• Yes, yes, yes.

    Exotic animals especially lions and tigers and bears oh my, can make exceptional guard animals, because think about it would you try to break into someone's house if they own a 300 lb bear or a jungle cat that is born knowing how to stalk and kill? No you wouldn't.

  • Exotic animals can still make good pets.

    For all the people who are ignorant for answering 'NO' how typical can you get? It's not like you're literally taking the pet from the wild, you're getting the pets from either a breeder or a pet store that has raised them to be docile and domesticated. I have two tarantulas, a corn snake and a box turtle. These animals are considered exotic and are in good shape and health because they have a great pet owner who takes care of them.

    Exotic animals can be just as good as dogs and cats if not better than them. Exotic animals need love too. Just because ignorance blinds you doesn't mean that these animals don't make great pets. ANYTHING WITH A MOUTH BITES. A dog bites, a cat bites, a bird bites, a HUMAN bites. Just because you have an irrational fear of animals you don't understand doesn't mean that they shouldn't be adopted.

  • Yes, why not?

    I think that people should be allowed to keep exotic animals, as long as they are properly caged with no way of getting loose, and given the ample space and necessary food. Why not? It's not harming anyone, and it can also be educational for kids at the same time. Let people have their exotic animals, why not?

  • They are no different from other pets

    Just like dogs and cats, every type of animal can be tamed to a point. Every animal also has the risk of becoming mad and killing people, but we still keep them in the house. My sister was bitten in the neck by a dog, yet people still keep dogs.

  • Why yes?

    People say that a person or people shouldn't be aloud to keep exotic animal. They say you at a risk factor. However if we are cautious and now the animal we then it is fine. For instance If you were to keep a fox. You must now its diet. If left unfed it could cause an attack. You must be fully devoted to the animal and not have it cramped in a cage.

  • Are we afraid we will domesticate more animals?

    Animals have a right to exist. Zoos, fur farming industries and even the meat industry breed and keep a wide variety of animals. If they can be used for this purpose why do they not deserve the right to reside with us as pets? Man should not have the right to remove a person's ability to keep a pet responsibly, whatever its species. Our nation grew and developed through our understanding of animals. Promoting the fear of them will only reduce our progression.

  • Exotic animals should be allowed because some of them need homes! :-)

    You see, exotic animals are very loyal pets to public,and people should be able to have them if they are extremely loyal and pass a loyal animal care test or something. And the animals need homes (some of them!) So you should try and get this law on! :-) Thanks everyone! I hope this spoke out to you! :-)

  • Please think into this further, ones voting no.

    From reading through both sides, I've found the ones voting yes to have the more reasoned, less knee jerk opinions. Please remember that when people say 'wild animals', they don't necessarily mean lions, tigers, and condors. 'Wild' just means undomesticated. I actually wonder if a lot of people aren't fighting while on the same side, here. I believe that yes, we should be able to domesticate animals. Bulls, for instance, are extremely dangerous animals. But they have gone through the breeding and domesticating process. A lot of wild animals, as they are, should certainly not be used for pets. However, I can see great potential in domesticating exotic animals. What's the least likely animal on the planet to go extinct? The cow. It needn't be tigers and lions with big sharp teeth, but perhaps the Australian possum, that could be our next pet.

  • YES! YES! Mwahahahahaha!

    Because who wouldn't want to have a great protector in the house or a fun mate to play with. Exotic animals will live well as pets as long as they are given the correct attention and care. It might take some time to teach an exotic animal how to behave, but the task is not impossible.

  • Yes, with conditions.

    There are a number of exotic animals that can make interesting and educational pets. But safety should be a priority over entertainment, and so only those exotic animals that can easily be kept in a house without endangering other people should be allowed. In the case of an exceedingly rare animal, perhaps a license would be required.

  • The wild animals.

    People are kidnapped all the time and their families are devastated, and we think if humans were put in a cage that's the awful life (you know, kinda like jail). But it's okay to stick wild animals in a confined space. Wait, last time I checked we don't like it and neither do they.

