• Parents should give kids allowances.

    I think that all parents should give allowance to kids because they still young they cat not earn money by them self. One more thing kids they want to buy something to eat or to play also. It also obligation of parent to pay for kids. So that all parent should give allowance to student regularly.

  • Written by: Someone named Anna/Frank/Bill/Joe

    Giving children allowances gives children a taste of the real world And that when you do high achieving tasks like vacuum out the car, or clean the entire apartment/house children should get paid for it. Paying children teaches them how to earn money, and weather or not something is worth buying or not.

  • I think we need and allowance!

    Yes i think so because it would teach us money management and so we don't have to come begging for money to our parents. It would be good for us kids to get one. So i hope you parents think about it and give your kids an allowance. Thank you!

  • I think we need and allowance!

    Yes i think so because it would teach us money management and so we don't have to come begging for money to our parents. It would be good for us kids to get one. So i hope you parents think about it and give your kids an allowance. Thank you!

  • No Pats on the Back!

    First off what is allowance?
    Allowance is what kids of around the ages 6 to 17 years of age should be able to earn as a reward for doing chores around the house, or outside, like taking care of a pet, or raking leaves, putting away toys, mowing the lawn etc.
    Kids do chores for what? A pat on the back, and a "Good job sport!"? Parents are always telling kids to get a job when they ask for money, well for younger kids who aren't old enough to get a job, it's like a job!
    And what do you get when you have a job? Easy! Money! Whether it be a few dollars, like loonies, or toonies, or even a twenty dollar bill! Giving kids money will encourage them to do more work around the house, which will help them be more organized in the future, and if they're encouraged enough they'll start to do chores without being asked!
    If you don't pay them, they'll get lazy, and will complain and hesitate to do housework, and that can be a pain in the neck.
    Children need, and deserve to be rewarded for their hard work!
    "We don't have any money to pay you right now!" Your parents may say, but the solution is easy, wait the extra time, or don't get your full pay yet and wait for the rest. As long as you pay them for their efforts.
    Thank you.

  • Give them an allowence

    Kids deserve the right to having an allowence. If you want you can make them do some chores to get it, but they need some extra cash. Ecspecially pre-teens and teenagers. They are always going to do things with their friends and they are going to need some money when they are doing that.

  • Teaching responsibility with chores and an allowance

    If you give you child a regular allowance every month will only be teaching kids to rely on their parents; however giving children allowance for doing work around the house and in the yard will teach them responsibility. If
    you can give your kid a list of chores to do around the house and yard (cleaning their room, washing windows, doing the dishes, mowing the lawn, ect.) . Give your kid a choice, they can do the chore on their own, or they can put it off until they have to be told. If they do it on their own you add more money to their allowance, if you have to tell them to do the chores than they get no money. This will teach them responsibility
    by giving an allowance will also tech money management and budgeting.

  • Yes kids should get allowance

    They should get allowance so they know that their parents are proud of them and it is like a reward for their good work but kids should not get allowance if they are not doing good. It would make them feel realy good about themselves. So they should get allowance.

  • Parents should be able to give their kids an allowance

    Parents should be able to give their kids an allowance if it is something they feel will benefit their child. Some children who receive an allowance learn to earn, save, and donate with the money and begin to understand the connection between what they have to do to earn the reward. Other children will find lessons on making a budget and balancing a checkbook and savings account. So much potential to learn when a child gets an allowance.

  • Children deserve an allowance

    Why would parents NOT give their children an allowance when kids are willing to help in the house? Children learn how to make a budget and spend accordingly. Also, giving an allowance benefits the parents from doing less work and the children learn how to be responsible and self-reliable. Yeah!

  • Kids are so spoiled

    I work and do chores for the roof over my head and my food . Parents are not "obligated" to pay their children money. It's the children that owe them, not the other way around. It doesn't "teach responsibility", it teaches reliance on the parents. If they want money, they can go work for the neighbors or something.

