• Children should learn how to manage money at a younger age

    An allowance should be given as a basis for learning money management, but should be conditional on learning to take some responsibilities and chores. An allowance that is not tied to such conditions may only serve to promote a sense of entitlement, rather than an appreciation of money as something given in exchange for product or services.

  • Yes, children should be given an allowance by their parents.

    Children should be given an allowance in order to teach them how to be responsible for and to manage money. They should be required to perform household tasks to earn this allowance. This will help to instill an work ethic, as they will learn that work is required to earn cash for the things they value.

  • Yes they should.

    Yes, I believe that allowance is a great thing for children to receive. Instead of simply throwing money at a child every time they ask for it, you can ask them to work for their money. It is good for them to help them understand the value of a dollar at an early age.

  • Parents should give children an allowance, but make them work for it

    Parents should give children an allowance, but they should work for it. Children need to understand the concept of money, and that it is not free. Money is earned by working for it, and when they receive it, they will understand better the true concept of it. Apart form that, children should also receive less, especially since they are not adults and will have little use for it.

  • Children should have allowences.

    Children should have an allowance, yes. But there should be rules that go with it. For example, they get more (a raise) if they do a specific chore. And they should have to save at least 10% of their allowance every single week. It builds real world character and prepares them for the future.

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