• Pet.

    Yes, people should be allowed to keep pit bulls. Just because the breed as a whole has a bad reputation of being aggressive doesn't mean they all are. They are all dogs and they are going to behave how you train them to behave. It should not be based only on the type of dog.

  • Yes ! !

    You should be able to have a pit bull. The only thing that really makes them mean is how they are raised. If you raise them like they are trash they will be mean, but if you raise them like you care about them and love them they will be good dogs.


    Pit bulls should be allowed not only in the United States but in all the states that they have made them illegal! Why? Because pit bulls are wonderful energetic canine who just want to be loved and want to please their owners. But since the media as given then such a bad reputation everybody as assumed they are dangerous dogs. In addition it is not the dog who is bad, we shouldn't be blaming them! We should be blaming the owners for being irresponsible and not taking care of them and for not being committed to all the responsibilities and taking them out to exercise and grooming them and everything that they need. Owners are the ones to blame. This is why I say that pit bulls should be allowed they just need qualified owners to teach them the correct way with plenty of positive reinforcement, treats and training.

  • Yes, more deaths are caused by domestic rats than pitbulls.

    My grandmother, who is 80 years old, lives between two neighbors who both own pitbulls, a total of 4. They have never hurt her and she loves to play catch with them. (She can't throw she sort of just rolls the ball...not the point.) I own an Australian Shepard so you may say I shouldn't have an opinion. But I guarantee you any animal can be trained to love.

  • Yes

    But with the knowledge that they need a great amount of care. Taking care of a pit bull is somewhat like being a zoo keeper. There is nothing wrong about having a tiger in a zoo but you better know what you are getting into before you get started with it.

    Pit bulls can cause all sorts of problems for their owners so someone just wanting a dog better have a great understanding of what's going to be needed from them to keep them self, the dog and other people safe if they want to have one.

  • I say yes, because Pit-bulls are the sweetest dogs ever.

    You wont really know how a Pit-bull acts until you actually have one. Most of the people who say Pit-bulls are evil and vicious are just going by what they hear off the news, and really half of the news stories just tell you what you wanna hear about the dogs. And at the same time you don't know the the whole story with family/owner who had the dog, they could be messed up people who abused or set the do up just to get rid of them. There are plenty of reasons why people should keep there Pits, and they are cute dogs and loving too.

  • Stop this madness!

    When proven that all pit bulls are aggressive then let the law continue. Why is it fair that when a pit bull is taken under by the RSPCA for example they don't get re-homed? They get put to sleep. They do not get assets they get put down without second though. Yes this breed of dog is popular for fighting not all do. It all depends on the owner and how the dog is brought up. Turkeys fight, they are aggressive, so why is it that they get re-homed and get all the medical attention they need? This breed has developed a bad name due to animal cruelty by the owners. I got bitten by a German shepherd on my right arm when I was 5 and nothing was done to that dog. I was also bitten by a rat when I was 3 and nothing was done to these animals because they hadn't gained a name. That is killing the species of dog. Prisoners for murder get treated better then the pit bulls do, you put a pit bull down your then killing them that's murder. Why not kill the human for killing another? This is all because of human rights. What about animal rights? No one had taken the time to asses this breed, they just get thrown on a table and a needle stuck in them, and that's it. Gone another poor innocent life lost to a horrific reputation. A background check should be made on everyone that buys any species of animal so that they are going to a safe home and that if the original owner is not happy with the state of the living environment they do not proceed in selling the animal to that person but to someone else. So yes along with everyone that sees and knows that the breed isn't the problem its the owners, pit bulls should not be banned.

    Posted by: Ellz
  • Yes, people should be allowed to keep pit bulls!

    Keeping it simple, I've only known 3 people who have been attacked by dogs, one being my daughter. Her attacker was a 25 lb collie mutt and the other 2 were a boxer mix and a Chihuahua! The collie mix nearly got my daughter's eye and she has been left with 2 small scars on her face. Pit bulls however, are all my girls know. As babies, they were watched over by our family dogs. Any person coming to see the girls would be led by our dogs and watched. At night they laid under or near the cribs. I've never had a bad experience with any pits and I've come across many. I truly do believe that handlers/owners are mainly to blame. Of course there will be some that are just naturally off the hinges but its the same way for people and every other species.

  • YES YES YES!!!!!!!

    Pit-bulls are very loving. They are good guard dogs. They will stick on your side. Some people think they are viscous but their usually like that because they are treated badly or had a bad childhood. They are very cute. Some think that because other people say their horrbile they can do whatever they want to them Which is not

  • Yes they should !

