• Hitting is not an Appropriate Teaching Method

    Hitting a child only teaches a child to hit other people. It should not be okay for a parent to spank a child because it is not okay for two adults to hit each other. It is assult to become physical with another person, so it should remain as such if those people are parent and child.

  • Corporal punishment is unacceptable and ineffective

    Spanking children of any age has been demonstrated to not be an effective method of punishment. Rather than correcting unwanted behavior, corporal punishment often leads to psychological problems down the road for kids. It is my opinion that parents who use physical violence to punish their teenagers should be treated in the same way that physical violence would be treated in any other context. It is assault under the law to use physical violence against our spouses, friends, or any other human being. It should be assault under the law to use physical violence against our children.

  • It didn't work on me!

    M8 I know what I'm talking about when I say this. Spanking doesn't work, it just makes everybody involved feel bad. Trust me it's kinda stupid actually, you're hitting someone on the butt because they did something you didn't like. There you go, it's summed up for you. So use your logic and don't spank your kids!

  • Custody shouldn't mean ownership

    If you spank an individual that isn't under your custody, you can be charged with assault. Neither someone's age, mental capacity, nor your custody of that individual should change this - or their legal rights meant absolutely nothing to begin with.

    Change the legal status of spanking a stranger or that of spanking a child - but allowing the law to turn a blind eye to something as basic as this (which, in and of itself, may seem innocuous) is one of the foundations of inequality that is so poisonous in a competitive society.

  • Spare the rod spoil the child.

    A very enlightening statement. When a child misbehaves, physical pain is a very effective way to prevent him from doing the act again. I for one believe there is a direct correlation between crime rates rising and sparing the rod, if you do not prefer the method it is not mandatory by and means, but it is a method that should most defiantly be acceptable because it works well, maybe not as well as active listening or other things for that matter, but it is a method preferred by many. Not to mention the physical pain inflicted by the spanking is minor, now that I am older, if I were to be spanked it would hardly damage me.

  • This is ridiculous.

    Adults don't spank each other because we have come up with more severe ways to punish one another, ways that are far more damaging to our social well-being, like taking the money that we earn to provide for ourselves or our families, or incarcerating us so that we no longer have "freedom." Adults aren't spanked for one specific reason: it's not an effective punishment for adults.

    Children, however, (specifically children age 8 or younger) do not have the ability to empathize or intrinsically reflect at the same level of adults. They are still very narcissistic, and only understand a few precious things well enough for them to be proper consequences. Those things are: food, pain, and affection.

    The purpose of spanking is IMMEDIATE feedback in a given situation. A way for a child to know "wow, something that I just barely did was really really wrong, because I didn't like that surprising pain." Spanking does need to be done correctly, otherwise, like any punishment, it can do more damage than good. It needs to be done as close to the action that needs correcting as possible, and afterwards needs to be followed up with an equivalent amount of affection, so that the child makes the psychological association that the action is what was punished, not the child.

    Spanking is discipline, not child abuse. The real child abuse is the parent always chasing their kid down in church saying things like "you need to listen to me, you need to listen to me" thinking that the child actually cares about what the parent is saying. This child will grow up with a sense that there is no serious accountability for the choices they make.

    My brother's and my sister and I were all spanked as children, none of us have ever laid a finger on another human being, or abused our spouses, or any of the other claimed side affects of being spanked. But rather, we are all involved in loving marriages that have outlived 95% of celebrity marriages, we are all working members of society without so much as a speeding ticket against our criminal record, and we all have good and respectful children of our own.

    Effectively correcting behavior at a young age is imperative for proper societal growth and integration. Spanking is a great way to do that. At a certain age though, spanking isn't as effective. I don't think anyone is debating that.

  • Not past that though

    Spanking is a reminder of poor behavior and does not do any long term harm to someone as long as it isn't done in public and humiliate them. It has to stop there though. Slapping, punching, hitting with cords and other things are child abuse and parents who do that should be prosecuted.

  • Only in Very Severe Cases

    Here in the UK, spanking is illegal. That said, I hardly think charging a parent with assault is a fair way of punishing such behaviour. Spanking used to be used (very effectively, I might add) as a way of punishing poor behaviour and encouraging good behaviour. As long as it doesn't go too far, assault is way too harsh.

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