• No Privacy, No Freedom

    Privacy literally means freedom from any unauthorized observation. If parents invade their kid's privacy it is like invading their freedom and that IS NOT ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! 1!!!!!! 1!1!!!!!! !!!!! 1!!!! !!!! !!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!! !!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! >:-( !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am the parent first not their friend first

    As much as I wish I could say, my child could handle life's stress, I know better. Plus, I know of a 13 year who was raped by a 15 year because the parents were not in her business. If they had been, they would have seen the texts and facebook private messages that were being sent back and forth. She was very good at looking like the happy, good girl and even had the good grades. Her parents never knew what was happening until it was too late. Know this, children are still maturing, not mature. They will change as they grow. Curiosity will arrive at their door step and sometimes they will let it in. Be careful before you decide to give so much freedom before they are ready for it.

  • For Safety Reasons

    Legally, children have no privacy until they are 18 anyway. Parents should invade their children's privacy for safety reasons. With cyberbullying, cyberstalkers and rapists all over the Internet, it makes sense that parents want kids to be safe from harm when they assume people online are simply innocent and mean them no harm. The world is a dangerous place and parents should invade the privacy of their kids in some instances until the children learn to better manage the pressures of a contemporary life.

  • Yes, but only when a violation is justified.

    Parents should violate their children's privacy only when it is very important. Even in these cases they should be very respectful to a child's legitimate desire for privacy. It is important to ask teenagers before barging into their rooms or going through their items, unless something serious is justifiably suspected.

  • No Privacy, No Freedom

    Privacy literally means freedom from any unauthorized observation. If parents invade their kid's privacy it is like invading their freedom and that IS NOT ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! 1!!!!!! 1!1!!!!!! !!!!! 1!!!! !!!! !!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!! !!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! >:-( !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Creates a lot off stress and its a right,

    Parents should not violate their childrens privacy. Doing so creates stress build up on the child, creates lack of trust and the feelin that the one being violated is nothing but a caged animal. I'm 12 and feel like nothing but a caged animal, I also do not trust my own mother what so ever. My mom tends to manipulate my friends minds over text messaging causing them to believe its me texting them and finds out every tid bit ans secret about me and/or the other person. I understand its out of the fact they love me and only want the best for me but its gotten to the point i no longer feel human. I'm a straight A' Student, I'm honest, and have an open book relationship with my family. So why should they check my texts every day? Also my mom doesn't trust me in my own room for extended amounts of time. I'm not allowed to even shut my bedroom door. If your parents are doing this i suggest talking to them or a counselor for help. -Lyndsie, 12.

  • My privacy has been violated

    Im at the point where I feel like I cant be at peace anymore and am a constant ball of nerves. Why? Because my overly-religious schitzo mother found my 'sex toy'. I had it well burried in a drawer, weeelp turns out she went through it while i was out one day. Now I'm going to "hell" and I "need to see a shrink"....Says the woman who refuses to take her meds.
    Fun part is....Im 26 and struggling to get a job so I can gtfo. Either that or a goddamn noose.

  • It's MY space.

    Even if you got it. Kids need a space to keep their private things. Invading their privacy isn't going to do any good; it just makes them sneakier and a better liar.
    You should only look through their things if they're having odd behavior (possible drugs, abuse, etc.).
    If you're worried about them watching porn, then get over it. Teenagers do it. Hormones are kicking in. Get over it. You're being an insecure, overprotective moron who doesn't know when to back down and give people space.
    Privacy is a right. By not giving me this right (and to all those parents who say kids don't have rights or privacy until they're 18), you're essentially treating me as an object and not a human being. You've thrown me out to the trash and told me "You're not even human, you're an object."
    Looking through your kid's things just makes them sneakier.
    Yes, I admit I watched porn at the mere age of 12. It was hormones, what could I do?
    But my mother started looking through my things and I got more paranoid and sneakier. Cleaned my tracks. Wouldn't let her check my things. Minimized tabs every time she walked in.
    Because she would overreact.
    Stop looking through your kid's things. It is THEIR SPACE, regardless of whether you bought it or not.
    Shut up.

  • Im a teen and reading some articles since im going through this right now for the djmbest reason ever.

    They are invading it just because i missed their phone call im sorry my phone was dead jesus christ so im grounded for 2 weeks they forced unlocked my phone. All these articles so far is exactly how i feel as a child. I resent them. I dont feel trusted. Anger building up. Grades dropping now stress increased. They arent teaching when they think they are. I told my dad something personal he promised to keep it between me and him. Instead he tells everyone and still thinks I dont know that. So much more bullshit from them. They cant correct themselves when they are in the wrong.

  • No it's just not right

    Children should have privacy because privacy means trust. You want your children to know that you trust them. They also will probably feel violated and like they can't ever do anything alone. Privacy is a must for everybody because everyone needs alone time. This is a very serious mater ok.

  • Lack of Trust

    Parents should never violate their children's privacy. I had this issue l and it was awful, my parents found a way to monitor my texts, and they did so for a couple of days, and those days happened to be some days where I frequently texted my girlfriend, and as teenagers do we talked about some deep stuff and advancing the stage of the relationship
    but my parents knew all about it and they confronted me about it days later. The whole experience of it shook me to the core.
    I stopped talking to people, stopped talking to my girlfriend for a while, I was so mortified that at anytime anyone could be watching and it made me really paranoid, which I still am months later. I never truly forgave them and I find it hard to trust them with even simple secrets, things teens usually would tell their parents, I can't trust them.

  • Right of privacy is an inalienable right.

    The fact that parents feel free to interfere with children's privacy violates the unalienable rights that all human beings are born with, and it originates on the belief that children are property. Children are not property like a cow is to a farmer, or a slave, children are people and humans beings, and as human beings being created equal, they shall enjoy the same rights as an adult

  • Bad bad parents

    I was using the restroom and y bathroom does not have a lock because we are some what poor ( im using a library computer) my mom busts in the bathroom and starts giving me a random physical and my dad then walked in and helped it was a nightmare! It has happened over five times in the last year! If anyone can help me straighten out my parents i live in Dallas Texas. Oh and did i mention im only 11 years old

  • The Fact That This Question Even Exists is Disturbing

    There is no reason to interfere with a child's privacy unless there is evidence of drug addiction, alcoholism, etc. in the child's everyday life. Any more severe violations not only interfere with the child's rights but make life harder for both the child and the parents. I am 13 years old and I am enraged by the extent to which my parents have violated my privacy. I am not even allowed to take my laptop upstairs because might hear my parents going up the stairs and close out whatever I'm doing. I am also asked to take out my headphones from the audio jack at random times so they can find out if I'm listening to anything vulgar.
    They don't trust me to be alone in the house either. I have only been home by myself twice in my life both times under an hour. The result of me being constantly monitored is: not having a quiet environment to use online learning programs in, a constant battle with myparents which my friends have started to get involved in also, and an increased stress level for everyone in my immediate family.

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