• Yes it is a right in this country

    Yes I think people should be allowed to own guns if they choose and if they are qualified to. People think gun ownership is causing gun violence but I believe that gun violence will exist with or without legal gun ownership in this country. There are many people who own guns safely and without incident.

  • Yes, people should be allowed to own guns.

    People in the United States should be allowed to own guns, because this is one of their most basic of rights, outlined in the Bill of Rights. It would require changing the Constitution with another amendment in order to remove this right, and it's not likely to happen since so many people own them. That being said, I think it would be perfectly reasonable to put restrictions on what types of weapons people can own.

  • People should be Allowed to Own Guns

    I believe that people should be allowed to own guns. Guns in themselves are generally considered weapons, however my belief is that they are actually tools. Guns do have other uses that don't involve combat such as hunting and entertainment. Though guns get a bad rap due to shootings, one must keep in mind that guns are not the problem, it is the people behind them. Anything can be used to kill a person, and a gun is no exception, but that does not mean that a person should not be able to own gun, and that is why I think people should be able to own guns.

  • Yes, people should be able to own guns.

    Yes, people should be able to own guns. People should be able to own guns as long as they go through the proper steps to own them legally and are responsible with them. Guns can be used to protect property and yourself and guns can also be used to hunt for food.

  • Gun Ownership Necessary

    In this country, the Second Amendment guarantees that citizens can purchase and own firearms. Pepole should absolutely be able to own handguns and rifles for their own personal use. The government shouldn't limit a person's access to most of these weapons. Of course, high-power rifles and other weapons do need some governance and restrictions.

  • Yes, they make us safer.

    Yes, people should be able to own guns, because gun ownership makes us safer. People who own guns can defend themselves if their houses are broken into. They can reduce their expenses for living by shooting animals during hunting seasons. They can fight back against oppressive governments. There are a lot of reasons to appreciate gun ownership.

  • Yes, within reason.

    Yes, I think that people should be able to own guns. However, they should not be able to own a ridiculous amount of guns, as far as I'm concerned. If they just need one gun for protection, then I think that is fine. They should have to undergo background checks and evaluations before getting their gun, though.

  • Yes they should

    Yes, I would have to agree that law abiding citizens should be able to own a gun if he or she wants one. However, I do think that private citizens do not need high capacity guns that are similar to weapons used in the military and out on the battlefield.

  • Yes, people should be able to own guns.

    Gun ownership is protected by the second amendment of the constitution of the U.S. People should be able to own guns because their right is protected. People often advocate for better gun control laws, and I agree this is necessary to protect guns from getting into the wrong hands, but we should also advocate better gun safety laws, such as learning how to properly and safely store guns away from minors.

    People should not be restricted when it comes to their liberties and rights protected by the constitution.

  • Yes people should be allowed to responsibly own firearms.

    Firearms (both hand guns and rifles) are an important functional tool in American society. The United States Constitution guarantees that the right of American citizens to possess firearm shall not be infringed. This however does not mean that the government cannot regulate the terms under which a firearm can be owned.

    The issue for the federal (and state) government is to find a balance between the access to guns and blocking firearms from prohibited persons.

  • No, people shouldn't be able own guns without a permit and a good background check.

    I think people shouldn't be to have guns without a permit. Even with this stuff I'm gonna say, the only way you should be able to own a gun is if you have a good background check and are gonna put it in a locked, not visible, and only you and your partner know the code, even if, don't even tell you'r partner if you don't want to, its up to you and you only, not me, not your partner, your parents and anyone you can think of

    Posted by: Evin
  • There is no need

    People should not be able to own guns. I know it is one of our right however today there is no need to. We don't need to hunt or protect ourselves from anyone. The only use we have for guns present day is to kill/harm people. Taking away guns would help stop mass shooting and save lives.

  • It destroying our world.

    The more guns there is the easier it is for humans to go extincted. If you haven't noticed there is more violence each year. You might be thinking gun don't kill people people do. It is true but isn't also true guns don't protect people people do.If each person had a gun then in 3 seconds million of people would be gone. If we don't take care of gun control there going take us with them.

  • No, people should be allowed to own guns

    People should be allowed to own guns because they kill and not only because cops have guns, it means that we people should be able to have guns. We kill each other because of stupid stuff. According to the second amendment citizens should have guns but this is outdated because they had muskets and we have nukes.

  • No, People should not be allowed to own Guns

    People should not be allowed to own Guns because they kill. People believe that only because cops carry guns, that they should be able to carry guns themselves. People having guns kill others and i n order to defend our selves we got to speak up not kill each other.

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