Should parents be fined when their children skip school?

Asked by: KaleBevilacqua
  • Parents should be fined

    If your child does miss school you should be fined 50$. If the teacher asks you where is your child and you say he our she is at school. So you have to know where children are. COME ON PARENTS! I think people should be fined because you need to know where child is.

  • Parents should be fined

    I think parents should be fined because it's their fault that their kids aren't attending school. If kids skip school, then kids would get a bad grade, and bad grade=no college, and no college=no job, and no job=no house, and if you don't have a house, you probably have no food and will die.

  • Parent's Should be Fined for Children Skipping

    Yes, parents should be fined when their children skip school. It is the responsibility of the parent to take an active part in her/his child's education. The first way to take that active part is to ensure that the child is in school. Thus, if the child skips school, the parent is failing on the first part of their responsibility and should be open to fines.

  • This might work

    With some parents who don't care that much, this might actually work. Nothing gets people's attention better than losing some money. When they start losing money for their kids' misbehavior, they'll do something. If they are smart, they'll pay the fine from the kid's allowance. This will quickly get the kid's attention as well.

  • Parents should be fined when their children skip school.

    Parents should be fined when their children skip school. When a child neglects to go to school, it is obviously the parent's fault. The parents should be responsible for their child's behavior, and that means that when their child does not go to school, they should be punished in some way, like a fine.

  • No, that's isn't fair

    It should be the student that is punished. It was the student's decision, so why should their parents be held responsible? What if the student constantly skipped school, even when his/her parents urged them not to? Then they would be forced to pay, while their child would face no consequence for their actions. What does that teach him/her about responsible for themself? Nothing.

  • Parents should not be fined .

    Parents are accountable for so many things in their family and yet fining them, that will do nothing but add another burden onto their shoulders . Even if you the schools fine them do you think that family can afford such fine . The schools should be in their shoes first before doing something that is really stupid . Thanks

  • Teachers should be fined to

    It would be fair for teachers to be fined if they go on strike causing disruption. Baker days should also be done in their extensive holiday allowance and not in term time as children have to take extra time off school for these reasons disrupting schooling. If parents are fined then why not teachers for these reasons.

  • What good would it do?

    I think everyone at one point or another is found guilty of skipping school. That being said, I really don't see how giving the parents of this "skipper" a nice, big fine, is really going to solve anything, let alone prevent the young teenager from skipping more school in the future.

  • No they shouldn't

    I do not think that the parents should be fined if their child skips school. Parents can only be held accountable for so many things. Sometimes when a child skips school, the parent has no idea, and also the parent might not have good control over their child. I don't think it is fair to charge parents. I think that kids need to learn to be held responsible for their own actions.

  • No. i do not believe that parents should be fined when their children skip school.

    No. i do not believe that parents should be fined when their children skip school, because of the economic ramifications of such a rule. Some families may simply be unable to pay the fines. Also it may not be the parents fault the child is skipping school, maybe the parents have a disobedient child. The entire family shouldn't suffer for that.

  • No its not the parents fault.

    Blaming the parents and fining them when their children skip school is ridiculous. It most often is not the parents fault and parents can only control their children so much before they go out and do what they want. Too much focus is put on the parents when it is really the kids decision.

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I think they have to pay a fineeeeee
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So icredibly stupid yes pay a fine
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You suck
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You suck
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Not me
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