• In certain instances, but not in general

    The current idea of the safe space is that everywhere needs to be a safe space, where you are never challenged by new ideas or dissenting opinions. This is ridiculous, and is an idea bred by weaklings and those who want to take advantage of weaklings.

    On the other hand, in select spaces, such as trauma groups, recovery groups, support groups in general, a safe space is kind of needed. You are dealing with people with legitimate problems, who need legitimate support, not a victim narrative peddling wannabe who is just looking for attention. We all know the type - the kind that persistently screams for attention on the playground, constantly telling people how rough they have it, trying to get people to gang up on other people for minor or invented transgressions.

    But there ARE people with legitimate problems out there that need our support. I just have no time for people who basically eroticize sympathy in victimhood, like some kind of depraved maniacs.

  • Grow Up, fucking hell

    You aren't two years old ffs. You should learn how to accept differing opinions and how to stand up to an asshole. Think of you handling opinions like ur immune system; the more u expose urself to different opinions the more u will adapt and respect them. You don't have to agree but don't hide urself from them.

  • Ideas presented versus manner of presentation

    It seems to me that there's a difference between the value or offensiveness of an idea, and the manner in which that idea is presented. The current trend is for everything to be polarised - to perceive something as totally right or totally wrong, when the real world is seldom if ever like that, so it's difficult now in most places to have a measured debate about anything. Any nuance tends to get shouted down before it can be clearly expressed. This needs to be addressed as part of the safe space debate, because controversial ideas can only be presented in an arena where all participants are prepared to listen and think.
    All debating arenas should actively aspire to this, and in such an environment there should be no 'safe space' or 'no platform'. What there should be is hard and fast rules on civil discourse. Any speaker should be allowed to voice an idea that might be objectionable, but they must express it in a civil manner and back it up logically. Civil debate should be welcomed, abusive ranting must not be. Truly bigoted and hateful ideas would not survive such a forum, and their advocates should soon become 'personae non grata' on that basis. Sunlight is the best antiseptic, you might say, but only where civil discourse rules.

  • Just say no to Thought Police

    Freedom of speech is a direct extension of freedom of thought. We live in a society where we're all allowed to voice our honest opinions. And it's important that everyone understands freedom of speech is NOT freedom from criticism nor is it freedom from contrary views. We are free to say what we like. And the people around us are free to voice their opinions too.

  • Uh heck no

    This is equivalent to the time of public segregation between white and blacks. Only thing this time its under the disguise of being a positive reinforcement bubble for everyone who can't handle respecting other peoples views . It's not going to help but make things worse for everyone including themselves

  • Welcome to the real world

    The term "safe space" is used to describe spaces on college campuses where sjws, feminists and the like can be "safe" from opposing opinions. You should hear, understand and tolerate opinions you disagree with, not shut them down. Freedom of speech is more important than freedom from offense. No safe spaces for whiny sjws.

  • There's no such thing as safety

    Any moment an asteroid could just smash into this planet and wipe us all out, your not even safe in your own home. Safe spaces make you less likely to recover from whatever it is the person is exposed to (if exposed to anything valid that is). This is world is no place for spoiled little brats who just don't want to hear opinions other than theirs and restrict the rights of OTHERS because it may offend them.

  • This is reality people

    We do not need safe spaces for people who are afraid of being triggered. This is the real world and people need to wake up and realize not everyone is out to get them. It really reminds me of the 50's and how they would have white only spaces. It wasn't okay then so why is it okay now?

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