Should parents who smoke in the presence of children be punished?

  • Parents Shouldn't Smoke Near Children

    Any parent that knowingly smokes in the presence of a child, even in their own home, should face some sort of penalty. Everyone knows about the consequences of secondhand smoke, and only a negligent parent would smoke around their children in the first place. Only terrible parents smoke near children.

  • I think parents who smoke around their children should be punished.

    I think parents who smoke around their children should be punished. There have been children who have died of cancer from breathing in the 2nd hand smoke that their parents subject them too. It is very sad that there are parents out there who are willing to put the lives of their children in danger just to feed an addiction.

  • Not yet they can't

    You cannot punish them for smoking in front of children yet because there is no law against it. However, there should be a law against this. It is basically child endangerment. Second hand smoke is known to cause cancer so basically you are putting children in a position where you know they could be sick. It should be illegal.

  • Too hard to enforce

    How could the smoking rule around children possibly be enforced? Its impossible to monitor smoking in all places, especially the home, and some things that seem like smoking near children may not be. Allowing children to report their parents because of a law is very 1984, and could lead to dangerous things.

  • And whats next?

    This argument is ridiculous as it implies second hand smoke is worse than exhaust fumes or pollution or multiple other hazards that one can look for everywhere around a standard home. Maybe we should punish parents who live near factories. Or how about punishing parents who drink a beer near a child. What about punishing parents that buy bleach or that allow their children to play GTA etc etc etc.

  • That is one step too far.

    Parents who smoke in front of children should not be subject to punishment. While their behavior might be unacceptable, since second hand smoke is hazardous, what they do in the privacy of their own home is their own business, when it comes to legal activities. Continue on with the public health education campaigns to eliminate smoking.

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