Should parents make their kids study during summer vacation?

  • Any time studying counts

    Even if it is only 30 mins it wont hurt to go over some future content that will be taught in school next year. Note that you don't have to study everyday. Some parents force their child to study everyday even though studying in free time is better for the child's health. In my opinion that is bad parenting

  • Studying isn't that bad.

    I'm 15 years old and I have big exams next year, so this summer my mom is making me study. I have 10 subjects so I do study two subjects for 40 minutes each a day. This means I only have to do 1 hour and 20 minutes of studying every day and I don't have to study at all on the weekends. I don't mind and its going to be very beneficial to me doing my exams. As long as you're not studying hours a day I think its a very good idea. Also, you can enjoy your studying because there aren't any deadlines, it's very casual and relaxed.

  • Learning can be fun.

    Maintaining the study habit is important. Summer vacation can be a time kids study their interests. Building a tree house. Sewing a dress. Gardening. Building a bee box and raising bees, etc. Any project with guidelines to study and steps to follow. And an ending product to measure effort and knowledge.

  • Absolutely 100% Agree

    I am 16 years old and I believe studying and learning is crucial to one's overall well-being. I am not saying you need to be studying for hours a day, but you should be studying or reading for at least 20-60 minutes per day. Summer school is not always necessary. Interactive learning summer camps are beneficial as well because not only are they having fun, but he/she are having a hands on learning experience. Personally, I love to study. I enjoy learning new information, and I like processing it and relating to my everyday life. Usually what I do is whenever I take a test I keep every test I get back to study and practice what I do not know, and then I go back and compare my test scores to view my progress.

  • Summer is a valuable time.

    After completing your exams, you should be looking at your results and asking yourself, in what subjects should I improve? If it's a subject that needs a lot of immersion, then the summer is the perfect time for you to improve. If it turns out you suck at French, for example, summer is the perfect time for you to read Le Monde or watch TV5 every day. You can't afford such a luxury during the academic year.

    The summer is also a great time to retain what you've learnt the previous year by studying it again, and to prepare for the next year. The best students usually prepare everything before they enter the classroom. When they have classes, they are revising the material and asking questions they've prepared beforehand.

  • Of course they should:

    There are no "breaks" from learning. Though it need not be rigorous students should maintain their skills and skill sets throughout downtime and off season just like athletes, musicians, and other hobbyists and sport players. The idea that the brain waits and doesn't just degrade and forget is notably nonsense.

    It's simply a fact that summer school harms learning on most fronts because students simply forget everything over prolonged breaks and do substantially worse than year-rounders.

  • Absolutely not! Never

    Parents kids need a need a break from school. Summer vacation is that special break they have been waiting for all year. School is so stressful they mention education during summer. Kids I know how you feel if your parents are making you work or study. I wish I could help. :(

  • What's a vacation again?

    an extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling.
    "he took a vacation in the south of France"
    synonyms: break, time off, recess, leave, leave of absence, furlough, sabbatical, spring break; More
    The action of leaving something one previously occupied.
    "his marriage was the reason for the vacation of his fellowship"
    Take a vacation.
    "I was vacationing in Europe with my family"
    synonyms: travel, tour, stay, visit, stop over; formalsojourn
    "I was vacationing in Europe with my family"
    My point proven

  • Of course not!Otherwise, why are there vacations if children need to study during these?

    Students should not study during summer vacations because since the beginning of the year they had to study everyday for exams and they could not relax because of the amount of homework, revisions and projects they had to do for school without forgetting waking up early every morning. Parents also put a lot of pressure on them to pass exams which is a very big stress for them.During vacations,it is time for them to relax,play, watch TV,visit places and learn new things from life without studying. By doing so,it will prepare them for the next school year after the break without being tired.

  • Of course not!Otherwise, why are there summer vacations if children need to study during that time?

    During the whole year students study everyday for exams and they are very stressed as they cannot relax with the amount of homework they have+revisions ,projects and the pressure parents put on them so that they pass.Now,during summer vacations, it's time for them to relax,play,visit places,watch TV and enjoy themselves doing activities which help them learn new things without studying. By doing so,they will feel fresh and ready to bear the next year at school at the end of the vacations.

  • A break is a break

    Summer break is summer break its time for you to relax,have fun in the pools,be with your friends,travel to differnt areas. Not to read textbooks study math or other sibjects for the next year you can learn that in the next year and in fact when you stuied enough last year its enough

  • Vacation+ summer= NO FUN!

    Kids should have a break from 10 months of schooling. I know this because my teacher says lets get this 10 months fun with only 2 months of summer and i thick hell no. I thought getting in gate would make more school hours not less summer time seriously! Bam

  • Parents should kts

    Summertime is a time for breaks, not taking homework up your ass! Yet parents still approve. WHAT THE FUCK?! Some parents make their child study all of their next year materials, which they will learn next year, so what is the point?! THEY ALREADY OR WILL KNOW THE MATERIAL! JEEZ!

  • Reinforce learning through play, not structured study

    Kids learn so much through play and hands on activities. Summer is a great time for fun and imaginative freedom, which is great for self confidence and creativity. This does not mean you can't use these fun activities to reinforce math, science and reading from the school year. I think the only time kids need extra structured tutoring or study is if they truly have a deficit in an area. Otherwise, find ways in day-to-day play to reinforce what they learned. Applying their studies will probably help them retain more and prepare them to learn more.

  • Summer is vacation

    Summer is for kids to have fun not to study.They need a break from school and by the way if they needed to study during summer why don't they put school in summer.See thats my point even school administrator from the school gives a summer because he knows they need a break from school.

  • I believe that kids should not study the whole summer they have off from school because they need a break.

    Although studying is a good thing i believe not studying for the majority of the summer is good for the mind to relax from worrying about everything they did in school. So they can loosen up a bit from everthing and have some fun instead of boring work. But you should make kids study when school is coming up so they can get back on track. Thank you for reading this opinion.

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