Should parents be more aware of what their children eat?

Asked by: SureenaElquis
  • Boi what the......

    YES OF COURSE, WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THIS?! No parent wants give their child freedom by letting them eat whatever they want not being aware of the health issues they are putting themselves into. Before you know it you kid will be sick and you'll regret it. But of course im not saying that you should feed them vegetables until their dead of boredom. Just be careful with what they eat. But dont be too strict or itll cause them to become a rebel and eat whatever they want...True fact! Because I still remember being a kid a couple years ago...Im still 15. They love eating junk food. I speak from experience of not just from me, but also a lot of people my age I used to know.

  • The kids could get overweight

    I argue yes because kids could get overweight and even if it won't affect them now it will pay off in the long run because even though people say that they are just kids. It's wrong for their parents to just not care about what they eat I mean it's not like their like oh yeah just have candy for dinner and never eat any fruits or vegetables and get overweight.

  • Keep an eye

    Parents must keep an eye on their eating habits to prevent them from any disease.......They should check their bags n asked them what did u eat today ......It's not the interventions of the parents but it's safeguarding you from the problems .....Parents want their children to take sanitary food thats it

  • It's a part of parenting.

    YES!!! Why do you think children suffer from stuff like anorexia, bulimia, obesity etc? Social pressure is out there, especially in this superficial society we have nowadays, and without an attentive household taking care of that child and assuring that they eat properly and remain healthy until they are at least 18 (where they should be responsible enough to make their eating choices their own problem), children should be led on the right, science-proven path by their parents. You can't expect a child to be raised healthy without dictating their eating lifestyle until they can do it on their own: if it were for them, most children wouldn't come close to veggies or fruits, and would eat only sweets and nice tasting stuff which honestly is not usually healthy. If you don't make them eat what they should be eating they won't have a balanced diet at all, and will probably develop some eating disorder or other. Imagine letting a child eat whatever it wants, it's absolute madness. Being aware of what your child eats is a part of parenting.

  • I absolutely think so

    I think it's ridiculous what our society has come to. Even if you aren't overweight, that doesn't mean you should be eating extremely unhealthy! About 90% of Americans eat more sodium than is recommended for a healthy diet. Parents aren't being careful enough with their children's diet. My mom eats extremely healthy but she mostly stocks the shelves with unhealthy things for me and my brother. There's someone at my school who-and i'm not kidding- brings at LEAST two bags of candy to eat every, single, day and nothing else. He's also really skinny.

  • Children with poor diets are likely to be depressed

    A good sign of a parents inability to parent is when they have an overweight or obese child. Children who are obese are often bullied, Shamed, And humiliated by there peers. Depression, Anxiety disorders, And other mental illnesses often are a result of these childhood disturbances. If a parent doesn't have the competency to give there kids a healthy meal plan, Maybe they should take some parenting classes.

  • Absolutely it's an important part of being a parent.

    Why would anyone think they shouldn't be.
    If I was allowed to eat what I wanted when I was a kid then I wouldn't like the huge range of foods that I do now.
    Even without that argument the structure it brought to my young life was in my view essential.
    Sit down with the family every evening to a home cooked meal no tv no music. Would have proper table etiquette drilled into us.
    It's about more than just food. It gave me some discipline that kept me grounded as I grew and it taught me respect when at the dinner table.
    Occasionally we would have junk food or a take away but that would be a treat and we would all still eat together.
    It might make the parent unpopular at the time but the child will appreciate it when they grow up.
    Anything else is just lazy parenting to me. They need you to put structure in their lives.
    Sorry if this seemed a little fragmented and hard-line but it's important to me and there was a lot I wanted to add.

  • In some ways, yes, but children

    In some way, parents do have a responsibility to ensure their child's well being and teaching them proper eating habits. But at some point in their lives children have to make decisions for themselves. It can go either way. I think it's all based on how you teach your kids.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Yes. This is why.

    Some kids are at risk of diabetes, like me. If parents don't monitor what their kids eat, then more children will have a higher risk of getting diabetes, or even have diabetes already. If my mom hadn't monitored my food choices, I would be sick and so would most kids.

  • Yes. This is why.

    Some kids are at risk of diabetes, like me. If parents don't monitor what their kids eat, then more children will have a higher risk of getting diabetes, or even have diabetes already. If my mom hadn't monitored my food choices, I would be sick and so would most kids.

  • Uhhhhhhh No? Look...

    Honestly this is a loaded question. There is no right or wrong answer; it's situational! Children should not be *force fed* food, but at the same time they can't eat whatever they want. This is a dumb question. Since I need more words I'll ramble a bit... And now I'm done.

  • They are kids!!!!

    Kids should allowed to eat whatever they want unless they are overweight. The best thing about being a kid is getting away with eating junk food and not having to worry about weight because your metabolism is naturally faster. Unless your kid is overweight or has a disease i do not see any problems with it!

  • There are so many adults who are too strict about it

    Believe it or not, there are parents who think eating a donut once a month will give you cancer. These are the kinds of parents who spend hours in the grocery store looking at the nutrition facts of food and complains about it to the bagger holding up the line. I can not tell you how many people I've seen who are like this. A soda a week won't hurt you. A soda every day isn't very smart. Sure, Americans love their sodium. Good thing water exists! Water can pretty much counter sodium. Accidentally ate half a bag of peanut butter filled pretzels? Be smart! Drink some water. Is your kid unhealthy? Stop letting them have sugar and carbs. Is your kid skinny but can't process modern food well? Then find alternatives. Milk might make you strong, but for some, it can destroy your colon if you drink several glasses a week. There is no right answer.

  • Let them eat what they want

    My parents became a little bit healthier when I was in middle school. They started shopping at Whole Foods instead of Giant Eagle. They began buying off-brand, healthier options for cereals, snacks, and other foods. Overall, they were making us eat healthier options. However, I now crave sugary foods. I eat them nonstop. I am not physically fat. I do not gain weight from what I eat, partially because I do Crew, and we do absurd things like running up a flight of stairs in a 40-story building. Also because I have a high metabolism. Because my parents began getting healthy food, and continue to do it, I want more and more sugary foods. Anytime I get the opportunity, I eat it.

    This doesn’t mean I eat 100% unhealthy. I usually have a lot at dinner because it has meats and veggies, so its overall just better.

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