Should parents let their kids stay up all night playing video games?

  • Yes they should

    Im not saying every day, but as a student i know how it feels when youre finally done with your wretched homework, only to be sent to bed right after (which led to my sneaking habits :/ ) Allow them to stay up only on
    weekends, and let them play a little on weekdays.

  • Kids need time to do what they want to do

    I think that a GOOD THING THAT KIDS STAY UP AT NIGHT TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES AS THEY CAN TAKE CONTROL AND LEARN NEW SKILLSI agree that all teenagers should be allowed to play computer games for 5 hours a day as they will enable them to learn new skills. Additionally they can communicate with their friends online, and will also be able to help each other whilst playing the games. An individual’s typing skills will improve too. Indeed teenagers not only develop gaming skills but they learn computer skills like understanding how the game works and how to hack.

  • Yes,it rewards them

    Maybe not on school days, but in the weekend,yeah why not. Teens spend at least 6 hours a day learning hard only to come home with homework.That leaves them with only a few amount of spare time a day and only 2 days rest on the weekends. It's good to get your child rewarded after a long week, but this shouldn't interfere with weekend activities.If not then that's fine .

  • They should rarely

    Good parents understand that balancing authority with freedom is key to raising responsible and well-adjusted children, and children who are largely good and well behaved should be allowed more privileges and responsibilities. All night video games might seem like a waste, but why judge children? Children have different interests than their parents, as has been the case for generations.

  • Yes, parents should let their kids stay up playing games.

    Parents should allow their kids to stay up all night and play video games. They should be happy that their kids are interacting with other kids and learning social skills. These social skills will help them later in life when they grow up. The early development of children is very important.

  • They should take responsibility

    I think that no matter what if you send your kids to school and they are tired or get told off it should be there own fault and every kid has there own set brain storage so let them decide but don't give them support if they get told off by the school when I was a kid I went to bed at 3 o clock every night and I now I live with a 21000 a year job and I passed 8 subjects

  • Video Games are Fun

    Being a high school student that does this about every other night, I have first hand experience at what happens. As long as you do not pull an all nighter and get sleep the next day you will be fine. I go to UHS located in Tucson, AZ, and it's no push over high school (academically that is) and my grades are fine. Video games are my one escape from all the homework and stress I get everyday.

  • Kids need a break!

    When they have school for 6 hours a day and 5 days a week then they get bored. As long as the kids are playing on a saturday or friday night and they don't have school the next day then it's perfectly fine. To stay healthy you may want them to drink water while doing so and make sure they get a 5-minute break every 3-4 hours then it's okay.

  • Only on the day(s) off!

    I think that children of an older age (12+) should be able to stay up at night to play video games. As a high school student who does this (and sneaks) I am one of the highest in the class (predicted A*s all round). It doesn't affect me in any way. (I have bipolar disorder, but was diagnosed before any night-gaming)

  • It is fun

    Would you want to spend your well deserved friday night not doing something you like. NO you would not. So stop saying no and actually care about fun. Do you want to be a jerk like Jack thompson because last time I checked everyone hates him so he can go die.

  • Nope, and here's why.

    Growing up, my single mom would always let me play as often as I wanted as long as I got all A's and was well behaved. You would think this would be a good idea, right? Wrong. By the time I reached high school, all I wanted to do was play the game. Hell, I was still smart but to me, school was a waste a time and I started to rebel. Why go to school and deal with shitty people and shitty time-consuming homework when I could stay home and get better at Call of Duty? Anyway, when my mom presented me with the option of either getting my diploma or living at a homeless shelter when I turned 18, I finally wised up and finished school. Now, I'm 18. I'm just now getting my first job. I'm still don't have my driver's license.

    Side note: My mom has been pushing me to get these things when I was 16 and even before. I was just so defiant at that age that I threatened suicide over facing reality.

    Back to the subject at hand: I'm behind my peers. Kid's I grew up with are already managers at the fast food joint in town and I'm still looking for a job. I'm still hooked on video games. I'm wiser to a lot more things than when I was 18, but the need to play 8 hours and more everyday is still there, and I don't ever see it going away. I'm introverted, but I wasn't always. It's just when you've played as much as me, reality can't compare to the world of games.

    I believe games aren't inherently bad or evil but if you find your children are spending more time behind the electronics (whether it be just a movie or a game), then you might want to pull the plug before it becomes a problem that becomes near impossible to fix.

  • It is bad for your health

    If kids stay up all night playing video games they wont get any sleep and sometimes it can effect your child's performance or learning ability in school the next morning. When you think about it should you really let your kids/kid stay up playing violent and inappropriate video games all night

  • No! Grumpy Kids Will Appear!

    You see, if you let kids stay up all night playing video games, it will have bad effects on them. Kids need about 9 hours of sleep each night. If they don't get that sleep, like adults, will be grumpy and disagreeable the next day! And will also effect their school work. Kids will do terrible in school, if they stay up all night playing video games. Because they are too tired! Also, it's video games! Not a healthy choice!

  • Maybe once a month

    A lot of people are addicted to there video games and wont get off of them and if they play them to much there brain could get messed up. And if they stay up all night doing it every day they could get very sick. But it wont hurt to stay up all night playing video games once a month.

  • As a Parent and a Teacher....

    As a parent and a teacher, I can say that any parent who allows a ten or eleven-year old child to stay up all night playing these games is being neglectful and needs to take control of the situation. We have one student who (in the course of a thirty-minute lesson, has to be awakened a dozen times every day. He tells us he stays up all night playing games. His parent is aware of the problem and does NOTHING about it. His grades are NOT what they should be (and we work our hindquarters off to make lessons fun and interesting) and he is constantly lost about all he's supposed to be doing. I say his mother needs to either HIDE THE POWER CORD to this game console when she herself retires or she needs to homeschool him. The thought that his scores will be attached to my name and moreover that he is the one who is really being hurt in the long run makes me absolutely sick!

  • Lack of Sleep is the Issue, Not Video Games

    I think the bigger issue is allowing children to stay up all night. Regardless of what they are doing, this is not good for their health. Sleep is important for brain function, the immune system, and so on. So just for once, forget the video game part and realize the real issue. Sleep!

  • Maybe once a year!

    Most children love their video games; however, I do not think parents should allow their kids to be up all night playing video games. UNLESS, it is during the summer, and they have a friend spending the night. Then that won't really hurt them, but never be allowed on a school night.

  • No. I do not believe parents should let their kids stay up all night playing video games.

    No. I do not believe parents should let their kids stay up all night playing video games, because there is no profit in that. It is extremely bad for the child's mental development. It will also leave the children to tired to wake up in the morning, and perform at school the next day.

  • No, parents should not let their kids stay up all night playing video games.

    No, parents should not let their kids stay up all night playing video games. Kids need to get enough rest for school in the morning. If kids are going stay up all night, it should be for studying or doing homework. Playing video games all night will not prepare kids for success.

  • No.parents should not let kids stay up all night playing video games.

    No,parents should not let kids stay up all night playing video games.Teenagers need a large amount
    of sleep and there is no way they can get enough sleep if they stay up all night playing video games.This will effect their physical health as well as their mental capacity which could very well effect their future including their earning potential.

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