Should parents force children to eat certain types of food?

  • People haven't super-evolved in the last 100 years.

    I was made to eat my vegetables as a child. Then, in my 20's, I ate whatever I wanted. When I matured into an adult I realized green vegetables are important and should be in my diet. My parents were also forced to eat their vegetables. I suspect their eating evolution in their early adulthood was also similar to mine. Their parents; however, were born up in the 1920's. My grandmother spent time in and out of orphanages because her parents could not afford to feed her. No one forced my grandparents to eat vegetables because they were happy to have something on their plate. Is a child born in 2010 different from one born in 1920? No. The child is the same. Make the child eat the vegetables and stop wasting your silly 1st-world lives worrying about trivial shit.

  • Eat healthy food.

    It's common to not like vegetables, maybe other healthy foods. But we have to eat them, to be healthy. Parents must look out for their children's health by making them eat healthy foods. Children have to be taught to eat healthy, and not just unhealthy foods that we tend to like. There are many enjoyable ways to eat vegetables. As opposed to just each vegetable separate and plain. Parents may have to serve their children vegetables in the enjoyable ways a lot of the time.

  • Parents Should Give their Children Certain Foods

    It is a parents responsibility to promote good eating habits in young children. Consider the obesity epidemic in the United States. Children are fed foods that are terrible and that is all they know. If we give them nutrition rich foods from the start, they will eat better as they get older.

  • Health is a significant importance.

    Children dont want to eat healthy food. Manufactured food is unhealthy yet has been created to indulge and addict the consumer. Not only should children be forced to eat certain types of food, they should learn how to make tasteful food. Without proper nutrition they wouldnt be very healthy. Forcing means only purchasing healthy food.

  • Really? Picking a fight over this?

    NO kids should be able to eat all their food on their plate. When parents force them, a argument comes along. The child be feel unheard, and the parent will not feel controlling. The fight will leave everyone in a bad mood, and your dinner spoiled. If the kid don't like a certain food (like peas, carrots, broccoli, fish, garlic, ect.) Then just put a helping of a little of the food he or she enjoys, but a regular serving or the unwanted food. Of course he will complain the first couple of times, but then hell understand. When he asks for seconds, put the favorite food on his plate and maybe some more of the "icky" food. Then the child will grow up with a semi like to it or used to it. So if he or she is at a friends house for dinner, or a restaurant and they add a hated food, he will know how to react without making a huge scene. I should know. I live with a picky eater myself. Also explain to the parent who yells this concept. We don't want anymore yelling about yucky food.

  • No parents should not force their children to eat certain kinds of food

    Should they encourage healthy eating, and lead by example in the proper way to eat? Yes. Should they find ways to make it fun, or ways to sneak good healthy food into their diets? Yes absolutely. But forcing will not work, because it will just cause them to rebel and eat worse on their own. Parents shouldn't force their kids to eat a certain way, but instead work with them and do what they can that way to help them eat a balanced diet.

  • There are better ways.

    Forcing a child to eat certain foods may work on a short-term basis. But forcing someone to do something does not change a persons point of view. In fact, a study published in the 2002 issue of Appetite which surveyed over 100 college students showed that 72 % of those who were forced to eat certain foods went on to eat them as adults. I believe educating and encouraging our children is a better alternative.

  • Parents should not force their children to eat veggies because its stupid

    Most vegetables are disgusting they don't taste good and no one wants to eat them also vegetables are not as good as fruits if we eat fruits instead of vegetables we will be getting the same nutritional values we need so next time if someone says make sure to eat your veggies just say no thanks ill have a fruit instead:)

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