Should parents hit their children for their misbehavior?

  • Yes they should

    Hit em and hit em goood i always say. Stop crying or i will give you something to cry about. WHACK. That is the way you have good kids. Good kids come from a good backhand. I do agree with smacking kids and i am a doctor. I love america

    Posted by: puff
  • Spare the rod

    I was beaten a lot as a kid and at the time, I would cry and yell at my mother saying with tears, snot and anger on my face that I would never hit my children. And she would say, 'Just wait.' As I look back now, I realise that had she not beaten me, I would have turned out very differently. I am happy with my disposition and she says she is proud of who I am today when I recall the stories to her of her disciplining me. I don't understand this new trend of kids being treated like delicate china and not being reprimanded for misbehaviour. I've seen too many kids that are out of control because they control their parents and not the other way around.

  • Yes builds character

    I am 16 and was hit when I was younger. It made me a respectful, successful, and hard-working person I am now. There are tons of kids that go to my school with are ride to their peers, teachers, and people of other racial or religious backgrounds. Still there parents never hit them and insult parents that do.

  • Sometimes it's the only thing that works

    If a child is playing with matches and about to drop a match into a can of gas, you don't calmly ask them to stop what they're doing, then put them into time out. You smack the match out of their hand and THEN tell them why it's bad. Sometimes, physically punishing your children is the only thing you can do to get the point across. If EVERY generation up until recently hit their children, and the world didn't end, then why do we suddenly think it's so bad? It isn't and people need to get over their PC crap.

  • there is a clear line between hitting and abuse.

    I used to get spanked once in a while for my behavior and I turned out fine. Sometimes time out or sending them to their room doesn't cut it. Abuse is very different from discipline. I understand that there are abusive parents out there that strongly believe theyre doing the right thing by beating up heir child, but there are other parents who area very good at disciplining their children without having CPS come and knock at their door.

  • Teach them a lesson, but do not traumatize them.

    Kids nowadays do not have respect for their elders and as result misbehave. A slap on the hand or small spanking can always straighten any child who misbehave. "Action speaks louder than words", as long you do no go to far as to beat the kids. Sometimes people do not understand that the right punishment should be a small spanking or slap on the hand. It is the reason why people are against physical punishment, because they tend to get carried away and go too far. A slap on the hand or small spanking is not considered (in my opinion) a beating, but more of a lesson that the child learns doing what right then wrong.

  • Yes!

    I believe the kids should get a pop on their hand because so when the children gets old they no not to do it again also the bible says train your children so when they get older they will depart from it so yes you should just pop them on the hand and tell them don't do it again

  • If The Chile Deserves It...

    What's the parent supposed to do if the kid is going crazy and won't listen. Gently say, "Now, Fredrick, stop?" NO! If a child is doing something wrong, a small smack or a spanking seems only appropriate. If you slap them across the face, or punch them it's a different story.

  • YES

    I was spanked a child, never once have I had a "behavioral" issue. It is a quick and easy way for a child that can barely understand speech and basic concepts to understand right and wrong. Of course do not beat them. But it teaches a child quicker then saying, "No mommy is upset go stand in a corner and think about it." When really they're thinking of unicorns and the next thing they want to snack on.

  • When they need punishment

    The child needs to learn early in life that bad behavior is painful. I am not saying beat a child. I am talking about a spanking on the behind with clothes on and only using your open hand. This punishment must be used only as a last resort. When taking privileges away and time out fail to work and the offense is continual then the child needs to know just how serious you are, and spanking can fit that purpose.

  • No it makes you feel like your nothing.

    I am thirteen years old right now. I still get slapped. I cry every night because my mom says I'm ugly, fat, and I have no friends. When she slaps me it makes me just want to be dead and it makes you feel worthless. I think its so wrong!

  • No!

    As a matter of fact, never. I mean, I was spanked as a child, and I still think it's wrong. Now listen, they do it because they want their kids to behave. But the parents don't realize that they're going to grow up to be abusive people. That's just wrong. These parents deserve to be in a mental hospital. When I grow up, I'm going to be a good parent. I don't want to be enemy of the kids, I want them to be good people like me, but abusing is not going to help.