  • Allowances Teach Spending

    So let's cut a bit of the crap here and realize most people are not that great with money. I'm not talking kids here, I'm talking adults. Very little have a strong hold of their investment portfolios, savings, etc.. So they leave it up to the banks to do it for them. The most common thing people understand about money is that you have to work somewhere to get it and when they spend it, its gone. People know this because its so simple, its intuitive. In fact, you never need to be taught that, you can figure it out without ever touching money.

    Taking this into account, what does a kid learn from an allowance? If I do chores for mommy and daddy, I will get money that I can either save to buy something big or spend right now on something small. That's it... They aren't worried about diversified portfolios, high yield bonds, low risk investments, mortgage calculations... No, they are learning that if you have money, you can decide what to spend it on, something they could of learned without the allowance.

    As a kid, I did not receive an allowance. I did chores around the house because I had to help out my family, it was a minimum requirement for being a decent human being. I learned that, as a kid, I was highly dependent on my parents and needed to ask them to buy me things. I respected them because I knew I needed them and they did so much for me. When I did receive money as gifts on my birthday, I would decide to save it until next year or spend it. Yes... I had only one day of the year to make purchasing decisions. The rest of my time was spent on development, learning, play, etc... Spending was so far of my radar that to this day I rarely even think about purchasing things until I actually need it. I have a ridiculous amount of savings that I can actually do stuff with without much consequence. I'm playing around with GICS, put some out in stocks, got myself a TFSA. I'm learning true money management because my life does not revolve around spending money! Another thing I learned is that you don't get paid for everything you work for. In fact, you get paid for barely anything at all. You can only make money if you create substantial value for someone else.

    This is anecdotal yes, but it seems logical to me.

  • Kids may become independent with out allowance

    Kids might use allowance for dumb things and then the parents might lose money. Kids will learn how to get money independently and when there older they will not need there parents support theme. And kids may be greedy. 25 percent of kids buy drugs with there allowance. 75 percent of kids get allowance without working

  • NO money for chores

    If it comes to giving money, the kid really owes the parent. The parents typically take care, feed, clothe, and love the kid for 18 years. Why sould the parent pay the kid if the kid is really only helping the parents? That would only spoil the kid and encourage them to overspend.

  • We are paying for drugs

    We are paying for drugs. Just to give money children see what they will do with it. 75% of children get allowances with out working for it, and and 25% of them buy drugs with it. Why are we giving them money for drugs? This is unacceptable. Wake up America.

  • Money-obsessed parents are the problem!

    Helping our around the house is just that - helping out! Why would you pay your own child to do basic chores that support the entire family? I believe that we should be teaching children to help out because it's the right thing to do not because they'll get a few dollars.

    It just doesn't make sense to me. The real problem is the parent role model. So many parents in this consumerism-obsessed culture of our are the exact role models that make me cringe. They are leasing a new car (that they likely can't afford) every 3 years, obtaining home mortgages way beyond what they can really afford, they go to the mall every weekend and buy new jeans or a bigger flat screen TV or go on vacations using their credit cards. Then they complain that they can't afford college for those kids who have wasted their "allowance" on candy and video games over the years! If you really feel that your kids need their own money help them find meaningful jobs and then pay them accordingly.

  • Kids Should Refuse Free Handouts.

    Socialism which is taking a hold in America stems from the last two or three generations growing up in a household where children were handed money unearned. This instills a value that money can be given simply because you are a member of the family of the USA. The welfare lines are long. The Greatest Generation of America did not grow up with allowances. The Greatest Generation were kids that started working when they were 9 or 10. Take for example, the great economist Milton Friedman who was part of that Greatest Generation. He worked as a child. He did not get an allowance. How are we going to teach future generations that money has to be earned by hard work when parents today are giving it away free?

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  • How do you think kids would change?

    When parents keep gives allowances, in the future, their child would think they don't have to earn money with a job. They would imagine a life without jobs, just keep earning allowances. Or, they can spend that money for drugs or gamble. Think again. What change do you think it will bring to kids?

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