Should PDA (public displays of affection) be banned in schools?

Asked by: Norman
  • It's disgusting and unnecessary

    PDA, or public display of affection, is completely disgusting and unnecessary especially in a school environment. Nobody needs the distraction of people making out in the hallway, while they are trying to learn. Not only that but nobody should feel uncomfortable in the environment they are supposed to be learning in. People can save the making out and kissing for after school, there's no reason to feel as they need to make out with that person during school hours. Please save it for a room. -K.S.B

  • Why why why

    I'm a junior and we all know that we'd love to have it in school but its unnecessary. I have plenty of time after school and on the weekends to be with my babygirl. Deal with it. You can't change the laws, so why try to change rules in school that you have no power over? Hopefully you'll grow up sometime. Hopefully you will eventually realize that is not a need. It's a want

  • PDA should not be allowed in schools.

    Public Displays of Affection, or PDA, should be more enforced in high schools. School should be a place for learning, and allowing inappropriate “make-out” sessions is not only disruptive to our environment, but uncomfortable for those involved and passersby. By removing these unnecessary distractions, students can more effectively focus on their education. There is a place and time for affection as well as for school--the two should not intermix.

  • A school policy on PDA would be too strict. PDA supports healthy relationships. And Students already regulate PDA themselves.

    One of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy relationship is PDA, lack of PDA has been known to lead to abusive relationships. Couples who publicly display their affection generally tend to be more open with themselves ad others about their relationship. In a "public" relationship, abuse is less likely to happen because peers of couples would not permit it. However behind closed doors, it is easy for abuse to take place because there is nobody to stop abuse from taking place. Many Studies have proven that lack of PDA causes unhealthy relationships. In Winfred Gallagher's article "Young Love: The Good, The Bad, And The Education", "Researchers [Also] urge adults to be alert to signs that a relationship is too consuming, reduces others social contacts or incites jealousy and feelings of ownership…". Some people argue that it is ridiculous to make a claim that massive amounts of teens undergo dating violence because of PDA. However, many teens do suffer from abusive relationships and it is becoming a rising issue in communities. In the U.S. One in Three adolescents have suffered abuse from their dating partners. And most of those relationships took place behind closed doors.

    Furthermore, a school wide policy on PDA would be too strict on many students, especially in an age of 0 Tolerance Policies. 0 tolerance policies give out the same punishment, wether it be mild or severe to the offender no matter how major or minor the offense was. 0 Tolerance policies cannot be disputed and they don’t conform to any special circumstances. A 0 tolerance policy on PDA would require any form of PDA to be punished with the same verdict. Wether the PDA displayed was just hugging or “Frenching” both parties would have the same punishment. In 2007, an 8th grade girl from Illinois served two after school detentions just for hugging her two friends, not her boyfriend, her two friends. According to an article by Steven Gray from TIME magazine, that very same girl was reported to have been shunned by her peers after that because other parents deemed her as a bad influence. Not only had the 0 tolerance policy affected her record, it affected her socially too. Others might say that in such cases schools could create policies that limit only certain forms of PDA. While this may seem like a good idea, unfortunately the school system would never be able to impose a policy that limits specific forms of PDA because people interpret PDA differently. While one person may view an act as explicit, others may not.

  • Cooties are nasty

    Kissing is the number one transmitter of cooties from person to person. I think everyone should have to wear a hazmat suit and must remain at least an arms length apart. That way no one can touch each other to share cooties. I believe without a doubt public displays of affection are completely out of line.

  • My girlfriend and i

    Me and my gf were holding hands in school and got in trouble. Now shes to scared to do anything with me and ot just really sux. Me and my gf both agree thet all of the teachers just need to get layed xD. I am still going to do what i want because i love her very much and i want to show it.

  • It's not appropriate

    School is a place for learning and education. Kids should be attending class, studying, playing sports, interacting with a variety of students and learning the arts. If kids get into exclusive relationships at school it often means everything else is ignored and you see a decline in both their academic and social achievements.

