Should people be allowed to publish pornographic material on the Internet?

  • self censoring is preferable to mass indoctrination

    The bible warps peoples minds as much as any other material on the web yet is not banned. People fight wars over their religious rights and beliefs .Cannot say the same for people that watch pornographic material in their own homes.. Pornographic observers do not claim to heal the sick or cure homosexuals. They do not extort money from the poor to support their extravagant lifestyles ..

  • The First Amendment

    I'm going to make this argument assuming that the pornographic material in question is between consenting adults. If not, then the answer is no. If yes, then the answer is yes. The first amendment rules that adults have the freedom to view whatever material they so please, and if that is porn; then so be it.

  • Yes because everyone should have a choice.

    I believe that people should be allowed to publish pornographic material on the internet. Though I do believe that those sites should have to verify that you are an adult, in case a child accidentally clicks that site by mistake from an ad or a virus. In conclusion, everyone should have a choice and as long as its not hurting anyone than it should be okay, if you don't approve don't search it.

  • They Should Be Allowed

    I have no problem with people publish pornographic material on the internet. I actually think people should be allowed to do it. The porn industry makes a lot of money so its only natural that people want to make some cash on the internet off of that material. If you don't like it, don't search for porn while online. It's that simple.

  • No, as there is no way to regulate it.

    If adults wish to view pornography, that's their choice. However, it should be kept off the internet. There is no way to regulate it when it's online, which is a problem. There is no way to keep it away from minors, which is totally unacceptable. It's more important to protect children from porn that it is to be sure adults have 24/7 access to it.

  • No, decency standards need to be maintained on the Internet.

    Many people use the Internet for a variety of reasons. The age ranges are very wide for those users. Many persons may be offended by pornographic images. Common decency standards need to be maintained. The Internet is a public domain and needs to be very safe for people to view. We need censorship in this area.

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