Should parents choose their children's partners to marry?

  • Yes they should

    My love life is very sad and lonely and would appreciate it it if my mommy could find some hot babe for me to marry so i can be the happiest little camper in the whole wide world thanks mommmy i wuv u very much and thank u and good night

  • Of course not

    How would you like it if your parents chose your husband or wife? No, you won't be happy. I think that if two young people are forced to marry, their marriage would surely and indeed be a most unhappy one. If parents choose their child's spouse, they might as well get their parents to divorce.

    Okay? Kids choose their own spouses.

  • Love is Important

    Dear Communists:
    I believe that you should have the very basic human right to choose who you want or don't want to marry. It is stupid to choose a spouse for someone. Children have the right to choose their friends, careers, interests, sexuality, religion, and spouses. It is communism if we choose our kid's spouses.

    Thank you, and have a nice day.

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