• Adopted a fighting dog.

    I adopted a pitbull that used to be a fighting dog. He was two years old. I worked in the shelter he was from and he grew on me. He loves to be affectionate and loves his kong toys. Hr allowed my 10 month old daughter to climb all over her. (this was 4 years ago). If anything, this dog dsaved my daughters life when she was three when another dog tried attacking her. He never bit but allowed himself to be mauled vy this other dog until I could get her safely inside our house. I had to euthanize Kevlar due to the substantial bites that the shepherd gave that there would have not been a chance for him to survive. To this day, I will never adopt any other breed as pit bulls are more loving than anything else I have encountered.

  • Insight, not incite

    There are almost 2 million pit bulls in the US alone....Subtract the number of bites...There's your answer.

    The fact is, the majority of pit bulls existing today do NOT bite. The anti-pit bull groups have yet to explain this. For every poorly socialized/ trained dog, there are thousands that exist harmoniously in their communities. DO THE MATH.

  • Yes we should keep pit bulld

    Its how you train them if you train them tho be mean then they are going to be mean if you train them to be nice they will be nice so yea and you dont see them in the k9 unit squad you see German Shepards in the k9 squad

  • Yes to pitbull

    Yes we should keep pit bulls. It's how you raise them is what counts. If you give enough anyone enough love and attention, they usually learn to do them same. You can't blame a mistreated animal for having behaviour problems. If people raise them right, they will turn out right.

  • Pit Bulls are not bad dogs

    The media created the 'pit bull'. The real breed is the American Pit Bull Terrier, and no they are not dangerous at all. When you have people owning and thinking they own pit bulls and in reality they are some mutt, that is when things get dangerous. The majority of reported pit bull attacks were by mutts. Not by APBTs. And there is only ONE pit bull. THE AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER. Live it, learn it.

  • There not a bad dog

    When you get a dog you are the one to train the dog the dog does not attack people on their own sure a few people have been hurt by them but that was all on the training of the dog and look at it this way any dog can bite/kill but we still all love them the same way with the cats

    (sorry for the bad spelling)

  • They are amazing loving caring dogs anyone could think of

    Not only do I think pit bulls are amazing but a lot others . They may have a bad reputation but they don't know there gunna listen to what the owner chooses to teach them so they can't be blamed for it . There so loving , and hurting someone isn't their intention. Bigger a percentage of people choosing to keep pit bulls then to not keep them . Pitbulls shouldn't have this reputation on them just because of this social media you people have give them love in order for them to give love to others there just gunna give what they receive

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  • They can be used for protection.

    I remember when I saw a you-tube clip online.Some burglar broke into some house and when the pitbull dog heard the door open, he burst to the door and realised that the person that came in wasn't a person he knew.Just then, the burglar pulled out a gun and tried to shoot the dog, then the owner woke up and went down to the basement and found that a dead person was on the ground

  • Pits at risk?

    I myself have two pit bulls and the most they would ever do is lick you to death they are not mean dogs it just takes the right people to raise them. Any dog out there could be a fighting dog but they choose pit bulls because they have more muscle mass than most they are the most loving dogs that you will meet if they haven't had a rough raising it's not them that are bad its the owners!!!

  • They are land sharks

    This is just like the whole gun debate. We hear people say, "Guns don't kill people. People kill people." Well, I take it a step further, and say, guns make killing much easier.

    The same principle is true for these aggressive breed dogs. Because of their propensity for a quick and violent attack, coupled with their size, weight, strength, method of biting and latching; they, therefore, make mauling and killing easier.

    The bottom line is, they have a much greater ability, and propensity on average, to cause harm, or death, than other dogs. Otherwise, we wouldn't be debating this. They've earned their reputation.

  • These dogs are demons

    My religion teaches me to love animals but these are the animals of the devil. They have attacked people I knew just for walking. I've met one person who came home from groecery shopping and found them killing each other than they saw him and bit off skin from his shin and mussels too. He had to shoot them 4 times with a .357. These are not good dogs if you can't have a cobra you shouldn't have this.

  • A Living weapon.

    It should be illegal to own a pit bull just like it is to own wolves ,bears or other wild animals . A regular person can't control a bear or a puma or a pit bull .Most dog bite related deaths are caused by pit bulls. So People should not be able to own pit bulls.

  • I don't have to live with this kind of life thread for someone else s pleasure.

    I don't have to live with this kind of life thread, for someone else s pleasure. No one has that kind of luxury. I am also against to other kind of sick, man made psychopath beasts. Other wise we all should have a gun to protect ourselves. It this kind of action lead us much more chaotic position.
    Also, I strongly suggest that government should enforce the ones who has those beast, to get psychological treatment . They are surely self oriented, aggressive sociopaths.

  • No, people should not be allowed to keep pit bull dogs.

    The majority of pet owners are responsible and love their animals. Then you have pit bull owners. The majority of those owners are terrible owners and want a mean and aggressive dog. This is what leads to all of the attacks by pit bulls. Responsible pet owners do not want the stigma of having one. The rest of the people shouldn't be allowed to have any dog.

  • Pit Bulls kill.

    It may actually be people that made pit bulls how they are. But that doesn't change the fact that they are dangerous. Laws on dog fighting should be heavily enforced and prosecuted. At the same time Pit bulls should not be allowed until they are less violent and vicious. I've bitten by a pit bull before. It was my friend's loving dog. You just don't know until the dog just turns into a predator.

  • Overbred and unwanted

    Though there are vast amounts of pits in shelters and euthanized each year, the pit community just pushes people to adopt rather than spend more time on focusing spay and neuter. They are not the appropriate dog for everyone though they are presented as such. Hence many people obtain them, can't control and contain them and they end up attacking and killing people and other pets.

  • They should not be allowed to have them.

    Pit bull dogs and most all dogs are dangerous. There are too many instances of the large mean dogs hurting people. Sometimes they even kill small children. Just because someone wants to have a ferocious pet is not a good enough reason. They should be outlawed and never again seen in the country.

  • Owner attacked gruesomely by pet pit bull after eight years

    Pit bull owner Kevin Johnson was playing fighting with his son jack, his pit bull 'Roxie' ran up to them, thought they were seriously fighting and sunk her teeth into what to her looked like the more dominant attacker leaving Kevin with 6 stitches in his right thigh and 16 in his right arm.

    I think that pit bulls should be banned from being pets especialy

  • Pittbull attacks are more severe and deadly than other dog attacks.

    Any dog can attack, but when a pitbull attacks it is more severe or deadly. Blaming owners or those attacked is ridiculous ! If a dog bites anyone it should be put down. Dogs are unpredictable and temperamental. If you breed them to have larger jaws and a more deadly bite, it is dangerous. Dog breeders should be stopped from breeding ANY killer pitbull dogs.

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chillywater says2014-09-16T15:54:32.330
It appears that this poll will end up just like all the others. A "landslide" of positive votes for Pit Bulls and their responsible ownership. Sorry haters the APBT is one of the top 5 most popular dogs in the US, then again it is "Americas Dog"!
clayhundenshire says2014-09-16T17:16:46.713
Yes, there are just dogs like any other. Having a pit bull is like having any other larger dog. The bigger the dog, the more powerful. They get a bad name, because most people do not even know what a pit bull is, which is really a multitude of breeds; not one single breed. They are also the most abused dog in the world, so no wonder why some attack. Anything used the wrong way can have a bad outcome, but for as many pit bulls as there are, which is around an estimated 4-6 million, the RATE of attack is actually lower when compared to most other breeds.
Eli01 says2015-01-12T21:57:29.270
What are the cons of a pit bull?