Should parents genetically engineer their children?

  • Yes, parents should do what they can to give their children the best life possible.

    I think parents should definitely consider genetically engineering their children. Anything that can be done to give a child a better start in life is acceptable. Beyond engineering for blond hair and blue eyes, a parent might be able to remove genetic markers for certain diseases. I think science is headed in the direction where one day it will be common practice.

  • Parents can do whatever they want to their children, in certain terms

    When it comes to parents trying to conceive a child, they can do whatever they want or whatever it takes to have the child they want. There are already people having certain DNA placed in them to achieve a certain desired outcome. The real important part is how they treat their child once they are born.

  • If they like

    Regardless of how people feel about genetic engineering, the genetic engineering procedures being developed will be the next step in birth. Parents will want the best for their children, and procedures such as preventing possible diseases or even choosing physical characteristics will become the norm for many in the future.

  • Genetically engineer kids is unnatural

    Messing with human development through genetic engineering is a dangerous process. We are interfering with the natural order of life and the way it is naturally suppose to happen. If we get involved by genetically altering the DNA makeup of our kids, we could run the risk of creating unstable children.

  • No, love of one's children is not dependent upon the structure of their DNA.

    The concept of permitting generic engineering of ones child is a frightening one. The love that exists between a parent and a child is the only unconditional love that exists. All other love has boundaries and expectations. To genetically engineer your child would eliminate unconditional love and as such diminish our overall human capacity for love.

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