Should parents call the police on their children?

  • Criminal Are Criminals

    I do not believe parents should attempt to help their child, if their child has committed a crime. Children should not be taught to hide behind their parents when they are in trouble. If children have done something wrong they should answer for their misdeeds, just as adults do. This is what the juvenile system is for.

  • As a last resort

    If there is a situation that has gotten so far out of control that the parents feel the need to call the police, then yes, the parents should call the police. The police should carefully then look into both sides however because even if the child is acting out it could indicate a problem with the parent and not the child.

    Posted by: jus
  • YES

    Not for things like rudeness, or stealing, obviously, but a child (especially considering that even 17 year olds can be considered children) is just as capable of wielding a deadly weapon, acting violently, stealing, planning terrorist attacks on schools and so forth. In such cases, the parent would be justified in calling the cops.

  • If necessary

    Yes, I think that if a parent is in danger of physical harm, then yes, it is appropriate to call the police on their child /children. Doing so does not make them a bad parent and sometimes it can help the child, if they are on the wrong path. My mother called the police on my sister once, for being very violent. We later learned that she was suffering from bi-polar disorder. Had my mom not called, we may have never known this.

  • Protect your family

    Let's be rational, if your kid assaults her mother with her fists and then grabs for a knife on the table(over putting leftover dog food in the refrigerator), would you look down on me for calling the police? Is it so cowardly to protect my family? It isn't shying away from a parents responsibility when a 17 year old becomes the erratic, violent and mentally crazy to the point that she might hurt someone.

  • When the child is disrespectful over and over and kick there mother in back and stomach

    Yes. I called the police. I dealt with verbal abuse and threats. I love my daughter but recently, she ran behind me and kicked me in the back, when I tried to get up, I was kicked back down in the stomach and then punched in the face. I am a loving parent and all I did was help my daughter emotionally and financially with her 5 month old son. She want to neglet her baby and run the street. This is part of our disagreement. I called the police, I am hurt and so disappointed.

  • Parents should not.

    There is a legit reason the teen is acting in such a way. If you force a teen to talk s/he wont want to. If s/he ran away be patient s/he will return once s/he calms down/cools off. Don't force teen to behave the way they should. They know and once you listen to their side of the story, they will behave appropriately. Sometimes when a teen makes a mistake you still have to trust them no matter how hard it may be. If your teen is in love and the boyfriend/girlfriend is in love with your teen, let them be.

  • Want your kids dead?

    All who voted yes are cowards and unable to handle their parent role. Moreover they are sheep that do not need police, but have it in their head. There are many examples across the world, when such failure in parent role led to kids death, or life spoil (arresting) for stupid reason (see below). You should NEVER EVER call police to your kid, unless he murders someone.

  • Parents should not call the police on children

    I do not feel as if parents should call the police on their children. Family issues should be kept in the family, what can a police officer do that a member of your family can't do? Your children are always going to be your children, if you can't handle them, why have them in the first place?

  • Don't do it!!!

    Now if the parent is in legitimate danger (such as being beaten or assaulted) then the police should be called to help offer some assistance in cooling the situation down. But, this should only be done if the parent has thought of the situation not just out of impulse. Being a parent is hard but it is also a choice so if you cant figure out how do raise your child/children then try and get some counseling instead of trying your best to prove some ignorant point. Most of the time parents call the police on their children to show them that they are the boss, but that's not the message that it sends to the child at all. It always sends a message of hate and immaturity to the child that is extremely hard to take back. Don't leave a sense of hate in you child towards the police and more importantly NEVER use the police as a weapon to simply win an argument with a child.

  • Parents called the cops on me 2 days ago

    My parents called the cops on me because I wouldn't get out of their room when asking for my phone. I already haven't talked to my dad in a month even though we live in the same house and my mom was the one who called the cops so I stopped talking to her too now so I live with them and pretend we are not there.

  • As someone who has had their parents call the police on them,

    No, don't call the cops on your kid. This has happened to me multiple (2) times, and has only reinforced my idea that my parents aren't good people and don't know how to parent a son. I lost all my respect for them that first time and they have yet to earn it back. Never call the cops on your kid. You're the parent, you deal with it.

  • Its a disgrace!!

    I think it's a disgrace, From a young age my mother inlaw would call the police on my husband his arrest record is filled with ridiculous accusations that his father would ALWAYS make him plead out instead of Fighting the charges which resulted in him being judged harshly as an adult ( those records are public unless you petition the court to seal the record). This woman is his worst enemy who has sabotaged him in everything he has done in life, she clearly suffers frm a personality disorder of some sort either BPD or NPD ( borderline or narcissist personality disorder) those people have no empathy or feeling when it comes to hurting people , they actually make it an art form SMH , I Dnt know if it's because he was adopted and this woman (who was in her 40s when they decided to adopt him) actually didn't want a child or maybe wanted a girl , considering she would dress him as such when he was a child. Well now we live across the street frm this (nasty names omitted). My point is just a few days ago she called the police on us accusing us of stuff we just are not into, which was proven when they came to investigate . I just think these people are pathetic they should take a good look in the mirror it's DISGUSTING

  • Why put your children at risk.

    Unless your child had committed an unspeakable crime there is no need to call the cops. Only a piece of shit family would call a cop over anything else, get the kid some help if needed, but the police will only give him a bullet in the head as a gift.

  • Bad bad bad

    You should not call the cops you should do something else to show them if you call the cops your child feels hated and don't tell the family them your child is destroyed.Unless you child is doing illegal things don't call the cops don't call the cops if there like stealing money more criminal act.

  • Only if they want to be "Estranged Parents of Adult Children"

    My dad once called the cops on me when I was 17. I had been washing dishes when he chose to empty out the living room closet onto the floor. When I asked him to pick up the junk on the floor, he flew off the handle, hit me multiple times, and called the police.

    When the police arrived they arrested him. After that he had it out for me. He must have called the cops on me multiple times after that, hoping that I could have gone to jail like he had. I never was arrested.

    I got a job at a fast food restaurant and saved up enough money so I could leave home, and 6 months later, I did just that and never looked back. As a 30 year old woman, I still get angry emails from my mother's family because I've been estranged from my entire family for over 13 years. These angry emails still detail how much of a "bad kid" I am.

    If you can't handle being a parent, don't have kids. The cops are only there to arrest people, which generates revenue for the prison industrial complex.

    So, if you want to either get arrested or have your child arrested, then by all means do it. But you can't complain when that same child permanently removes themselves from that violent situation.

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