are worried about is test scores. Test scores which mean more money for their school and district. They are not worried about preparing children for life.

    To the people that say it will effect a child's social development; why does the fact that they will not be in school mean they will not socialize? You can always put your children in activities where they will meet other kids their age and make friends I in no way want to educate my child with the intent of isolating them.

    And to those saying they wont get a good education, that's not exactly what you get from our current educational system. I wasted over 12 years (bc of 4k and 5k) on school and when I get out I have no practical skills. It feels like that whole time was wasted. This is honestly my biggest problem with the school system. They don't teach you to do anything. I hate the school system because despite how much I love learning they turned it into a painful experience and I watched them turn hundreds of people I went through school with against it and it was appalling. Personally ill never stop learning but I watched as tons of people gave up on the joy of learning and understanding the things around them because of the 30 to a room, most cost effective way of teaching, and boring dribble they pass off as useful knowledge. I learned more reading while I was supposed to be paying attention in class than I did from school.

    There is access free online to more than the k-12 curriculum it would be more than easy to obtain and present it to your child more quickly and more in depth than a mass school system can.

    I don't know about other people but I know it is my responsibility to prepare my child for life and I feel that includes being personally responsible for her education. It would be a disservice to her for me to let her waste so much of her life learning what could actually be taught to her in a very short time period. I want her to have more time to learn the important things.

    I feel it is a violation of my rights to tell me how I have to raise my child. That I have to send her off for 8h a day all week to be taught things that I don't agree with and in a lot of cases are controversial at best and propaganda at worst.

  • Only under specific parameters.

    If parents feel the need to educate their children at home, that's fine; however I consider teaching religious nonsense and threats of hell to be child abuse, so I don't believe that a parent should be allowed to teach at home if their motives are to prevent their child from learning scientific facts.

  • Parents should be able to

    Parents should be able to because children might understand more clearly. I am twelve years old and when I am at school I do understand what my teachers tell me. When I come home though and ask my mom things about the lesson she gives me more details and the words she use are not as complicated. Also since she is my mother I don't mind asking questions, but in school I do mind asking questions

  • Yes, but only if they are qualified.

    Yes, I think that parents should be allowed to educate their children at home. However, I do not think that they should be able to do this without first proving that they are capable of providing adequate education for their children. There should be some sort of test that they need to pass before they can do this.

  • Child exposure to school environment is required, Parents are not trained in all subjects.

    Although home schooling has its own benefits, I believe child going to school will have access to all facilities available in the school. It can develop team building skills and exposure to different people around them can develop their confidence to face today's world. Moreover, parents can not train them in all area at home.

  • Lower standard of education

    The predominant yes argument is that they should be able to if they are qualified. If they are able to assess that the parent is qualified it is very difficult to ensure that the "qualified" parents are sticking to a routine and ensure that what they are teaching is at least the same standard of teaching and cover the same wide variety of subjects as they would receive if they were at school.

    The home environment is full of distractions and the relationship could be that the child rules the roost. The parent may also be too soft and the child could throw a tantrums when being asked to study and they could spend the time watching daytime TV. How could the state ensure that that doesn't happen?

    I believe that it is unfair to a child to not give them the opportunity of the same standard of education as other children. The patiently lower standard of education, lack of structure, lack of deadlines and expectations may have a negative impact on their ability to get a job in the future.

    The child may also be very intelligent and the parent's inability to teach to a high enough standard may result in the child not reaching their potential.

  • No the parents can't teach good.

    No because they will not learn any things. Must parents have full job so they don't have time to teach their kids. The kids will not have friends and activity. Can parents do the job the teachers? No because they can't teach good some parents can't explain good for their children. And the teachers go to unvirsity for 4 years. They learn how to teach students will understand. Teachers get Practise in real classroom to see what work best children learn.

  • Not healthy for the child's social life.

    Children have the right to make their own friends and become independent. Parents should have a large influence on their children's studies and should be actively involved to ensure the child's success, but it is equally important to allow the child to be exposed to all kinds of people like in the "real world".

  • The child's social life will suffer

    The kid will only be able to socialize with siblings and parents. Also the temptation of TV will distract the kid and if the parent yells at them for this their relationship will suffer. Finally most parents are not professional teachers so they might not know some of the things teachers are paid to know.

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