  • If you voted 'yes', you are ignorant, because exotic animals cannot be domesticated.

    No one should be able to keep exotic animals as pets. Exotic animals are not domestic. People should not be able to own them. They belong in their natural habitats. They are wild animals and deserve to live in the wild. If there's an accident of some sort pertaining to exotic pets where the pet injures or kills a human it's the person's own fault. What ends up happening, though, is stupid people get mad and put down the animal. That doesn't have to happen. Shocked at the outcome of this poll.

  • They are NOT domestic animals. They have FATAL diseases.

    Animals are not animals. It has taken thousands of years to domesticate dogs. So, saying that animals are animals, is like saying a wolf is a dog, or a tiger or lion is an ordinary house cat. They are completely different in the way they think. Tigers would attack and kill us if they could. House cats are not like that. Not to mention the diseases these animals carry. Herpes, rabies, TB. So is saying that you "own" a tiger, or a monkey really worth risking your life?

  • No, dangerous for everyone.

    It can hurt you and the animals. Its dangerous to everyone. You can catch disease or they can attack. Don't keep exotic animals as pets. They can turn on you whenever and it is very unexpected. There owners cannot meet there needs in captivity. Do you want to get attacked, bit, or get a disease? I don't think so! DON'T KEEP EXOTIC ANIMALS AS PETS.

  • Not at all

    Their called exotic animals for a reason. Yes it might be cool to say "I have a pet tiger" but the reality is that it's not safe for you or the people around you. If a simple pet like a dog doesn't satisfy you then that's your problem. It's dangerous. They need to be kept in the wild where they belong. It's not fair for the animals and it's not fair for the people who died from an exotic animal that a person owned.

  • I dont think so

    Wild animals should't be kept as pets because wild animals could....

    .Harm you in a way that cannot be fixed

    .Get you into trouble with the law

    .Have you get EXTREMLY sick

    .Be scrambling around trying to find food

    . And you possibly wouldn't have enough space for your animal

  • PLease Say NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    Because animals need to be kept in their natural habbitat and need to learn how to hunt for themselves. Exotic animals are very cute and should not be kept in those conditions. So if you say yes change your oppion because you are sooooo cruel. Animals Animals have right to be in their natural habbitats and not in our homes!!!!!

  • No, its dangerous.

    Dangerous for you and cruel to the animal. 90% of exotic animals die within the first year. Plus, you are taking the animal out of its natural habitat. Many exotic pets are abandoned by their owners because they can't take care of them. Exotic animals are meant to be free, not stuck in a cage where they won't be happy.

  • It is selfish.

    While there are many exotic animals (such as tortoises) which are not dangerous, they should not be taken out of their natural habitat. There are reasons for them being where they are. God made them that way. If they are in endangered, maybe a reserve that duplicates their natural home could be an answer, but I don't believe people should have them as pets.

  • It is cruel

    You cannot fully provide the needs of an animal that originally should be living outside. Also it is dangerous for you as an exotic pet owner. Owning such animals could becomes very dangerous for both you and your animal of choice. Exotic ownership should not be aloud because it is not right.

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Anonymous says2013-03-20T15:11:52.110
dont keep excotic animals as pets
Anonymous says2013-05-21T12:59:50.577
Don't keep exotic pets they could harm you
Anonymous says2013-08-07T15:33:09.970
Sheer Stupidity. Caging animals is bad enough, but keep exotic animals as pets??? These people need their heads examined!
murderonfire says2013-11-09T10:02:15.883
I want all you nay-sayers to prove your point with evidence for EVERY "nondomestic" animal out there. That includes ball pythons, betta fish, hamsters, geckos and salt water fish, among others.
ccccch says2014-02-26T15:06:24.680
We should defiantly have exotic pets if we know how to
PandaWorld says2015-04-15T04:21:32.197
Keeping exotic animals as pets is against the law. Animals (pandas, snakes, monkeys, cows, etc.) are meant to live in the wild!