  • Why take something minor like kissing and make it a rule not to even display any form or get punished?

    I do believe that there are a certain amount of affection you can display in school or in the public , but getting punished in schools for a kiss or holding hands is prohibited in schools.Its idiotic ,we all know that people kiss,hug, and display there love openly to the world but why does the teachers and board of staff say it's inappropriate and make obey a rule that we the students don't believe , it doesn't affect education process in any way. It's like saying the rights we have outside the school are not effective in the school because they educational board thinks they have the right to make us obedience t for a rule that irrelevant and the irony we have books in school with love,sexual events and etc...

  • It should be banned completely

    Alright, its a very controversial point whether its to supposed to be banned or not. I support schools to banned PDA it causes alots of problematic situation for the parents. If you think about parents in america they are not having much authority on their childrens. When it comes to school there is no question about to say about the freedom!!! Think about this freedom as if you can do anything this in fact isnt supposed to be allowed for quite many reasons for expample if a boy is allowed to kiss a girl out of marraige. Then nothing else is left to say about commeting that he has kissed his sister. This is obviously a concern to many states. It should considered fully by all the schools.

    Posted by: Wac
  • It Depends How Much

    PDA is bad. Why? PDA stands for public displays of aggression. Now aggression is bad. Whenever I get really aggressive I feel ashamed of myself and beg for forgiveness. I'm tired of seeing the PDA kids beating each other up in the hallways. I really wish that they could all get along and get a mediation by Peer Mediation.

  • Only to an extent

    Okay, if two kids are groping and tonguing in the hallway, I could see that being a problem, albeit with a warning before the punishment. However, kissing, holding hands, hugging (within reason) should be allowed! Why would you want to make schools unpleasant for the children? I could see not being able to do those things while the teacher is talking, but it should fall under the same category as talking over the teacher. Allowing reasonable PDA is a great, free way to make children want to come to school. Not only that, but happy students are productive students. Finally, two students holding hands, kissing, or hugging in the hallway does not effect their education in a negative way at all! Sure, you could say that it leads to more tardies, but if your going to use that as an excuse, why do you let the teacher hold students after the bell without a pass? In fact, why should a teacher care if a student is 10 seconds late? It's not like the teacher is starting class in that time. School has a lot of pointless regulations, and its high time we get rid of them. Maybe if we were nicer to our students, they would respect us as human beings, not as a mean authority figure to be defied.

  • Why, just why?

    I'm in eighth grade going on ninth grade. I get hugs and short kisses on the cheek all the time! My homeroom teacher is cool with it but basically every other teacher yells at kids for pda. Of course making out in the hallway will get you in trouble, but a hug shouldn't. I think parents and schools should stop being overly concerned with sexualizing and sheltering kids. I mean what if your having a bad day!? What's a kid going to do in a situation where a boy/girl kisses them? Go tell a teacher ? If it's against your religion then fine, I respect that, but I go to a Catholic school and got to church every Tuesday. I've even asked a priest if it's unholy and he said no. My parents don't care if I get in trouble for hugging or holding hands. They would flat out complain to my principal! And for the people who thinks this takes away from education, what if it relieves stress for him/her, what if he/she needed that hug. You don't know what the kids are going through outside of school.

  • No it shouldn't

    Whats so wrong with showing you love the person your with?? If you don't like it then simply don't look!! I always get in trouble for HUGGING my boyfriend! And after school we stand at his locker and the same teacher every day stands there and watches us!! I feel you should have the right to hug,hold-hands, and kiss the one you love!

  • Don't like it, don't like look at it.

    No. People have a right to express their love. Either by public kissing, holding hands, hugging, kiss on the cheek etc. Now, getting sexual is a bit too far. But why should they be restricted to show their affection for each other? I never understood it. Two people should have the right to do so. If you don't like what you're seeing, don't look at it. When I was in school two people were hugging and the school was threatening to separate them. Now that's just taking it too far. They weren't engaging in some sex act in public and that's what schools treat it like. If you don't like it, don't look at it.

