• Yes, people should be allowed to fly to and from Turkey.

    As long as there are no immediate safety concerns, passengers should be allowed to fly in and out of Turkey. Turkey is a major country with a lot of citizens and visitors that need to be able to travel to and from the country every day. It is essential that the country's airports can remain open to accommodate these travelers.

  • People Should Be Able to Move Freely

    While it may be risky to fly in and out of Turkey, each person should make their own personal decision as to whether to put themselves in harm's way. If Turkey is concerned about security, they should up the security in each airport and do background checks on those who desire to fly into their country.

  • Yes, people should be allowed to fly to and from Turkey.

    While the country of Turkey has recently experienced a great deal of turmoil, it is not a good idea to restrict air travel in and out of the country. There are many reasons why people need to enter and exit Turkey via air, and until there is a consistent, credible threat in place that would jeopardize air travel, it would be crippling to shit it down.

  • Yes, they should.

    Air travel should not be cut off from Turkey. The coup is over, and it is safe for now. Their is no reason to cut off air travel. Allowing people to come and go will keep them safe and prevent people from becoming trapped in a country they are not a citizen of.

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