Should parents get tax credits for sending their children to private school?

  • Absolutely! For sure!

    I have two children. I pay expensive Catholic school tuition. I also pay exorbitant property taxes, 80% of which go to the public schools. I am not burdening the public school with the cost of educating my children; I am paying for it myself, so why don't I get a tax credit or deduction for the cost of my tuition? This blows my mind. I honestly don't understand how this isn't being fought for in state, local, federal governments. Actually, I do - anyone who sends their kids to private school is demonized by society and the media because we are all rich, privileged, undeserving, we can "afford" it so why are we complaining, etc. Meanwhile, all the voucher kids in my city to go private school for free. How is this fair?

  • The private school in my area is most suitable for my special needs child.

    I am not proposing a reduction in tax, but rather assistance with my tuition costs - even if in the manner of offsetting my tax on the income I use to pay (again) for education for my child. I am being taxed - for school that I don't use. I am being taxed - for the school I do use. At least let me write off the income I use to pay for "my choice" education for my child as non-taxable. Throw me a bone here...

  • Should not pay to pay twice.

    If you pay your taxes and those taxes go to fund a school system, then you should either be exempt from paying those taxes if you do not use the school system, or, be allowed to have funding for your child diverted to the school of your choice. Lots of people own property and have kids, but not everyone. Those who do have kids, send them to school for 12 years, but usually pay a mortgage for 30 years. So if during that 30 years, you're paying property taxes, you should have a say where the funding goes for your kids. Right? You're still going to be paying the tax even when your kids are done with school, or if you don't have kids at all. It's not fair in any sense, that you pay the taxes and pay for your child's education, while not receiving any of that benefit.

  • Public School Not Viable Option

    I happen to live in a part of the country where unemployment is several times higher than the national average and therefore, public ecudation lacks way behind the national average. I am a homeowner and landowner, but in no way am I a rich man. My property taxes go to pay for the education of those in our state that attend public shcools. However, I live in a community where public school is not an option due to conditions that have nothing to do with the level of teaching received. I choose to live in this community, because it is where I grew up, and after attending college (which was paid for using student loans), I saw it is a place to have a positive impact in a negative area. My 4 children attend a local private shcool that costs me $5,000/per child/per year (before books, fees, uniforms, sports, etc.). This is after tax money, which I work very hard to earn. If I were to get tax breaks for this amount, that would be that much more that I would have to put back into the local economy and/or save for my childrens' college education (which in turn should make them higher tax contributors in the future). I realize that there are 2 sides to every story, and that the rich will always get more than the poor, but sometimes for the middle class to get what is needed, there has to be a compromise. If not, there will continue to be a growing disparity between the classes.

  • If they own a house and pay school taxes

    I think the question here should be "Should parents get tax credits for sending their children to private school if they own a house and pay school taxes"
    Basically, if I don't send my kids to public school but I pay for private school it's simply just right that I shouldn't have to pay twice.

  • If they own a house and pay school taxes

    I think the question here should be "Should parents get tax credits for sending their children to private school if they own a house and pay school taxes"
    Basically, if I don't send my kids to public school but I pay for private school it's simply just right that I shouldn't have to pay twice.

  • If you own a house and pay school taxes.

    I think the question here should be "Should parents get tax credits for sending their children to private school if they own a house and pay school taxes"
    Basically, if I don't send my kids to public school but I pay for private school it's simply just right that I shouldn't have to pay twice.

  • Private School Education

    Parents want to send their kids for the best education they want to provide to their kids, they should be allowed tax credit, they are investing in the kids education and not spending money on leisure, And every parents should have rights to send their kids to the school they wish to, and Government should support

  • The right to choose

    I recently became a private school teacher and I can see the benefits it provides for the students. The students learn core values, kindness, empathy and religion. The sense of community is overwhelming. The kids all look out for each other, know each others birthdays, siblings and parents. The curriculum is rigorous and academically challenging. I went from having 32 students to having 14, now I am able to spend more time with the students and target individual needs. I believe that the overall sense of community builds confidence in the students and it will help them form stronger relationships with others as they get older.

