Should parents call the police on their children?

  • Criminal Are Criminals

    I do not believe parents should attempt to help their child, if their child has committed a crime. Children should not be taught to hide behind their parents when they are in trouble. If children have done something wrong they should answer for their misdeeds, just as adults do. This is what the juvenile system is for.

  • YES

    Not for things like rudeness, or stealing, obviously, but a child (especially considering that even 17 year olds can be considered children) is just as capable of wielding a deadly weapon, acting violently, stealing, planning terrorist attacks on schools and so forth. In such cases, the parent would be justified in calling the cops.

  • If necessary

    Yes, I think that if a parent is in danger of physical harm, then yes, it is appropriate to call the police on their child /children. Doing so does not make them a bad parent and sometimes it can help the child, if they are on the wrong path. My mother called the police on my sister once, for being very violent. We later learned that she was suffering from bi-polar disorder. Had my mom not called, we may have never known this.

  • As a last resort

    If there is a situation that has gotten so far out of control that the parents feel the need to call the police, then yes, the parents should call the police. The police should carefully then look into both sides however because even if the child is acting out it could indicate a problem with the parent and not the child.

    Posted by: jus
  • Want your kids dead?

    All who voted yes are cowards and unable to handle their parent role. Moreover they are sheep that do not need police, but have it in their head. There are many examples across the world, when such failure in parent role led to kids death, or life spoil (arresting) for stupid reason (see below). You should NEVER EVER call police to your kid, unless he murders someone.

  • Parents should not call the police on children

    I do not feel as if parents should call the police on their children. Family issues should be kept in the family, what can a police officer do that a member of your family can't do? Your children are always going to be your children, if you can't handle them, why have them in the first place?

  • Want your Child Dead?

    Calling law enforcement in the United States on your child is a very bad idea because there is a very good chance the police will show up and shoot your child in the face after they shoot your chained up dog which has happened many times . Police killing and torturing innocent people is an every day occurrence now and all they receive in turn are paid vacations for the few that can't be covered up by their police buddies and superiors. Unless you want your child dead like Tyler Comstock, or the thousands of others that have been slaughtered by the largest and ruthless gang in the United States I would advice against it even if you are paying their salaries to take away your rights and beat/kill/taze/mace/steal sexually assault your family and friends.

  • Family's Fault and Parent's Fault

    Have you ever thought why your child has gone rouge? Majority of serial killers and "messed" up children have a pass of bad childhood. Their parents abuse them, put too much pressure on them, or don't even care. Children want to act rebellious for various reasons (a lot ties in with family). If you raised a child that you have to call the cops on, it's not the child's fault, it's the parent's fault. The parent's did something wrong.

  • Parents role is to Protect

    If you need outside help raising your child you seek it from a therapeutic source not a punitive one. Makes me wonder if they 'Yes' votes actually have children.
    Now if my kids end up in jail I'll let them sit and squirm in there for a while before I bail them out, that is for certain.

  • This is the problem

    If you treat a child like a criminal, they will become a criminal. Parent's need to learn how to be parents and stop calling the police so the police can parent for them. This is why our juvenile centers, jails, and prisons are so full. Stop trying to be friends with your children and start being their parent. When you discipline them, be consistent. Give them two options...1) Do what I said..,2) Be punished and still have to do what I said. Parents are so worried about wanting their kids to like them. Who cares if they like you? That's not your job. Your job is to love them, ensure their safety, and teach them values, morals and respect. This isn't a popularity contest. Stop teaching your children as the problems arise. Catch them when they're young. As soon as they're old enough to understand the words, teach them what your expectations are. I'm not saying this will help in every case, but it will help alleviate 90% of the problem. We as parents owe it to our children to be good parents. We as citizens owe it to our community to be good parents. We are raising our future generation. Lets not make it a future generation of criminals. Show them love and affection. Praise them. However, when you punish them, stick to it. Stop saying you are grounded for a week and two days later caving in. Instead of caving in...Add an extra day when they beg. Everyone is so worried about our delinquent children...Lets do something about the delinquent parents.

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