Should people be allowed to have open relationships?

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  • If it is consensual and healthy, open relationships can be very beneficial for relationships.

    In numerous circles, such as the gay community and those who are married, open relationships have helped to stabilize relationships, which would otherwise have ended in unhealthy habits and the breaking off of said relationship; what open relationships provide to core relations between individuals is the opportunity to experience different facets of their own romantic, and sometimes sexual, identities that they would not have explored while engaging with their current partner; this sort of exploration can have benefits in the core relationship due to the fact that, both individuals will now understand their own needs and their own wants much better, and each can help each other give the other what they want. Open relationships are, to a certain extent, about experimentation and psychology, so that relationships can continue to grow and develop in new ways, without the stress of attempting to "endure" the other partner. The most important aspect of open relationships though, that substantiates the reason they should be allowed, is the granting of consent by both parties, and the definition of rules, another activity that can help to strengthen the relationship, through a matter of trust and loyalty to the other partner, respecting their boundaries, while they respect yours. It is a cooperative process that builds relationships.

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