• I don't see why not

    Baby sitting and lawn mowing jobs, not to mention paper routes and dog walking are common 'jobs' for younger individuals to have, what's the difference between that and a job at an actual company? Whether or not they pay taxes. Honestly, as long as you are tall enough to reach what you need to in order to do your job, and you are intelligent enough to comprehend the safety procedures, I see absolutely no reason for older children (maybe not 12, but 13 or 14 and up) to have actual jobs.
    It will help teach all kinds of responsibility and keep kids out of trouble.
    Kid1: "Hey lets smoke weed and join a gang after school"
    Kid2: "can't bro, I have work. Thanks anyway"

  • It can be done.

    If a 12 year old feels they are ready to work, they should have the chance. They should have to undergo a psychological evaluation, and they would have to keep their grades up. Minimum wage should be kept the same, so there is no job competition between adults and minors.

  • They already do

    Everybody who cleans up their room, washes dishes, or cuts grass or picks up leaves works. Child labor laws came about because of the lack of safety concerning farm equipment decades ago and really should have nothing to do with ages. Every parent can know if their child is responsible enough to work x number of hours per day or week. Work is not the same as slave labor.

  • Parents may say no

    We should be able to have jobs at twelve because that out parents will not buy everything for us even if we have the money.If we have a job it will be our money and we can do whatever we want to spend it on.This is why we need jobs at twelve.

  • Parents may say no

    We should be able to have jobs at twelve because that out parents will not buy everything for us even if we have the money.If we have a job it will be our money and we can do whatever we want to spend it on.This is why we need jobs at twelve.

  • Yes Kids should have jobs at Age 12

    Well Because that you will be rich in the time you grow up and you can pay for you college and you can have fun as well after your done with work, you can still be a kid as you work plus its making you get ready for the real world when you grow up, so yes Kids should have jobs at age 12

  • Kids earning money

    So kids can earn money, because im 12 and kids at my age likes getting money but their parents wont give them money so they have to earn it, and the only way to earn it is to get a job. So thank you for reading this weird thing jk

  • No reason why not.

    Most of the reasons for why not to let twelve year olds work is based on assumptions. No law is saying that the twelve year olds HAVE to get a job, the only question is if it should be an available option. Most kids (in certain areas, of course) have so much free time, all they do is sit and do nothing productive. Wouldn't a parent rather have their kid getting life experiences and being productive rather than them sitting on the couch clearing out the pantry? A job could seriously help them in the long run. It could help them learn to budget, learn some social skills, and learn about being punctual. All those things are good in life. Parents should be looking out for their kids, and if the job is safe, if they are able to do it, and if they have enough free time to do it without letting it get in the way of school, there is no reason not to.

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  • Of course yes

    I think children should be able to have jobs because of they are not successful when they grow up they may be poor so if they get a job and save money they may be able to get into a good collage.So that good collage may lead to a more successful life.

  • Too young to work

    At the age of 12, kids need to study to know more before being able to work. Kids need to know what a kids should know, because their minds should think about simle things. Kids can't be thinking like adults. Kids are too young to work because working a long time could hurt them. Some people think they could buy things for themselves, it also right in different way, but if they need to something their parents can buy it for them.

  • Depression, Stress, Suicide

    A child could fall into deep depression because they have to work instead of getting to enjoy life and just being a kid. This could lead to stress, from too much work, or, suicide either from not enjoying life, or from so much work, and no time to relax. This could also ruin the economy.

  • That sounds snazzy!

    If kids want to be able to earn money to buy their family presents for their birthday or by fun stuff, then they should be able to. If kids were able to work then that money could be put in a college fund so that they have a more promising future.

  • Too young to work

    12 year olds are still in middle school. They are immature, Still learning new things and figuring out their place in life. They have to keep their grades up and probably have after school things like sports,clubs,etc. They don't need to add a job to their list of things. That just adds stress or mental breakdowns. Also what are they going to do with the money? They don't have a car or a house to pay for. It would be a waste of money. And they won't be able to go to their job unless it was a nightshift since they have school during the day. That could lead to many people being sleep-deprived and not give it their all in school. High schoolers can handle it since they are more mature, but even then they only have small jobs working at fast food places or babysitting.

  • Too young to work

    At 12 you are still in middle school. It would be too much work for 12 year olds to keep up there grades AND make it to work on time. Also, unless they get a night shift, they would be at school day and have to come home to do homework. Also, they are too immature. They are still learning things like math and grammar. All of these things a 12 year old has to do would lead to stress and mental breakdowns. Also, what would a 12 year old do with the money they are getting? They don't have a car or house to pay for.

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