• Of course it should.

    I mean, of course if you have teens making out in the halls, that's ridiculous. But, a quick kiss, and some hugs, or holding hands, that's completely fine. But you can't just tell a whole bunch of teenagers to stop with PDA. They are obviously gonna rebel. But what's the point in banning it? As long as there not getting sexual with it, there should be no problem with it.

  • But not going too far.

    There should be nothing wrong with holding hands or a quick kiss. I mean slobbering on each other against three different lockers isn't quite acceptable, but high school is the kind of place where teenagers can experience what it's like to be attracted to someone and show it, and to disallow that is arguably more detrimental than disallowing the teaching of school subjects like math or science.

  • Yes it should

    PDA as in kissing or overly-sexual should not be allowed but just holing hands, linking arms, hugging, and maybe a kiss on the cheek should be. Love in middle school can be tough but we have to experience it somewhere and most of us have to be supervised by an adult on dates school gives us a little time to ourselves and we should be allowed to show affection for each other.

  • Yes it should

    My name is joel and i think pda shhould be allowed because me and my boyfriend got in trouble when we were holding hands and he doesnt want to do anything with me which sucks.And it ruined our relationship .I miss him very much and this is why i think pda should be allowed

  • No no no

    It's inappropriate, no further information needed. It's that simple, leave that stuff for adulthood ok? Why is this even a debate? Do we need a couple thousand people to say something to get the idea into our brains? No, but we're all acting like it! Come on man, ridiculous stuff.

  • Really? I don't care if middle schoolers are rebellious!

    Im a teen myself and I think that there must be rules. Of course you think that just hugging wouldn't hurt anyone, however it must be on a LOW profile. Because what you don't realize that the more they do this the more they fuel the flame which will at some point turn into a problem. It is too early for children to learn this!

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