• Yes you should be able to

    I think you should be able to keep exotic animals as pets as long as they are properly trained and have a cage. Just think if a burgular tried to come in and you have a giant Tiger sitting on the couch, i think that would scare them away. You shouldnt keep them locked up in a cage all day because people dont like it if they have to stay in a cage all day. If you treat the animal well and you know what your doing. I think you shoud be able to especially if the animal likes you and wouldnt do anything to hurt you

  • No Exotic animals

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  • I don't think people should be able to keep exotic pets

    Because some of them have diseases and some of them are illegal and can get you in trouble. Also snake are poisonous and should not be keep at home,it should be keep in the wild not in a cage in a house.All i'm trying to say is that exotic animals are dangerous.

  • This is wrong

    Firstly keeping exotic animals as pets is already bad because the human or the pet could get injured. Also though the animal can become depressed and worried. The people that take exotic animals as pets are only thinking "well as long as I take care of the animal they will be fine". But no that is not true you are taking the animals true home away from them, if you truly loved that animal then you would leave the animal in its natural habitat.

  • Just leave them alone

    We should not be able to keep exotic animals as pets because they are like people and would you want to be snatched from your home and placed in a place were you don't know anything that is around you and you don't know how to survive in the place you have been put in. These Animales have no clues as to how to survive in our world just Ike we aren't 100% sure how to survive in theirs. They never did anything to us so I say we treat them the same and leave them alone. You wouldn't want a bear sneaking into your house and taking you to it's cave. You wouldn't know the first thing as to how to get out without the bear knowing. Same as if you were to go and snach an animals from its home and take it with you, it wouldn't know how to get out at all or even survive with other humans. Or interact with humans. They could hurt someone or even spread diseases. So lets just leave them right where they are.

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