  • How does this even effect you?

    What? Are you some bitter old scrooge with an ice cold heart?
    Probably. I know there is a teacher at my school like this. Kissing should not be allowed , sure. But hugging or holding hands? How is that any different from a handshake or a dance? Its sickening that people want to control what others do. To counter SweetlyCanada, Why are people aged 16-18 having relationships? Because they are almost adults or they already are... Your point is moot. To counter the anonymous poster on the other side at the bottom - I play sports I have a 3.8 GPA I study for 2 hours every night and I am taking AP courses as a sophomore. I also have a large (and growing) friend group. And guess what? I hug my girlfriend Every Single Day. Ooh that gets you really riled up doesn't it? That you are completely incorrect in your ridiculous argument. Anonymous poster on the opposite side #2, If your argument is that this is a FREE country so we should limit what people should do, you're being contradictory anyway. Hugging and holding hands is NOT sex. Anonymous poster on the opposite side #3 just because your schedule does not have conflicts with having a girlfriend, that does not mean others don't have said conflicts. I , being a participant in sports year round, and having to get a job here soon as well as being in drivers ed and having family out of state, rarely have free time. Top poster on the opposite side - So your argument is that the parents of near-adults / adults should have complete control over their feelings and actions? And at the end you talk about kissing a sister? Your paragraph is a jumbled piece of trash. And finally, the poster I haven't gotten to yet. You assume that PDA will effect the amount of time spent working? In what ways? How is holding my girlfriends hand for 4 minutes after every period in any way going to effect my or anyone else's work ethic? The answer is simply, it won't.
    If anything it gives my day a boost and encourages me to work harder. I know I've become better in sports since I've had her to be there for me. So please, take a look at what you're saying before posting everyone. Make the right choice and vote for it not to be banned.

  • Unalienable Rights. Period.

    You have divine rights in the constitution. One of them being pursuit of happiness. If me kissing my girl makes me happy, I will go to jail before you take that away from me. I will take that court. That's a promise. I can kiss her. Go away now. Thanks.

  • Its not going to stop!

    Students may get in trouble in school, and thats unnessessery. You may think its going to stop but it will not! If you do not like dont look at it! Its that simple! I can see groping and stuff like that a problem, but holding hands kissing hug etc. is perfectly acceptable!

  • It's not hurting anyone

    As a junior I think it's rediculious, my boyfriend of more than 7 months and I can't even hold hands with each other in the school cafe before classes even start without getting yelled at or told that we are disgusting and need to stop, we can barely hug too! It's our right to be happy and neither one of us are hurting anyone, you don't like it turn away or don't look! No ones forcing you! And besides we hardly do anything more than kissing in public. One time we were told to separate from each other when we were waiting for our friend to catch up with us for lunch and we were about a foot apart maybe more... PDA is not against the rules of life, like really how does it hurt anyone?
    We are happy let us be happy!

  • It shoulnt be banned

    I think its stupid, im in grade 8 going to grade 9 and I've been dating this guy for a couple months now like maybe 7 and my teacher yells at me for hugging him and giving him a kiss on the cheek, she told my bestfriend I was going to the office because it was "out of control" as she said and I've been told "dont do that on school grounds" and "no PDA" but my teacher literally hates me! She thinks im the bad example adn the student everyone should aim to be better then. Im so tired of having to look around for teachers before I hug and kiss my boyfriend before class, I got introuble for my freind leaning on me though and my other friend was looking a tmy earing and he touched my ear and we got called out of class and she called it "sexual harrasment" and "sexual assult". Hugging and kissing my boyfriend makes me happy, I should be allowed to do what I want without having to go and sit in the principles office for it.

  • Students should be free to be who they are

    I have a boyfriend and we are only in sixth period together and it's not fair because he doesn't have a phone and for some reason we aren't even allowed to at least hug??? For example it's like getting a cat and not allowed to have fun with the cat

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