Should people adopt children from other countries?

  • People should adopt children in other countries.

    When i say they should adopt from other countries, I mean that they should have the choice to. If someone is willing to adopt someone that the other parent can not or will not care for then that is a great thing. We shouldn't restrict ourselves just because we are not from the same place as someone else. Our arms should be open wide to people who are willing to help, we should not care for what country they come from.

  • It is super hard to adopt children here

    Many of the children who need parents in the US have a different situation than some of those in foreign countries. In some areas of the world, if you happen to be born with the wrong skin color, the wrong gender, or the wrong religion then no one cares. In the US, a child is a child and even though some people take issue with these things, our society does not. In the US, the children without parents are usually older than what most people want to adopt. There is a big difference between a baby and a child that has already learned some bad habits.

  • Any Child Deserves Good Parents

    There are tens of millions of children without parents living in some kind of foster system throughout the world. Whether a baby is from China, Africa or the United States, it doesn't really matter. Kids from developing countries deserve to have parents too. When celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Madonna adopt children from Africa and Asia, it sends a message that developing countries have plenty of kids waiting for a good home.

  • Yes people should adopt children from other countries

    Why shouldn't they? In a lot of cases, those kids may get a better life here than they have where they are living. Such kids deserve a good home as much as anyone waiting to be adopted in this country does, if not even moreso depending on the circumstances. So yes, people should adopt children from other countries, they are human too and deserve the same things we do.

  • Yes, of Course

    People should adopt anyone that they can. If you have the chance to give a child a good home that would otherwise not have one than you should. There are not enough caring people in this world. I do think that people should look into adopting kids from their own country first and if none are available than they can go to other countries.

  • If you really care about children you empower their parents

    The vast majority of poor orphans in 3rd world countries have parents who want to care for them but cannot afford to. If you truly cared for what's best for these children and the people of the countries that need opportunities to crawl out of poverty, you'd help their society not continue to support a broken system that has no social safety nets to help keep families together. Basically you are enabling further poverty and breaking of families for the short term good feeling of rescuing 1 child.

  • What about the thousands of children in the us that need loving homes?

    If parents are willing to adopt a child they should not go to another country to adopt when there are thousands of children in the us who are in need of loving homes. Thought it is probably easier to adopt in other countries it shouldn't matter if how hard it is to adopt because the families should be willing to do it for the children.

  • Absolutely no way.

    Our population is too large as it is. Our society also treats foreign individuals quite poorly. I don't personally want to go much further in the imagined mind of that child. They would basically be treated like dirt because some selfish American wanted to do things 'easier' or 'cheaper' or be seen as a 'good Samaritan' for their act. It is not fair to those children.

  • No. I don't believe they should.

    The population of the United States is already at ridiculous proportions. The amount of children given up, abused and taken, neglected, or fostered after a tragic accident is greater than most of us could wrap our heads around. There are more than enough children of all ages that are just waiting to be taken home to a place where they can develop and grow. Foreign people are treated very poorly by our society in the US. Would you really want to do that to a child?

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