    Even thought it has been recent that pitbulls attack doesnt mean they could continue. Any dog can attack a child or anyone for that matter. There are other dogs that are more hyper than this breed. Pitbulls can be very loyal dogs if trained properly. The breed is not at fault it is the owner!

  • Pit bull are dangerous.

    Pit bulls are too dangerous for people, because people have been attacked and some killed. Pit bull are no good to keep in the house; they can be part of gangs to attack another dogs. Other dogs are not able to handle the pit bulls. Sometimes pit bulls don't care to attack people and young kids. We need buy other dogs instead of pit bulls.

  • statistics against pitbulls

    Never heard of a spaniel killing somebody. When we hear a dog killed or hurt someone, it is always a pitbull. They are simply not the same as any other dog. And it is not about the owners who train them. You can’t train just any dog to become a killer.
    Apart from this, I could never understand how people actually find them cute. Aesthetics is subjective, but it is hard to grasp someone finding pitbulls charming.

  • No ulgy pit-bulls

    They are ugly and not nice they are too mean and not good pets also they should not a breed anymore they should be extincted because they are too mean to be breeded as a dog or a pet!!! They are too ULGY for it to be a ULGY dog!!!!!!!

  • No ulgy pit-bulls

    They are ugly and not nice they are too mean and not good pets also they should not a breed anymore they should be extincted because they are too mean to be breeded as a dog or a pet!!! They are too ULGY for it to be a ULGY dog!!!!!!!

  • I'm not entirely sure.

    I've heard about tons of great loving pit bulls, but I've heard too many things about pit bulls attacking and killing people. They seem very dangerous and the wounds are gruesome. The owners always say we treated them like children, but I can't seem to trust them. If they're unpredictable they shouldn't be pets, and if people can't control them and be responsible they shouldn't be pets. You just never know.

  • Pit bulls are very dangerous.

    Pit bulls are scary, and life threating to little kids. They are trained to attack. In the olden day people used to use pit bulls to wrestle and fight for there owners. Most of the time people dont say a poodle bit me and thats why i am in court. They mostly say i am in court because so and so pitbulls bit me and i think she should pay for my medical bills

  • No Pitbulls for pets

    I feel that pitbulls are the cause of many dog accidents. They may seem nice at first but are not what they seem. If they feel threatened or afraid of a little kid they may act upon their brutale instincts. They are harmful dogs, and should be under certain care.

  • No why should they be allowed

    Imagine you, your sister, brother, mother, father, friends being hurt or even killed because that Pit Bull that lives next to didn’t like the smell of of them or was having a bad day .Experts claim that pit bulls are unusually aggressive, prone to surprise behavior and capable of inflicting massive damage because of its jaw strength. They were bred to fight and this can not be removed from them completely. There is no way to change a dog's DNA and say it isn't capable of inflicting tremendous damage!
    Pit bulls were originally bred for blood sports such as bull-baiting and bear-baiting about five hundred years ago. The point of the game was for the dogs to get really close to the ground and animal and then lunge for the animal's head or horns. When these sports were banned. The pit bull breed had died by a large percentage because the main use of them was for entertainment purposes but they were still used in other "sports" like dog fights because they were cheap and easy to keep secret because they are . These dogs have a very violent history.

    Let me give you an example of why pitbulls should be not aloud in households. Boss, a five-year-old pit bull, nearly tore the nose off Cali Leclair, a 14-month-old Ottawa girl, possibly affecting her breathing for the rest of her life. Cali's mother took in a pit bull after it had had a violent past of biting another person of course the mother was at fault too but this dog breed is always going to be a threat to us because they are unpredictable.

  • They are too vicous

    Pitbulls kill a lot of people. If i could arrest them for killing, i would, but they're just dogs. The worst you could do to them is put them to sleep (or kill them). They are just to mean. Even though some are nice, there are still a lot that rome around killing people and dogs.

  • Desroy no joy

    They can hurt people and are known to have short tempers...They are extremly dangourous and can kill someone If they are not well trained pit bullS these animas can and should be well trained before they can be owned. It's not fair to people to have the danger of a pit bull lurking are grounds.

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Anonymous says2013-03-04T15:02:43.890
I think u guys r right because i have a pit bull and she is the love of my life i had her since she was born and she is 4 years old now
Anonymous says2013-04-08T18:28:27.353
Yes , people should be allowed to keep pitt-bulls. Point blank period !
11jorden11 says2015-03-09T16:43:00.900
I love pitbulls they are so cute and so nice
11jorden11 says2015-03-09T16:43:28.227
My dad has three bullys and there so nice