Should parents be encouraged to allow their teens to experiment with alcohol in their homes and under their supervision to prevent dangerous situations from occurring outside the home?

Should parents be encouraged to allow their teens to experiment with alcohol in their homes and under their supervision to prevent dangerous situations from occurring outside the home?
  • Yo opino que tomar alcohol es bueno

    Tomar alcohol con los padres es bueno.... Estupidos cabrones de meirda... Yo tomo con mis papas y me se controlar... Si te sabes controlar te controlas y punto.. No causa tal adicción.... Asi que callense bola de maricas... Y dejen de llorar pinches pendejos sin vida social... Ha ha ha

  • Would you rather it be somewhere else ?

    My grandparents were good, honest God fearing people.
    That being said, they were stricter than strict and
    Squarer than square. After moving out, each and every child
    formed a unhealthy dependency on alcohol , mainly because
    They were curious and excited. Let your kids drink safely
    and avoid the whole good kid gone wild thing.

  • Yes Especially with girls

    I think that it teaches them responsibility because they are less likely to binge drink rather then teens who don't drink at all because peer pressure and social status are on there mind at the time. It will help them to know what there limits are and how far they can go until they can't handle it anymore and they need to stop.

  • Yes especially with girls.

    I do not mean to be sexist when I say this. But women are much smaller than men, and as a result they cannot drink as much. Now I know that a female alcoholic can drink more than an occasional male drinker, but for beginners drinking can be very dangerous. For some reason, people have huge egos when it comes to who can drink more. I have heard so many people in high school say they can drink 10+ shots, and for a 90 pound girl, this just isn't a good idea. They want to be "cool" so they say they can drink so much, but if they learned how to drink at home they would realize they shouldn't drink more than 4 shots. While in college, girls are transported to the hospital far more frequently than guys as they think they can keep up with large 180+ pound men, while if they were 180 pounds themselves, I believe they could, but they aren't. People need to learn that drinking is about having a good time and relaxing and not a contest. I have seen way too many girls throw up for this not to be the case. I dont know why but it happens much less with boys but at the end of the day, experimenting with something at home is much safer.

  • Drink or lie

    If parents don't allow this kids to drink it will only create lies. Parents think that they are protecting their kids by being strict and not letting them do what they will do under any circumstance. You shouldn't buy your children alcohol but by them having to lie about what their doing just puts them in danger. If they have to lie about what their doing they could be in trouble and not be able to ask you for help.

  • Yeah I Do

    Its best if they do now, before they go crazy when they get older. If we let then have a small amount of freedom NOW; they won't be so rebellious. Saying no to your teen constantly, is like saying "Sorry I don't trust you." And that my itself is like "Well they don't trust me anyway. Whats the point of even listening to them now?"

  • Yes, I agree to show its OK to drink but with an adult

    If you only let them drink with you, then they wont try to drink with out you or do it behind your back. If you let them drink all the time with you, make sure you don't tell them its completely OK. Don't let their friends drink with you unless their parents are OK with it.

  • They do it anyway.

    Teens tend to experiment with alcohol with or without parental consent. Why not do it in the home where it's more safe? Why not do it where there's no chance it's laced with GHB or something like that? Atleast at home they'll be safer than at a party where they know almost nobody.

  • Just to see if they like it or not

    I think if a teen is going to try alcohol then it would be best to do it under parent supervision. But a teen is a teen their gonna do what they want when they want no one can stop them. I mean we were all teens once. Think about the first time you drank, would you off wished your parents where their?

  • stats

    The article also fails to mention a federally-funded study that found that young people who drank at home with their parents tended to drink less often and were only half as likely to engage in heavy episodic or “binge” drinking.

    It additionally fails to mention a large study in the UK that found that teenagers who drink alcohol with their parents exhibit the safest drinking behaviors and are least likely to drink heavily.

    Dr. Mark Bellis, who led the study and heads the Public Health Centre, said “the majority of people who are drinking at early ages are not then going on to be problem drinkers later in life.” He said “the real issues are around people understanding alcohol, learning about alcohol, being set a good example by their parents.”

    Dr. Bellis said that “The majority of people, by the age of 14, 15 or 16, have drunk alcohol. The question is are they learning to drink from their parents, in a socially responsible environment or are they learning behind the bushes in a park or in a bar where they shouldn’t be in the first place?” The health leader emphasized that “the chances are, if they are in the latter position, they are learning to binge-drink, they are hiding their drinking (from their parents).”
    These studies are also consistent with the experience of numerous countries and groups in which children learn to drink alcohol from an early age but who have low rates of alcohol abuse. These groups include Jews, Italians, Greeks, French, Spaniards Portuguese, among many others.

    However, the article quotes the head of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, who asserts that “the highest rate of cirrhosis of the liver is in France,” where it’s legal to drink at an early age. As STATS point out, MADD is simply wrong as the medical journal Lancet makes clear.

