Should parents be responsible for their obese child's condition?

Asked by: tatejs
  • Without a doubt, absolutely YES

    You are the parent. You choose what food is in your household, you choose what you buy your kids when outside. Parents are in complete control on what their child eats. (Pack lunch for school if the child cannot be trusted.) Children are obese because parents wants the easy way out, they don't want to make their kids eat what they don't like and/or too lazy to cook.

  • Parents are guilty

    The parents let their children eat all the food so its their fault. The parents are not controlling the food that go to into the child's mouth. If the parents don't tell the child no they keep going and going and going until they cant fit anything in their mouth. Most parents control their child. And they are good parents.

  • You're responsible for your child

    You choose what you put in your child's body. By giving them unhealthy foods, you are affecting their future by making it harder for them to be physically fit. Maybe instead of mcdonald's, you should give them something healthier such as a veggie burger or a salad. Think about your child's future.

  • Major Health Risks

    Parents should be responsible for their obese child's condition. I, personally, think this is a form of neglect and it poses a major health risk to the children. Although, people may say that "That's my child. I can feed them whatever I want." Well, maybe if your 4 year old didn't weigh 300 pounds and could play with children his/her age people wouldn't have a problem with you...Obesity is a disease, just as anorexia, but children don't exactly have the mind set that people would have to know what's healthy for them and what's not. It's the parent's job to teach children and if bad habits are all the children know that's what they are going to continue doing when they get older. It's the parent's responsibility to put a limit on their child.

  • Parents should be responsible for their child’s obesity.

    Parents should be responsible because the parents are letting their kids eat the foods that are causing obesity. Child obesity should be considered an illness. In today’s society many people have died or live with a lot of medications or even needed expensive surgeries to save their lives because of the obesity. Some may not even see obesity as an illness. The definition of illness is a disease or period of sickness affecting the body and mind. According to “What are the risk of Overweight and Obesity?”: obesity can lead to a stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer, sleep apnea, reproductive problems, and gallstones. When the child gets sick, the parent should not just say the sick child will be fine, the parent should take them to the doctor for help. Obesity should be treated the same because all the health problems obesity comes along with, therefore parents should be responsible for their child’s obesity.

  • Absolutely they are responsible

    Unless the child has a disability or serious condition that results in them gaining weight, thus out of the parents control, then yes, I think they are responsible. I think if the child is not eating a healthy balanced diet and does not partake in physical activity, which is the responsibility of the parents, then it is due to the parents not surrounding them with the care and nutrition that is vital, especially in the younger years when habits and ideals are formed.

  • Oh my gosh yes

    When you're a parent it is up to you to give your child the proper food. If you've grown up going to eating McDonald's ever second night and KFC for lunch...What's going to stop them from continuing? They go buy groceries, they take them out to restaurants...Not the kids! Wow.

  • Parents are guilty

    The parents let their children eat all the food so its their fault. The parents are not controlling the food that go to into the child's mouth. If the parents don't tell the child no they keep going and going and going until they cant fit anything in their mouth. Most parents control their child. And they are good parents.

  • There is no question

    Every parent is responsible for their child until that child turns 18 (in the UK at least). Especially when it comes to diet; 9 times out of 10 a parent will be preparing their child's meals so it's up to them to make sure the child is eating a) the right foods and b) in the right quantities. I realise this is easier said than done; my mother struggled to get me to eat healthily, but she always made sure I didn't overdose on chocolates/sweets- however much I may have complained at the time! As a result I have maintained a healthy weight my entire life. The bottom line is a child will only become obese (barring medical reasons) if the parents are complacent.

  • Parents should be reasonable for their child’s condition.

    Parents are a role model for kids and need to pay more attention to how they eat and what they are giving to their children to eat as well. Now some may say obesity is a mental issue but parents can help by making a healthy and safe environment for their children. There was a study in University of North Carolina Chapel Hill that poor eating habits at home are linked to child obesity. Parents don’t take the time to cook so they look for an easy way out of cores this is fast food. Parents could teach their kids at a young age to make healthier choices. Their kids will suffer from so many health problems by being obese. Parents are to blame for their child’s condition.

  • NO!!! They Should Not

    They should not because they could do what they should want to live.I think that kids are obese is there parents.Kids should be able to eat what ever for they could be happy with what they eat.Some People might say'They want to eat healthier but there kids don't so the kids should eat what ever they want.

  • Too many factors.

    According to Food Research and Action Center (FRAC):
    "Obesity is a complex condition with biological, genetic, behavioral, social, cultural, and environmental influences (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services [USDHHS], 2001). However, the current high rates of overweight and obesity among children and adults in the U.S. are primarily a result of individual behaviors and environmental factors that lead to excess caloric intake and inadequate amounts of physical activity (USDHHS, 2001; USDHHS, 2003)." [1]
    According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)
    Lack of Energy Balance, An Inactive Lifestyle, Environment, Genes and Family History, Health Conditions, Medicines, Emotional Factors, and Lack of Sleep are many contributing factors. [2]
    Parents do have some control over what their child eats but that is only the case during home meals. Obviously the child will eat at school or at friends houses. Plus with many parents having less time to prepare home cooked meals, they are somewhat forced to go with more pre-made and less healthy foods. Even some foods that sound healthy can also lead to obesity. [3]
    Parents also do have some control over how much their child exercises but again, that is only the case of when they are at home. Even then, how many parents actually take their kids jogging, biking or any such exercise on a regular basis? Many parents simply do not have the time to do it for themselves much less to include their child in it.
    Besides the two ways a parents have little control over, many others, parents have no control over such as genetics or even access to safe recreational facilities. You can really expect parents to take their kids to a local park if the streets are not even safe.
    Clearly, no parent intends on getting their child to be obese so you can't really blame them for things beyond their control.

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