• Under Certain Conditions

    Personally, people should be allowed to openly carry their firearm, permitted they are legally permitted to own one, the firearm they have is legally purchased, and they have any required paperwork and licenses that prove they can openly carry. A responsible person with common sense will not let their anger take control or drive the person to commit murder.

    Openly Carrying can even prove to be a bit of a deterrent, someone looking to mug someone with a clearly shown firearm will think twice roughly 90% of the time.

  • It is Protection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Guns are protecting people from mass murders, and just because guns are not allowed, does not mean that shooter won't kill people for no reason. CItizens should be allowed to protect themselves with guns if they really need to. Also, a gun could've stopped the mass murder in Orlando, Florida.

  • Normal people with guns aren't threat to society

    Just because someone has a gun, does not mean that they are automatically a threat to the society. Plus, why should millions suffer because of the small amount of people who actually kill people????? Guns are good. There is a reason why texas has the lowest murder rate. So there.

  • Only in America

    With the gun lobby (NRA) so strong, there is no way for decent gun control to bring down crime. However, I prefer open carry as opposed to concealed carry for one simple reason - I can tell who's packing and keep my butt away from them. With concealed carry, I can't tell and hence, cannot escape. If I see some mates walking in with revolvers and muskets, I know that I am either in a cosplay festival or in Texas and can get away from the madness. If, however, some mates walk in and start scoping out the place, I don't know if they're looking for the restroom or for cops.

  • "Normal, law abiding people" are carrying and prepared.

    If criminals see that "normal, law abiding people" are carrying and prepared, then they might have second thoughts about victimizing them. Allow people to show that they are not afraid of criminals, and are willing to "do what ever means necessary" to protect themselves and their property. My husband, my sons, and myself have all been through the legal CCW classes & are CCW permit holders, and we would love for the opportunity to openly carry our weapon!

  • It's your right

    I have the Right to carry a gun and it is protected by our bill of rights, as well as it is my moral obligation to keep my society safe. As crime statistics show during events of an active shooter in public areas the average number of people that die when waiting for the police to show up is around 11 plus, whereas if someone there is legally carrying a firearm, the average deaths are around 2-3. We are always safer with an armed community.

  • Less Robberies

    Would you rob someone without a gun or someone carrying a 50 cal. magnum? It is our right to carry guns. Back in the 1800's KIDS could take guns to school. There is an old saying: if you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns. It is a proven fact that places with high gun restrictions (like D.C.) have HIGHER crime rates than places with minimal gun restrictions (like Texas). There is no proof that gun restrictions work!

  • Second Amendment Right

    Provided that the person carrying a gun is doing so a reasonable way, and not acting provocatively or causing a disturbance, they should have the right to do so. The Second Amendment guarantees Americans the right to bear arms, and there are many situations such as being in a wild and isolated area or a dangerous part of a city at night, where carrying a gun is perfectly reasonable and justified.

  • Second Amendment, Self-Defense Part of American Ideals

    Standing your ground, defending yourself and carrying armed weapons are part of the Second Amendment. Citizens should be allowed to carry guns openly as long as they have permits. Giving guns to felons, thugs and gang members is never a good idea. Ordinary citizens, when part of a properly trained "militia" as stated in the U.S. Constitution, should be allowed to carry guns openly. There needs to be a provision allowing for businesses to disallow open weapons in buildings such as banks, schools and public buildings.

  • Guns equal Gun violence!

    Its simple, guns equal gun attacks. You cant kill someone with a gun if you don't have one. A huge percentage of the American people have open carry and this should be controlled. If you look at homicide statistics, more than half come from a firearm. I mean come on guys!

  • Just simply DANGEROUS

    If someone gets mad it is easy for them to pull out there gun and shoot. Allowing guns to be carried openly would also make things much more difficult on law enforcement, who would then have to worry about every citizen they encounter being armed. So America either needs to make a law a change the amendment.

  • By arming someone with a handgun, you are making them a potential murderer.

    It’s a lot easier and more convenient to kill someone if you had a gun. If we look at school shootings, we can immediately see the difference. Within the past ten years the US has experienced one hundred and thirty school shootings, while Canada has only experienced seven, where gun regulation is more controlled. If we take the ratio of the amount of schools between the US and Canada, and the ratio of the school shooting, then we will see that the US’s school shooting rate is almost double that of Canada. As of 2014, the USA’s crime rate is around fifty. On the other hand, Canada’s crime rate is thirty five percent lower. Through 1987 to 1996, fifty two percent of homicides in the US involved handguns. Meanwhile in Canada, only fourteen percent involved handguns. 0.004% of registered handguns in the US are used for crime. That means out of the two hundred seventy million registered handguns in the US, over a million are being used for crime. Countries with stricter gun control tend to have less crimes involving handguns.

  • Barbaric in US society

    If there is such a thing as terrorist strategy, this could be seen as that. Make citizens of a country so afraid of being attacked at any moment that they can't go to WalMart or Target without carrying weapons. This pulls the society into a scenario of chaos, vigilante-ism and civil decay. It gives half-wit gun-toting morons a sense of power over anyone else not carrying a gun openly. This will lead to many, many problems.

  • You never know what came happen

    I personally will feel a lot safer if I knew that the person down the street can't shoot me because it's the law and they can't have guns. Even though some people might say what about the second amendment. Well the second amendment was written in a different time period when there wasn't many shootings, I don't think. But now in America their are a lot more shootings going on. So America either needs to make a law a change the amendment.

  • There are too many irresponsible people.

    There are many people who want to get rich quick or something so they resort to robbing innocent people! They are too lazy to work for the money and get an actual job. Many people say "second amendment", but when the second amendment is causing problems,why should it be there? If the US made a law against having guns openly, there would be less people doing it and more people aware of the consequences. They would have the knowledge that there is in fact a big consequence for being caught with a gun! The only people who should be allowed to have guns are Policemen, Assorted Army etc.

  • Lots of Risk

    I think many of those who agree will be quick to play the 2nd amendment card, but in this day and age there is a lot to lose with how quickly things can go awry with open gun carry laws. There is already a lot of violence related to gun possession (drive-by's, robberies, etc) and that's with laws enforced to make these occurrences more difficult! Open carry laws make the "threat vs not" like much more blurry - very unnecessary risk.

  • No, we already have a large enough problem with gun violence

    I don't believe it would be wise to allow people to openly carry firearms because ultimately there are too many irresponsible people out there, and it would inevitably lead to at least a handful of tragedies. Allowing guns to be carried openly would also make things much more difficult on law enforcement, who would then have to worry about every citizen they encounter being armed.

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Anonymous says2013-03-07T15:17:14.513
there shouldn't be any laws on guns at alll. its just so the goverment feels powerful by makeing laws no one wants and to tell us what to do. i think the world would do just fine without goverment. oh and they like to take our money. now im maddddd.