  • It affects behavior

    Hitting your children can cause them to misbehave and eventually start hitting other kids, thinking it's okay. As a child i was hit for my misbehavior and it caused me to act out even more resulting in my mother abusing me. Hitting your children can very easily get carried away.

  • Yes! It's a Must!

    My parents would do this to me long ago. My dad always told me to shut up and my mother would swear to the residents. Every parent must do this. One way my mom taught me was to make your child stand out in the yard while it rains, holding their arms out. And do not care if your child gets sick. If you do that, never treat the wounds.

  • That's just wrong

    I've been hit for stupid things as a child like not cleaning the dishes my dad hit me hard and he use to slap me on the face and everything like that.. This effected my life that I hate him. So don't hit your children cause some might grow up hating you and they will never forgive you for it.

  • No i don't think so

    Because the child gets more angry and makes then want to fight back. It is a bad influence on them for when they grow up. Plus isn't there a rule that you can't children. You don't want to harm the kid you want to teach the kid wrong and bad things.

  • It makes the children misbehave more

    Does anyone know Chris Rock? He is a famous comedian who got belted and hit a lot and he sneaked into shows with alcohol, cheated on major tests, bout cigarettes, read magazines with naked women, etc. Also 90% of the people who got in trouble in my school got beat. Also I never got beat and I'd say I'm a pretty decent kid. Believe me I'm not a perfect angle, but the most trouble I got in school was for bringing toys into a classroom

  • They Can Misunderstand

    The kid might be scared like me, and can call 911. It also depends what your parent hits you with, It might be hands, baseball bat, belt, etc. You can go to jail, and you can have way better ways of discipling them. I think hitting will make your kids hate you.

  • There are other ways.

    You can be strict without hitting your kids. Grounding can be very effective. If you take away their phone for a long time then they can think about that all the time that they don't have their cellphone. If you hit them once then all that will happen is a single moment of frustration and anguish. Then they forget (as long as your not abusing them then thats a different story). For beatings, they begin to hate you. Then their desire to hurt you outweighs their desire to respect and please you. If you child constantly gets satisfaction out of hurting you, then you are a bad parent.

    What kind of a role model is someone who uses violence to serve justice? Then they see you and copy. If someone does something wrong against them, then they hit them. Then they get into trouble. Then you hit them causing a build up of rage. They outlet their rage onto other students and the cycle repeats. Soon enough (in extreme cases) They don't even know why they hurt others. You just made them a bully.

    PLEASE do NOT use my religion as your excuse to do something wrong. The shepherds used to use rods to guide sheep by leading the way with the rod, not physical abuse. Do NOT take advantage of religion. People who say this give christians a bad name, and are in fact extremely ignorant. God is not a violent God. Don't believe it if someone tells you otherwise.

    When adults do something wrong why is it justice for them to be served only with guilt? Because guilt is something that you developed as a child. Your sense of right and wrong. What does your child gain by teaching them its right to hit others who have done wrong? If hitting adults is wrong, then why discriminate against children?

    Finally, Beatings take advantage of your child's inability to retaliate. Don't take advantage of your child. Implement a sense of right and wrong into your child.

  • Aw hell no!!!

    Sometimes it makes the children think that their parents hate them. It can cause psychological problems among the child and mental illnesses. But most importantly, it can cause MAJOR AND SERIOUS injury if done way to often.
    I speak from experience when I say this. I've gotten injuries but no mental problems. Ground your kid, put them in the corner, even talk to them. ANYTHING BUT HITTING AND ABUSE!!!!

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Anonymous says2013-05-14T21:01:47.847
Parents should have the right to hit there own kids.
NathanaelPierre14 says2014-04-26T23:03:49.237
To be honest....It never worked on me. I always used to question why would she beat me when i do something wrong, even if i didn't do it? She would never listen to me and always jump to conclusions. To me, beating didn't straighten me out, it made me worse and behave more badly.
Danarchy737 says2017-04-20T20:36:33.340
Hitting your kids is lazy parenting. If your kid doesn't respect you unless you smack them around that's your own fault.