Should parents be allowed to take away things that you have bought?

Asked by: fasttrack
  • This topic again?

    It seems like this question came up not that long ago. The answer remains and unqualified “yes.” Your parents (if you are under 18) pay for everything important. They pay for your food, shelter, health care, and just about everything else. The only reason you have “bought” anything is that they cover all of your expenses. When you take responsibility for all of your expenses then can you say that you have bought something yourself and no one has the right to take it from you. Until that time someone else is paying your way and they have the right take away any privilege even if you “bought it yourself.”

  • Legally... They have rights

    Legally you are under your parents watch you are 19. (depending on country) and legally they have rights to take away what ever you bought or using. And you have no rights to buy anything that you want to buy without your parents concept, after all if you are young all the money comes from them and they have right to you if you are under 19. Sorry for my spelling

  • They Absolutely Should

    Unless the parents have no legitimate reason to take it away, then they have every right to confiscate any of their child's items, no matter if the child bought it with their own money. There have been many occasions where a child has bought an item without their parents' consent, items that the parents believe will have a negative effect on the child. This includes, but is not limited to: liquor, cigars & cigarettes, lighters, and cutlery of any kind. Just because you bought it with your money, that means your parents can't save you from committing terrible activities and/or creating harmful habits? Ludicrous! You shouldn't have bought it in the first place!

  • Temporarily is right

    I agree with Musicrafter. As long as the item/priveledge is eventually returned to the minor child upon better behavior or whatever propted the punishment, I see nothing wrong with this. The only reason the minor child had the money to purchase the item is because their parents pay for everything else.

  • As a Minor, yes

    Minors (under 18) cannot legally own property in the overwhelming majority of situations. Therefore, the parents are not taking things from their children, but denying them permission to use the parents' things. It is perfectly acceptable for parents to take away items from their children as they own the things being taken.

  • Depends on what you mean

    No they can't take it away away, as in sell it or something. But they can take it away temporarily (or deny access to it temporarily) for like a punishment. Until you move out or are 18 they can pretty much do whatever they want (as long as it is lawful).

  • In your possession

    Technically if you have bought it then it is yours. Parents have no right to take away something that is Legally yours since you bought it with your money. Just because they are older than you and have control over you doesn't mean that they get to control all of the stuff you have too.

  • Its yours they can't take it

    When you buy something with your own money that your earned by working then your parents have no right to take it away. People do not take away things from your parents. Just because they are your parents dose not mean they can take away your personal possessions. Many teenagers pay for their own phones and cars after they get a job parents should not take over their objects. I understand if it was bought by your parents then they can take it away but not if your bought it.

  • I'm 17 I buy my OWN

    I'm 17 years old and I buy my own things I have a job I pay my own bills and I also pay my sisters my mom does not have the right to take my things she does not pay for my fines and fees at school and I don't ask for money me and my mother really don't get along but as a as a young adult I still respect my mother you feel what I'm saying but I really think that she does not have the right to take away my things that I have purchased with my own money the money that I go to work for

  • No they shouldn't

    I live with my mom but I always stay with my dad on the weekend I bought a laptop a frw weeks ago my mom took it away and won't give them back ive done everything she asked but she's a bitch im with my dad now and her punishment should only be legible for her house

  • No they shouldn't be able to take your belongings

    If You bought it, with your money, it's yours. They are technically stealing aren't they? I mean its like saying " stealing is only a crime when it is other peoples stuff but not ur kids. "
    Anyhoo i don't think its ok. It's your belongings and they can't take it

  • Parents can't take their child's property ( child older than 18 )

    I bought 2 things well including things for the things that I bought .. I bought a PS4 and an Xbox 1 with many games such as Call of duty and a Ps camera and my dad says " You can't take those things when you move out possession is 9 / 10 of the law"... I keep telling him I paid for them and he says it doesn't matter... I spend over 1000$$$ on this stuff I don't think he's allowed to do that can he?

  • If it's your money, it's your stuff.

    If you have earned the money and bought something with your rightfully earned money, no matter the age, the legal guardians or parents have no rights of access to the items bought by you. If they get to the point where they take it away from you, that is considered stealing.

  • If it's your money, it's your stuff.

    If you have earned the money and bought something with your rightfully earned money, no matter the age, the legal guardians or parents have no rights of access to the items bought by you. If they get to the point where they take it away from you, that is considered stealing.

  • Parents should not take away phones

    Parents should not all be able to take your phone away because what if you were in a bad situation and you had no way to call anyone for help. Phones are for emergencies and they are property to teens and no one has the right to touch your property. Parents should have to ask to take things away even your phone if they do or do not pay for it. In conclusion your property is your property and no one should touch your things without asking or having the right to do so.

  • Of course not

    I think they shouldn't. Just yesterday I was home and my sister was doing her homework in the corner as usual and my cousins came to visit. My 3rd to youngest cousin had thrown a bouncy ball at me and I protected myself by simply putting my hands over my head and ducked the bouncy ball bounced off my back hit a cup which just happened to be sitting right next to my sisters homework and splash all her work gets drenched. The work was very important since my sister was using it to study off of for finals/testing. My sister was frustrated with me and wanted to strangle me so she told my mom and my mom decided to punish me by taking away my high boosted bluetooth speaker and gave it to my sister to sell or keep. I worked my A off to get that, it was so expensive. I think my mom basically stole that speaker. I washed cars for that money which makes it mine especially if it was my purchase. PLEASE AND SHOW TO YOUR PARENTS

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