    The article suggests that drinking at an early age damages the developing brain. In reality, there is no evidence that drinking in moderation at an early age causes any brain damage. In fact, students in these early-drinking groups tend to out-perform most U.S. students on standardized tests of math, geography, and other subjects.

    STATS concludes that “given that 80% of teens will drink before they reach the legal age, it is not unreasonable for parents to consider ways to reduce the risks their kids face as a result, and the magazine does a disservice to them by blindly supporting current policy without fully investigating the research.”

  • Parents should not be encouraged to allow teens to experiment with alcohol in their homes because the lesson being taught there is wrong.

    The law forbids drinking under the age of 21; therefore, when parents allow it under their supervision, they are teaching their teens that it is okay to disobey the law. That in and of itself is a dangerous premise because teens are then uncertain as to where to draw the line. Furthermore, alcohol is not something that teens should learn to rely on to make them feel good or to get rid of their troubles. A teenager who learns to drink at an early age will more than likely become a heavier drinker later.

    Posted by: OnfBIeak
  • No the home is a place for family

    People of any age cannot be certain that they will not abuse alcohol in a way that will be socially and physically dangerous. The home is the place to show wisdom. Outside the home the choice is the teens. Parents cannot keep youth from committing dangerous choices. That is not the way the real world works. Drunk teens are not seeing the wisdom of others clearly and those allowing them to drink in the home are not showing wisdom. Why would people want to abide in a place of storms or confusion? Allowing people to practice drunkeness in the home is not a sober judgment.

  • It is totally wrong to do so; it is against the law because teenagers are underage.

    The law in the United States clearly says that it is against the law to drink under age 21; therefore, the parents would be helping their children break the law.

    Posted by: Bratzky
  • Alcohol use is something I will never agree with. Something that can make people do the things that alcohol makes them do is only legal because the government can make a fast dollar off of taxes on it.

    Using alcohol is one of the worst things you could possibly do; I would rather see someone use weed than drink alcohol. It can change people for the worse, make them lie and do things they regret for the rest of their life. The government only allows it to be sold because they can make some fast money off of the taxes. If there was a law prohibiting government from making a dime off of it, it would be illegal just like any drug.

    Posted by: jabchick2
  • No, I don't believe underage drinking even in the home should be encouraged.

    While I do think it is important to keep an open line of communication when it comes to alcohol and if a parent feels that it is safer to have the child at home drinking then away from the home, then that is their choice. But I do not think that it should be encouraged by any means.

    Posted by: Ch4ddMc
  • Alcohol is addictive for some people, and encouraging use in the home may lead to teenage addiction.

    Alcohol is seen by many as a way to temporarily forget one's problems and relax. As a depressant, alcohol helps people to unwind and forget their problems while they are under the influence. If teens start drinking in the home, this could possibly lead to them depending on alcohol to cope through life.

    Posted by: SoWinif
  • I do not think teens should be allowed to experiment with alcohol even under supervision.

    Allowing teens to experiment with alcohol under supervision would not help prevent dangerous situations from occurring. Also, it is against the law, and teens shouldn't be drinking alcohol under any circumstances. There are many health problems that alcohol causes, especially at young ages. Not only are there health issues, experimenting at a young age could lead to the addiction of alcohol. This is not something that is worth risking. Instead of experimenting with alcohol, they should be taught the harmful things that alcohol does to them. Teens shouldn't experiment with alcohol because it won't prevent things from happening in the future.

    Posted by: ViolentKurt59
  • Parents should not be encouraging their children to experiment with alcohol inside or outside the home, because it is a dangerous addictive drug.

    Alcohol is a dangerous and addictive drug. It makes absolutely no sense for parents to encourage their children to drink alcohol in the home, because it is a safer environment for the experimenting. Nothing about alcohol is safe for experimentation, and starting it safely in the home is only likely to lead children to more quickly use it, and abuse it unwisely outside the home.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • Parents shouldn't be encouraged to let their teens experiment with alcohol in the their homes because underage drinking should never be encouraged.

    Parents should not encourage their teens to experiment with alcohol under their supervision in the home. This only communicates to teenagers that underage drinking is okay under certain circumstances. There could be danger if friends come over and drink as well. This will also make it difficult for other teenagers' parents who do not allow their kids to drink in their home.

    Posted by: MEzequiel
  • I oppose underage persons drinking inside their home, regardless of parental supervision, because it breaks the law.

    I believe that laws limiting alcohol consumption to a particular age are in place for a reason, and should be followed. When parents allow younger people to violate these laws inside their home, they are not teaching responsibility or limits. They are teaching minors that they are above the law. Also, no studies prove that allowing this behavior "only inside the home" reduces alcohol related crimes involving minors. In fact, many parents have been sued because they have allowed minors to leave their house drunk, and these minors have become involved in vandalism and drunk driving accidents.

    Posted by: BCedric

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