• Should we write in P.E.

    Should we write in P.E.?
    The answer to that question in my opinion would be yes. My reasoning behind this is because, it would improve our writing for other, more important class papers, and it would also judge what we had learned in this class. Also, it would give us a break from the same game or activity.
    Writing in P.E. Is good, because it improves our writing skills for other classes. It’s not weighted as heavily, so we can try out new venues for writing papers. This extra writing is helping our writing skills and our computer and typing skills. This would help us on our efficiency in typing papers, especially in other classes.
    It’s called P.E. For a reason. P.E. Stands for physical education. If you want us to be educated, we need to be tested so that we will actually try to learn something. Also, if we are to learn something, you need to know if we actually learned it or not. Essays are a great way to do this.

  • Physical Education Isn't Just Fitness

    I believe physical education classes should have some writing assignments or at minimum cover more information. I believe physical education should encircle more than daily exercises and units on different sports. Students should be taught healthy lifestyles and more information about the exercises, so they have a full body of information.

  • Yes, I believe PE classes should have writing assignments.

    Yes, I strongly believe Physical Education classes should have writing assignments. A big part of understanding Physical Education is understanding how the human body works, its needs and its limitations. I really do think a writing assignment would be a good way to show that children understand this crucial information. On an unrelated note, it's a bit asinine that I made the point I wanted to make in about 30 words, but had to keep adding words to reach the goal of 50.

  • PE Written Assignments

    PE should have written assignments because the exercise class also include the subject of health. Class room students have to realize that prowess on the gym mat or the monkey bars is not enough to grade an understanding of why physical activities is necessary. Smart sense is needed for PE.

  • PE Assignments right before exam week cause for a loss of study in senior school students.

    PE Assignments cause a loss of focus for those trying to work on study and more essential assignments. PE spends alot of time telling us to stay fit yet writing about being is not being fit. With exams coming up we should be focused on getting the best grades in more important subjects.

  • No it takes out the fun

    I don't see anything wrong with written assignments in PE class but if given a choice I would leave them out. PE should be about physical education and staying fit, to add written parts to it will take away from what you are trying to teach to students about it.

  • PE classes should not have writing assignments.

    Physical Education classes should not have writing assignments. PE is about exercise and fitness, not about academic writing. Every school has writing classes that are separate from PE. It would be inappropriate to waste time in PE class on writing. PE is supposed to be a fun class where kids can go outside and learn about staying healthy.

  • Writing assignments defeat the purpose of PE.

    The primary purpose of PE class is to instill in students the value of physical fitness and an affinity for sports. Writing assignments are unnecessary to the conveyance of that purpose and somewhat defeat the purpose of providing students with an opportunity to engage in moderate physical activity during the school day.

  • PE Classes should not have writing assignments

    Physical Education classes should not have writing assignments. This is because of the fact that phys ed is often the only physical period that students have during the day. As students have much more time to write in other classes, physical education should be limited strictly to promoting physical activity.

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