  • As with a coin, there are always two sides to an argument.

    As a parent who elects to send my child to a private school, in my local school district I am a homeowner and therefore also pay property taxes to fund our local public schools. Government does NOT fund schools. The taxpayers fund the government (local, state, and federal) who then in turn remit some of those taxes back to the states and local schools districts. So let’s start with the correct premise. Government does NOT fund public education. The taxpayer funds public education.

    As such, since my child is attending a private parochial school, they are not drawing on local resources, taking up space in the public school, and therefore afford opportunities to another child by not being a consumer of the same limited resources. There are many reasons why one may opt to send their child to a private school. Quality of education, over crowded schools/classrooms, religious affiliation, reduced class sizes, reduced rates of crime, disagreement over curriculum/structure, etc.

    I also pay local property taxes to fund my local public schools. I see no reason why I shouldn’t at the very least get an adjustment to my tax rate or credit since I am in effect removing a burden on the local school system by electing to pay out of pocket for tuition, books, fees, lunches, and other sundry expenses related to my child’s education.

    I am not saying in the least I should not pay property taxes or should not assist the community in educating children in our public institutions. It is indeed a great blessing that I am fortunate enough to have the resources to send my child to a private institution. But I think in spite of that, I should at least be pro-rated or at least get a tax credit on the portion of my local, state, and federal taxes that are used to support the public education system. In essence, I and other tax payers who choose to send our children to private schools are paying double jeopardy. First we fund the local schools (of which we do not require services or use resources), and then we also pay tuition for our own children. Would you purchase a car and then expect to pay extra in the form of confiscatory mandated taxes for someone else who may not have the same income so they can also buy that same vehicle? Or house?

  • This is ridiculous of course they shouldn't

    Public school is available should they choose to use it. Private school is a luxury and it is better for their child as they will, theoretically, receive a better quality education. If they got tax credits it would mean that in some way the government would be paying for their child's education. This is unfair as why should the government pay for them to get a better education than someone in normal public school. It would mean that more people would go into private school as it would be cheaper (cheaper than before not cheaper than public school) so more people will do it. This leaves (due to more tax credits) less money being paid into the education system leaving the very poorest in the public schools which now have even less funds so worse resources.

  • Public Schools Created For All

    I believe the education of the majority is important. Our educational system, which is created for all students of our country, is set up to survive and be funded partially by taxes. A child's right to be educated has been provided by ensuring that these taxes are collected for that purpose. A parent may not prefer the free school system that is provided and they have every right to elect a private school. However, they should accept the entire cost of that private school as an expense they are solely responsible for.

  • Parents should not get a tax credit for sending children to private school because it is their choice to spend more money.

    Every child in America is already given the privilege of attending school for free. Paying for your kids to go to private school is your own choice, so you should not get a tax credit simply because you choose to pay more for education. I don't believe you should get tax credits because you choose to spend more money.

  • Absolutely, positively not.

    Historically education was a privilege. What made public education so wonderful was that collectively, through taxes, society agreed that education should be a right. That is the point of public education: education for all. Since the government is already providing schools, there is no need to also provide tax credits for private education. Parents need to choose whether or not the cost of sending their child to a private school is worthwhile. I personally attended a private school K-5 and my parents did not receive tax credits. And that's how it should be. Life is all about making choices.

  • They should not.

    I fail to see any kind of a good reason as to why parents should be allowed to claim a tax credit for sending their kids to a private school. We need to collect as much as we can in the way of taxes, and as such should not do this.

  • No, parents should not get tax credits.

    No, I do not think that it is fair and right to give tax credits to parents just for sending their children to a private school. The public schools were implemented for a reason, and it should be the first choice for parents. Sending children to private schools is a privilege and not a right and should therefore not get a tax credit.

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