Should passing the OSSLT be a mandatory requirement to receive a high school diploma?

  • Yes, passing the OSSLT should be required to get your diploma.

    The OSSLT is an important part of the education evaluation process. It provides information on how our education system is working. It also ensures that graduates are qualified. It is to easy for a small school to pass a star athlete on reasons other than their educational abilities. The OSSLT prevents this abuse from giving away a free diploma.

  • It is Useless

    Your only putting more stress on students to retain useless information to pass the test just to forget it again afterwards. Like seriously, when are you gonna walk around caring about what nouns or verbs or whatever is? The words itself explain, you don't need to push more stress on students that isn't even needed any how when they aren't going to care after wards. It's just another way for the government to put pressure on people to get a decent job and making it even harder to make a decent living!

  • It is dumb

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  • Waste of the kids learning

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  • A waste of taxpayers $

    With the money we spend creating this test, shipping it to all the schools, and paying teachers to mark it, we could be giving the money to rehabilitation programs or to other people that need it. Not to mention that, as a Grade 10 student who will be writing this test in a few days, it stresses me and my fellow students more that everything else. >:(

  • Standardized testing doesn't reflect individual skills, talents

    Special needs kids, kids with learning disabilities, learn differently and most are not taught in the manner which they understand/learn but in the easiest way for the teacher...Standardized testing doesn't reflect individual skills, talents...We are not manufacturing robots in school but should be providing tools and opportunities to explore, to develop and to enhance each individual's skill set...Test the teachers and examine throughout the province what is being taught, why and how it is being taught and get rid of the many layers of bureaucracy within the Ontario school system

  • No the OSSLT should not be a requirement for a HS diploma

    Just another barrier that prevents thousands of students (who we know come mostly from low socio-economic back grounds, racial minorities, ESL and foreign students and students of marginal ability and the handicapped) from graduating who otherwise meet the criteria for a OSSD. Imaging spending twelve years in school, achieving the required credits only to be denied going to graduation because you failed a 4 hour test. That is the cruelest cut.

  • What If Someone Is High In Math?

    People who are high in math should be able to show their talent. If the OSSLT is holding them back, what about the whole world? Albert Einstein for example, terrible at math, but now he was the smartest person alive, and he claimed to have a learning disability. All this is true, also he created the most used formula in the whole world which is e=mc^2. He was horrible in English and still showed his talent because there were no literacy test back in the day. I for one have learning disability have feel so much pressure to pass this test to show my math skills. I am a high 90's student in academic English and a high 80's in academic English. When i heard my teacher talking about how its pathetic to have the OSSLT not mandatory, frustrated me a ton, and have English for 4 others years. The education system should have made it for 3 years and should have something else to make sure the student know how to write what they need to in university. Well this is what we've been prepping for, University or Collage, or any other place you decide to go to. I understand the English for 4 years is alright, But the OSSLT is just making us feel so much pressure on us to do.
    I for one got a 80ish in English in grade 9 and people who say, "Whoever is passing acadmic English should be going through the OSSLT with no problems." I for one am passing with flying colors and feeling the pressure of passing it. On my practice OSSLT i failed with 17 marks... Now you tell me that isn't stupid? And the OSSLT just tells you obvious things. They shouldn't be forcing you to make a newspaper article. WHO WOULD WRITE THAT IF YOU AREN'T GOING INTO ENGLISH? Maybe in a few years someone can use their brain to stop the OSSLT and demand for something in return. I am a person who enjoys math and this holding me behind. Thank you, and i hope we all pass the future OSSLTs.

  • High school dimplma can be earned in different manners

    Passing the OSSLT should not a mandatory requirement to receive a high school diploma. Any standardized test can be a misrepresentation of students knowledge and it should not represent a requirement for approval and achievement of rounding up of a high school knowledge. This test is one way and there must be other and better ways.

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